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Image: yuni_for_court.JPG   411x800 126006 bytes 2002.07.20

I like the pen job on this, so i scanned it in fear my coloring would funk it up..\r\nluv ya Courtz\r\n\r\nYunicon (c) Courtney, Art (c) Sarah T.

Image: we're-going-to-eat-your-skin.JPG   475x700 133622 bytes 2002.05.04

*squee*\r\nmy friends are all so cool...i bet they could beat up your friends! wha!\r\nJeff is (c) himself\r\nArt/RW (c) Sarah Terry

Image: mine-bitch.JPG   681x800 163682 bytes 2002.04.19

Paula has offical ownership to Cantor ^^ Sorry Miyo, but he still luvs you!\r\n\r\nPaula (c) herself, Art/Cantor (c) Sarah

Image: i-hate-poker-as-cards-hate-me.JPG   681x800 216581 bytes 2002.04.19

i like this pic, but its still drawn and a male Zer playing cards.....i have terrible luck in card games, but i still love playing them... I love the picture Holly!! Im coloring yourz!!\r\nZer (c) the amazing Holly, Art/RW (c) Sarah

Image: terrible-lie.JPG   619x800 149114 bytes 2002.04.18

somebody stole my jacket, WHICH had my CD player and my NIN halo 17 CD!!!!! AHHHH!!!\r\nthe fucker better hope i dont find him, because me and my friend Jeff have vowed to eat his skin...\r\n>.<

Image: jolyns-birffday-scetch.JPG   580x700 143008 bytes 2002.04.18

a scetch for Jolyn'z birthday\r\n\r\nI LOVE YOU!!\r\n\r\nAnima is (c) Jolyn, Art/Luc is (c) Sarah

Image: only-60-more-clouds-to-go.JPG   598x700 312103 bytes 2002.03.26

lol, i saw this on commercial for sausage factory!\r\nIts so cute..yes, Levee and Fern are now friends ^^

Image: Trust-me-neema.JPG   631x700 201372 bytes 2002.03.11

*giggles* i can see Zi and Neema getting along ^^;\r\nI did draw a pic of them, but its shitty, so no upload...

Image: its-water-rellik.JPG   450x600 147604 bytes 2002.03.11

Rellik consumes too much achohol... HUAZZAH FOR UNDERGRADS!!!

Image: the-pen-is-blue.JPG   522x700 124296 bytes 2002.03.04

Just a scetch I crappy/crazy colored in class....\r\nYah, Im going insane...ignore the pen remark...\r\nIx is so cool, she deserves to be drawn by everyone...must draw Roux next...\r\nIx (c) Lurid\r\nArt (c) Sarah

Image: camek.jpg   500x600 90334 bytes 2002.03.03

Remember that stick camel I drew?\r\nyah ^^\r\nCourtney named him!!\r\naint he sexay?!

Image: mymatrikaos.JPG   494x700 224385 bytes 2002.03.03

I drew this before i changed to an antelope ^^\r\nInspired by actual events....I LOVE Sara's mood icons and I wanna steal them ALL...\r\nSo guess what..I AM!!!\r\nMatri and her kaos (c) Sara Howard, Art/RW (c) Sarah terry

Image: jesusfuckedonXTC.JPG   607x800 243353 bytes 2002.03.02

Grr.\r\nIm messed. I was angry and listening to NIN Suck lyrics. \r\nyah. \r\nIm (c) Me, so dont steal please

Image: crawlinginthedark.JPG   601x800 483323 bytes 2002.03.02

Server deleated my first version of this pic. Moo.\r\n\r\nI gave this song to Koro, but while I was drawing and listening to this, I realized it kinda reminded me of Lee lee and some of the things she was talking about..I drew this a week ago....Yah, so she's in there too.. ^^ \r\n\r\nLee Lee (c) herself, Art/Koro (c) Myself \r\n

Image: sorrykoro.JPG   609x800 250203 bytes 2002.03.02

I accidentally stepped on Kenzie's foot a bit ago....oops.\r\n\r\nKoro/art (c) Sarah T

Image: goblinnyro.jpg   351x518 182486 bytes 2002.02.24

He looks like Golem from Lord of the Rings!!! Yes, this is Nyro's dragon form..he's a small innocent little dragon, but if you piss him off, you better run faster than he can fly..\r\nNyatoro/Art Me

Image: sexyfs.jpg   354x525 143522 bytes 2002.02.24

Fear the quality...FEAR IT!! Look, its FS in his Chaos Dragon form...\r\nIm kicking myself for making him so goddamned complicated....\r\nFS/Art (c) ME!

Image: jolynnyro.jpg   408x581 252586 bytes 2002.02.24

Bad scanning quality...thaz why its in scetches... >P You cannot read what they are saying, and it isn't finished, but Im getting there!!\r\nInspired by Jolyn telling Nyro to kiss her ass...\r\nIn the top right corner, Nyro is saying, 'Hey give that back!!" And Jolyn is saying "No way! My sessy goth!!" And in the one below, Jol is saying "HA, kaos dont have claws!!" And finally, in the last frame, Jolyn is saying "...Maybe Zi is yours after all..."\r\nJolyn is (c) Herself, Nyatoro/Art (c) Me

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