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Image: angrysin.jpg   414x600 72888 bytes 2002.08.04

i dunno? i never drew cantor his form anyway.. i wish i shaded his cheek/temple bone better...\r\ncopyrights on the pic..

Image: forleelee.jpg   449x650 125923 bytes 2002.08.03

yep..the whole flower thing agaain...fear...leeleehasevilhairyesshedoes.\r\n

Image: Wrath.jpg   525x727 85397 bytes 2002.08.03

a picture i drew for Jolyn when she was in TO.. ^^ She scanned and sent it to me, so i uploaded!\r\ni love his he is shiiinnneey....shiney demons...moowha...

Image: forluve.jpg   480x668 121980 bytes 2002.07.28

Wha!! My half of me and Luve's art trade... X_x the pose is so boring, her half is SO pretty...\r\nLuve (c) Lauren H.\r\nArt (c) Sarah T.

Image: bast_for_jax.JPG   495x699 255313 bytes 2002.07.24

arg...i didnt notice how bad his eye looked until it was scanned...\r\nWell, i couldnt resist sexy Bast in, ive been a fan of Jax's art long as ive had my elfwood at least a year...and Bast has always been my fav ^^ Along with cute Zel..\r\nBast (c) Jax, Art (c) Sarah T.

Image: no_you_cant_take_it.JPG   498x700 181397 bytes 2002.07.23

Its a trend! Wahaha, sorry i just love Twiggish/TR so much o.O; Its not pleasure faces look a lot like my pain faces.. -__-; I love Twigs pose...this is in a bathroom stall...but my lack of background skillz made that umpossible!\r\nTwiggish (c) Holly R..cause i love her so, and Tidal Rage/Art (c) Sarah T.

Image: imprisoned.JPG   615x800 162614 bytes 2002.07.22

although the anatomy isnt good on this, i love his face and the coloring..little chibi anima was something i randomly just penned in when it was done..\r\n\r\nLucreito/Art (c) Sarah T. Anima (c) Jolyn F.

Image: a_diamond_is_forever_c.JPG   538x700 107931 bytes 2002.07.22

Anima is too damn pretty for his own good...\r\n\r\nAni-chan (c) Jolyn F, Art (c) Sarah T.

Image: alone_in_fear.JPG   444x700 100289 bytes 2002.07.22

follow up to prior pic..\r\n\r\nNyatoro/Art are still (c) Sarah T.

Image: engel.JPG   538x700 170514 bytes 2002.07.22

Loooong story...i'll prolly comic the short plot twist that explains this picture...\r\nand who says violence solves nothing..\r\n\r\nNyatoro/Art (c) Sarah T.

Image: nail_me_up_against_the_wall.JPG   538x700 150209 bytes 2002.07.22

Twiggish is so sexy. i want. now.\r\n\r\nTwigs (c) Holly R., TR/Art (c) Sarah T

Image: mike_for_leelee.JPG   495x700 185023 bytes 2002.07.20

i love this picture muchly...cept i forgot his peircings..moowha.. -_-; Cause i envy/worship Lee Lee and love mikez..\r\n\r\nMike (c) Lee Lee, Art (c) Sarah T.

Image: for_muh_jolie.JPG   598x800 194794 bytes 2002.07.20

cuz i love my Jolynchan...i cant wait to see her.. *squish*\r\n\r\nSW (c) Joyln F. Art (c) Sarah T.

Image: we'll_scar_your_minds.JPG   566x800 249016 bytes 2002.07.20

I have an Anime convention coming up within a month, so i will mostly only be drawing humans...however, anything i upload here will be characters that are suppose to be furry...\r\nI had to resurrect him, i love this character too much..\r\n\r\nTidal Rage/Art (c) Sarah T.

Image: actually_cyan.JPG   558x800 281283 bytes 2002.07.20

wow, uploads...its been what, a month at least? This isnt Cantor, it's his brother Cyan..i just realized after i wrote the name that Can has a mane and not fins..\r\n\r\nCyan Bloodbane (c) DragonLance, Art (c) Sarah T.\r\n\r\n(I RP Cyan, so i've added/tweaked his persona a little, so he's..kiiiinda but not really mine)

Image: stand-inside.JPG   770x800 130183 bytes 2002.05.14

and since the prior pic was mean to Ton, i did something nice for him ^^\r\ni could draw furries for some reason a bit ago...\r\n\r\nKoro/Art (c) Sarah T, Ton (c) Kayla Mc

Image: we're-like-crystal.JPG   620x800 172858 bytes 2002.05.14

I like this picture...i actually did people kissing..i can never do that\r\nWhee...\r\nMy sexy Luc picture isnt uploading, im going to spaz...\r\nBased on an RP me and Kayla had last night\r\n\r\nArt/Cantor (c) Me, Tonoso (c) Kayla Mc

Image: huzzah.JPG   519x800 202723 bytes 2002.05.04

Welcome back Lee Lee!! I drew this before i saw Mike's new design, but Mike is kick ass no matter what! Hope ya like!\r\nMike is (c) Lee Lee, not you.\r\nArt (c) Me, not you.\r\n

Image: it-comes-down-to-this.JPG   613x700 170961 bytes 2002.05.04

pen scetch..again..was too lazy to add hair\r\nCantor/Art (c) Sarah Terry

Image: zenshi-kitsamies.JPG   515x700 201127 bytes 2002.04.30

more pen stuff...note this is only with a pen...but i dont like this one as much...\r\nZenshi is Nyro's pet Kitsune

Image: kindness.JPG   601x800 335851 bytes 2002.04.30

Nyro's cute ^^ and in this pic his head is too big for his body.. but he's still cute..\r\nNyro as the virtue Kindness

Image: in-my-eyes-you-can-see.JPG   660x395 292143 bytes 2002.04.30

i love this scetch!! i was just drawing at work with a pen, and i started drawing eyes, and i liked them, so i added cheap scales and made it Cantor...

Image: Scarab-n-shinny-trade.JPG   664x800 127746 bytes 2002.04.23

i realized only this morning that Scarab has braids...but i THINK i got Shinny's hair right... I will color soon!!\r\nMy half of a trade with Shinny!!\r\nthis pic is damn cute...\r\n

Image: you-know-you-want-one-too.JPG   635x800 184360 bytes 2002.04.21

WAHA!! I own a real life Anima, and i bet you wish you did! *cackle* Jeff's my friend from skool who is gonna let me do his makeup and nails and put him in dresses\r\nBooyah!\r\nJeff is (c) himself, Art/RW (c) Sarah

Image: 3-second-sex-scetch.JPG   499x672 112953 bytes 2002.04.21

boo...i dont like this pic...but it is cute, and i was trampled by kayla until i drew Miyo and Cantor.. ^^ so yah!!\r\nMiyo (c) Kayla, Art/Cantor (c) Sarah!

Image: twiggish-zer-trade.JPG   582x800 199033 bytes 2002.04.20

AH! i finally was happy with something i trades are a bitch for me cause im never happy with how they look, but i love doing them anyway ^^ i was aiming for an evil cute...but a cute cute came out instead o.o I still like it!! half of my trade with Holly

Image: just-close-your-eyes.JPG   693x850 171585 bytes 2002.04.19

He may be sick and twisted, but there is a special place in my heart for my sadistic sea dragon pedophile...on another note, i am taking spelling classes -_-;;\r\n\r\nArt/Tidal Rage is (c) Sarah

Image: wyrm-is-still-sexay.JPG   672x800 155565 bytes 2002.04.19

i was looking back at old art, and realized my pic of Wyrm was ugly as shit, so i redid it, now that i have a way of doing muzzles and hair that i like\r\n\r\nWyrm is (c) Paula, Art (c) Sarah

Image: zer-trade-practice.JPG   532x700 120444 bytes 2002.04.18

practice little sctech thing for Zer's art trade..i kinda like it, but it'll add into more i guess ^^\r\n\r\nTwiggish/Zer (c) holly r. Art (c) Sarah

Image: sanctified.JPG   668x800 175024 bytes 2002.04.18

pretty Zer is was just scetching, then it became good ^^

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