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Image: spys.jpg   390x457 198333 bytes 2002.02.28

This piscture is dedicated to my spys. \r\nNo kidding either, after I left the valley, I had a handful of people voulenteer to be my eyes and ears. Its pretty much I decided to repay them by doing this picture for them. \r\nWith the exception of the Raptor, all the characters are mande up to protect their true idenities. \r\nThink I'm paranoid? \r\nWell, one thing they all have to look after for me, is Waver...and it won't do to have him know now would it?\r\n*laughs*\r\nThanks Guys!\r\n\r\n

Image: step7.jpg   354x366 38671 bytes 2001.06.19

A real quick pic that is the end result of a how I draw and color something post on the Guided Forest

Image: stoplistening.jpg   600x466 100942 bytes 2003.09.20

I shouldn't let him influence me....\r\n\r\nArt (c) Me\r\nLyrics (c) Voltaire

Image: sunglass.jpg   361x495 61943 bytes 2001.08.23

Seems like whenever Nicolas and I hang out we always end up wrestling...I just can't seem to figure out why! Prehaps it has something to do with the fact I took his sunglasses? :)

Image: synn.jpg   500x382 94834 bytes 2001.11.24

Fan art for a talented person...\r\n

Image: teaser.jpg   646x622 98353 bytes 2006.12.28

Just an edited collection of some of my tauren prons...

Image: tek.jpg   600x379 40584 bytes 2005.06.19

Tek.\r\nI'm such a fan girl.

Image: theives.jpg   600x600 119916 bytes 2007.04.26

Eye for an eye

I found out tonight that some one came in to my store and stole almost $1000 dollars worth of reptiles...\r\n\r\n...these are my babies...\r\n\r\nI needed to vent.

Image: threegrlz.jpg   375x398 45454 bytes 2001.06.17

This is me (the wolf) and my room mates Aburie (the rabbit) and Elizabeth (the cougar) all as furrys...yay.

Image: toscott.jpg   600x600 125989 bytes 2003.06.02

To Scott...\r\n\r\nI hope you're happy.

Image: treynis.jpg   500x409 99147 bytes 2003.02.12

Its Treynis, My roomate.\r\n

Image: truecolor.jpg   500x318 112114 bytes 2002.09.19

So a while back I relized that my weresides colors were a bit diffrent than I had thought in the past. So I set down, mediatated for a while, and started drawing. I really like the way this turned out, and I have no idea why I didn't update this earlier. \r\nEven so, the colors aren't quite right, at least not on the hind legs, there supposed to be white, with a little black on the heel...oh well...maybe one day eh?\r\n\r\n

Image: trueform.jpg   600x887 188407 bytes 2003.09.03

I'm really at a loss of words for this picture. \r\nI love my Dragote, and this is how he has appeared to me lately.

Image: truself.jpg   500x583 53594 bytes 2001.06.14

Thisis porbably the best picture I have of my wolfen side, Ravyn.

Image: tube.jpg   600x1200 53733 bytes 2003.06.08

Child of Nature...\r\n...Slave of Technology

Image: unicorn.jpg   594x618 156092 bytes 2004.02.28

B-day gift for dad.

Image: Verp.jpg   347x241 83335 bytes 2002.03.22

I had a friend describe a Shelat to me once. And this was the mental image I got...little did I know that this is nothing what they look like.\r\nheh.\r\nsomeone else scanned a picture of a Shelat(from a card methinks) and I saw how diffrent our ideas are. Well, I like my critter, that is I guess not a shelat.\r\nI thikn I'll call it a Talehs...\r\n*laughs*\r\nWell what ever it is, its copyright to me.

Image: victoria2.jpg   425x473 262440 bytes 2001.06.28

Victoria is a bastet, a Bagera accually, but one of the really rare snow leopards...She also happends to be my room mates larp character...\r\nVictoria (c) R. Allen, art copy right A&E INKs

Image: vilians.jpg   425x520 132941 bytes 2001.07.18

Two of the scariest people you will meet in our Local Larp, Outcasts by Night. Sam and Delilah, BSDs...[insert evil chuckle]. Sam (c) C. Morgan Art and Delilah (c) me.

Image: Wasco.jpg   478x636 120377 bytes 2008.04.03


Wasco, the Haida sea wolf. \r\nQuick little doodle on Tegaki E.\r\nCheck it out here:

Tags: wasco tegaki e haida  
Image: watch.jpg   381x509 88071 bytes 2001.06.17

This is kinda how I view me and my were side...Ravyn is so much a part of me...and still some times someone totally diffrent.

Image: watchnews.jpg   425x443 82025 bytes 2001.09.15

From left to right, SLG, Aubrie, Nicolas and Ravyn watch the news of Tuesdays attack. \r\nEach of us kind of representing a diffrent reaction to this.\r\n\r\nSLG comforts a shocked Aubrie, while Nicolas looks on with a determined frown and Ravyns fury and anger at the attackers is visible. \r\n\r\nSLG, Aubrie and Nicolas (c) their respective players...\r\nRavyn and Art (c) 2001 Beth Cavanaugh

Image: werehurt.jpg   593x803 410787 bytes 2002.03.28

Tough times.

Image: whitenight.jpg   276x451 103540 bytes 2002.01.15

This as of yet unnamed White Nightmare is gonna become my new fursona I think.\r\nShe accually a Shapeshifter, and I'm working on her story, "A Midsummers Nightmare."\r\nHopefully I'll figure out a name for her...\r\n*hrrrr*\r\n

Image: who.jpg   500x500 163347 bytes 2002.09.06

A quick tablet drawn pic.\r\nStory behind?\r\nMal called me on accident, thinking he was calling of of hos friends, then thought I was his friends Girl Friend.\r\nHows that work?\r\nhe didn't recognize my voice?

Image: Will.jpg   600x601 305881 bytes 2002.04.29

This is Will.\r\nHe's accually a Pooka, but I drew him more Anthro...oh well.\r\nTheres so much wrong with this pic...ARUGH! \r\nI don't think it looks like a Ferret, and I think his coloring is to dark, and I have no idea what clothing he wears.\r\nBefore I get any hate male, yes I used Nightwolf\r\ns ferret pic as refrence, along with a lot of stuff from\r\nTim, he's your character, if you want me to redraw him I will.\r\nWill (c) Tim\r\nArt (c) Beth "Ravyn" Cavanaugh

Image: willsmyth.jpg   600x592 69884 bytes 2003.10.29

A doodle, colored over a sketch, of what I think Will looks like...

Image: windnic.jpg   593x791 507956 bytes 2002.03.28

You have a love that poets and srtist dream about. \r\nYou both are wonderful.\r\nI love you both as though you were my brother and sister.\r\n

Image: wolfen.jpg   600x694 90981 bytes 2005.06.11

wolfen in b/w

Image: wolfencolored.jpg   600x694 144686 bytes 2005.06.11


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