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Image: daemon.jpg   500x699 245967 bytes 2002.06.10

Drew this about the time that I firgured out that Chris and I weren't met to be forever. \r\nI felt like hell. I wasn't happy. I still hurt.\r\nI'm sorry I hurt you. \r\nSo sorry. \r\n

Image: prankster.jpg   500x677 281713 bytes 2002.05.13

Me likeies watercolors. \r\n\r\nI was at Sharies with Tim the other night, and I stole his hat. I don't remember what he said, or did, but I snarled at him. Then I got this mental image. I told him I'd draw it and I did. \r\n\r\nI tried giving watercolours a serious try...and I like the effect. \r\n\r\nnot bad for having no refrence if I say so myself. \r\n\r\nRavyn, the original Prankster (on the effect because I'm older than Tim) (c) Beth "Ravyn" Cavanaugh \r\nMagic Hat (c) Tim \r\n

Image: anwyn2.jpg   500x618 251402 bytes 2002.05.13

Its Anwyn. My current LARP character. \r\nShe is very, very interesting.\r\nYeah, yeah, angst.\r\n\r\nAnwyn and Art (c) Beth "Ravyn" Cavanaugh

Image: Will.jpg   600x601 305881 bytes 2002.04.29

This is Will.\r\nHe's accually a Pooka, but I drew him more Anthro...oh well.\r\nTheres so much wrong with this pic...ARUGH! \r\nI don't think it looks like a Ferret, and I think his coloring is to dark, and I have no idea what clothing he wears.\r\nBefore I get any hate male, yes I used Nightwolf\r\ns ferret pic as refrence, along with a lot of stuff from\r\nTim, he's your character, if you want me to redraw him I will.\r\nWill (c) Tim\r\nArt (c) Beth "Ravyn" Cavanaugh

Image: residentfur.jpg   600x436 218020 bytes 2002.04.19

Waver really likes Resident Evil...\r\nReally likes it.\r\nSo I drew this for him.\r\nHeh. \r\nI don't even know if the costumes are right. I've never played the game. SO if its totally out of context or bad. And yeah, the horse, and the catthing are zombies....not innocent.\r\nMrrrrr...I like the shadow.\r\n\r\nWaver (c) C. Coursey\r\nResident Evil (c) Capcom I think\r\nRavyn, and Art (c) Beth "Ravyn" Cavanaugh 2002

Image: Gessekai.jpg   600x857 374035 bytes 2002.04.17

Just something I did for my mate.\r\n

Image: hugs.jpg   658x864 420115 bytes 2002.03.28

This is me and my Hellcat. \r\nI drew this at work too, its only 3x4 in real life, but I don't care, it looks so cool.\r\nThough the people at work started worrying about my sanity, because as they put it, why would that cute wolf thing want to hug that EVIL looking thing.\r\nHeh, how little they know.\r\n

Image: windnic.jpg   593x791 507956 bytes 2002.03.28

You have a love that poets and srtist dream about. \r\nYou both are wonderful.\r\nI love you both as though you were my brother and sister.\r\n

Image: werehurt.jpg   593x803 410787 bytes 2002.03.28

Tough times.

Image: solarys.gif   600x450 70982 bytes 2002.03.28

I was sick of not having a decent pic of Solarys so I did this. All the time I tell people to look at other pics but constantly say, "But, change this this and this" so I broke down, got off my lazy butt and drew my featherduster.

Image: ravynuni.gif   626x602 126130 bytes 2002.03.28

Its a Heraldic style unicorn with Ravyns colors.\r\nAt first this might seem like just onther one of those put you markings on an animal thing, but its not...this has a lot to do with my personal spirituality. Unicorn has always been part of my life...always. This is just a representation of her and how she fits there. \r\nIt was drawn at work and is accually maybe 3in by 4...if that...

Image: justtalk.jpg   472x399 73360 bytes 2002.03.28

Ravyn and Dirty Dog...Just talking.\r\nIts nice to talk sometimes.\r\nOdd?\r\nYou bet, were still trying to figure out where we stand with each other. But I guess that will come with time.\r\nSo untill then, heres to talking and growing up.\r\nDirty Dog (c) S. Jackson\r\n

Image: dontkissme.gif   363x353 59141 bytes 2002.03.28

Boys....arugh!\r\n\r\nColored under the sketch in Photoshop. Still trying to figure out Cougar markings...\r\n\r\nWaver (c) C.Coursey\r\nArt (c) Beth "Ravyn" Cavanaugh

Image: Verp.jpg   347x241 83335 bytes 2002.03.22

I had a friend describe a Shelat to me once. And this was the mental image I got...little did I know that this is nothing what they look like.\r\nheh.\r\nsomeone else scanned a picture of a Shelat(from a card methinks) and I saw how diffrent our ideas are. Well, I like my critter, that is I guess not a shelat.\r\nI thikn I'll call it a Talehs...\r\n*laughs*\r\nWell what ever it is, its copyright to me.

Image: eiregobrague.jpg   272x283 87247 bytes 2002.03.18

This is my tribute to my favorite day!\r\nThough some how I don't think my wereside likes being green...\r\nHummmm...\r\nArt (c) Beth "Ravyn" Cavanaugh

Image: hellkitty.jpg   338x203 47038 bytes 2002.03.15

Say hello to the Hellcat.\r\nHello.\r\n\r\nThis is a male of the species, and a transdimentional traveler (That would be why this nasty creature has showed up in many, many diffrent role playing game systems lol)\r\n\r\nI love these guys, I need to draw more of them...\r\n\r\nHellkitty and art (c) Beth "Ravyn" Cavanaugh

Image: ravynandmewes.jpg   390x379 172895 bytes 2002.03.01

Snoochie Boochie? \r\nYeah.....well anyways, I think Jason Mewes rocks. Dare I say I might have a bit of a cruse? Eh, why not...\r\nI have a crush! \r\nwoot\r\nAnyways, Ravyn shows some affection for poor Jay, and he isn't returning said effection....hummmm...\r\nAnd no, shes not nekkid...being a were, she dosn't wear cloths...Jay on the other hand is a furry....\r\n*shakes her head* Kay, I'm rambling.\r\nJason Mewes (c) himself\r\nJay(c) Kevin Smith\r\nRavyn and Art (c) Beth"Ravyn" Cavanaugh

Image: spys.jpg   390x457 198333 bytes 2002.02.28

This piscture is dedicated to my spys. \r\nNo kidding either, after I left the valley, I had a handful of people voulenteer to be my eyes and ears. Its pretty much I decided to repay them by doing this picture for them. \r\nWith the exception of the Raptor, all the characters are mande up to protect their true idenities. \r\nThink I'm paranoid? \r\nWell, one thing they all have to look after for me, is Waver...and it won't do to have him know now would it?\r\n*laughs*\r\nThanks Guys!\r\n\r\n

Image: snowrun.jpg   504x360 54960 bytes 2002.02.10

This is my wereside, running through the snow....\r\nI dunno, I like the way this truned out.\r\nIts donecompleatly with the tablet, nothing more. So thats why the back legs are messed up.\r\n*shrughs*\r\nCan't win them all.\r\n\r\n

Image: sam.jpg   331x475 67182 bytes 2002.02.08

This is sam, drawn in the same style as Rappart. I'll color this one as soon as I get a chance....\r\ likies the evil werewolf....\r\nSam (c) Christian Morgan.\r\n

Image: goddess.jpg   600x420 276160 bytes 2002.02.08

I didn't accually draw this, but was given premission to post it...if thats not ok I'll take it down. Anyways, it was a peice of line art doen by a fellow carnie...I mean theater employee...heh...I colored it...\r\n*sigh*\r\nGod that took forever....\r\nAnyways, art (c) Alan Benent.

Image: whitenight.jpg   276x451 103540 bytes 2002.01.15

This as of yet unnamed White Nightmare is gonna become my new fursona I think.\r\nShe accually a Shapeshifter, and I'm working on her story, "A Midsummers Nightmare."\r\nHopefully I'll figure out a name for her...\r\n*hrrrr*\r\n

Image: Rapart.jpg   306x486 51337 bytes 2002.01.09

This is Rapart...\r\n*Heh*\r\nAccually, Rapart is a bastet from our local LARP, but I decided to turn him into a fur...*grins* I love the lightning in the background...nifty new effect I learned.\r\nOk. I'm done.\r\nBye now.

Image: cdback.jpg   419x427 94007 bytes 2002.01.05

This is the working cover for the soundtrack of Dreams and Nightmares, I'm not particualry happy with it...but I haven't figured out something better yet. So untill then, I guess this will do.\r\n

Image: balefire.jpg   288x288 37868 bytes 2002.01.05

A much younger Delilah learns the gift of Bale Fire. \r\nOk, so its really just green lightning, but I like the way it looks, and its closer to how I view balefire anyways.\r\nThe entire picture was drawn with my tablet...thats a first...kinda cool me thinks.\r\nYeah...\r\n

Image: synn.jpg   500x382 94834 bytes 2001.11.24

Fan art for a talented person...\r\n

Image: sol.jpg   466x891 219546 bytes 2001.11.15

This is Sol, the evil Mokole in our local LARP.\r\nHope I got the colors right....*heh*\r\n\r\nSol (c) C. Coursey\r\nArt (c) Beth Cavanaugh

Image: kiss2.jpg   500x516 76695 bytes 2001.11.12

Ravyn and Waver\r\n

Image: ravpret2.jpg   500x727 60308 bytes 2001.11.07

My newest pic! \r\nyay.\r\nAnyways, I'm having fun with my new tablet...still trying to figure out how to use the damn thing tho....\r\n*lol*

Image: remember.jpg   425x573 75999 bytes 2001.09.15

I really don't know what to say...this past week has been so hard...and yet, despite this terrible tragedy it has shown the best face of our nation.\r\nI don't remember who said this, and it isn't a direct quote, but it is so true...\r\n"These terrorist accomplished something that no religious leader or politician could ever accomplish. They brought our nation together."\r\n\r\nGod Bless you guys.\r\n

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