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Image: Acu-TM_wakeup_colored.JPG   800x617 65541 bytes 2005.04.07

This is an image of my fursona TM, getting a bit of a tease from his mate Acubavix.\r\n\r\nTM (C) Rayeth\r\nAcubavix (C) his player used with permission

Image: MM_-_Sleeping.gif   800x479 13514 bytes 2005.04.19

This is just a fun pic I did of my Fem char MM sleeping.\r\n\r\nMM copyright(C) Rayeth \r\n\r\nQuil pen with black ink on regular computer paper.

Image: Snowfur.jpg   800x600 81668 bytes 2005.05.13

This is an image of my character Snowfur. Shi is a chakat, though, I'm not good at drawing the way the upper and lower torsos connect.\r\n\r\nThis is an image of hir doing something with a tablet, perhapse drawing a picture?\r\n\r\nDrawin in Painter Essentials 2, with a Wacom tablet.\r\n\r\nSnowfur (C) Rayeth

Image: TM+Acu_cuddling_close.gif   616x751 32247 bytes 2005.05.13

Just a cute pic of TM and Acubavix cuddling.\r\n\r\nTM (C) Rayeth\r\nAcubavix (C) his player used wtih permission.

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