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Image: imissu.jpg   500x625 91496 bytes 2001.06.14

...We all know the feeling of being alone...This one goes out to the one I still love so very much. You know who you are.\r\nLyrics (c) Jonathan Larson

Image: nightmare.jpg   500x611 84861 bytes 2001.06.14

Just your typical ultraintlegent daemon unicorn.

Image: hgmimilit.jpg   650x823 84634 bytes 2001.06.14

Horsegoddess Poses as Mimi from Jonathan Larsons RENT

Image: citynight2.jpg   500x647 90478 bytes 2001.06.14

This is Ravyn(the White wolf creation)making hte rounds of her turf...that is the City of Lewyston.

Image: aset.jpg   372x461 50711 bytes 2001.06.14

This is Aset, my Silent Strider Metis for an on-line W:tA game...she thinks her fater is a Bunyip and is quite kind of character...\r\nSilent Striders, Bunyip and all theat Jazz (c) White Wolf

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