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Image: 20090718_meditate001.gif   935x1233 46887 bytes 2009.08.12


Dahra, being a water type, taking a moment of silence in her natural element.\r\n\r\nCharacter and art ReDaDillio

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Image: 20091130_dahra-backside001.gif   636x868 37609 bytes 2009.12.05

Dahra - Backside

Image I did a few days back. Meant as a looker-behind her pose ("Is there something on my back"). Didn't turn out as good as I would have hoped.\r\n\r\nI has since changed her tail back to her older style, longer and down-turned.

Tags: dahra superhero heroine collie  
Image: 20100622_drawing001.gif   826x1108 92865 bytes 2010.06.23

Drawing Things That Never Were

GROUP SHOT 2010\r\n\r\nThis idea was sparked from the other day. Its nothing special. I wanted something with a 2 day turn-around. So no scaling issues, not much pre-planning, just jump in and have fun.\r\n\r\nThere are 27 characters depicted in this piece. Kudos to anyone if they can name the majority of them. There's one character however that has not been debuted so I know no one will be able to name him/her/it.\r\n\r\nTitle is a quote from "The Simpsons" (the episode Guest Starring Stan Lee to be specific). It was a quote that really stuck home with me and oddly enough, its a motto I like to live by.

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Image: 25.jpg   569x736 46869 bytes 2009.01.26


(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: doodle cartoon armadillo male birthday 25th 25  
Image: aff08_badges001.jpg   1153x470 143642 bytes 2009.04.16

AFF Badges

LONG overdue badges for Svearose and myself. Seriously this theme (sleepover) was for last year's AFF.\r\n\r\nPITT pens, Prismacolor markers, and a sweet White arting pen on Bristol.

Tags: armadillo squirrel sleepover dream badge   [Comment]
Image: angel-study.gif   594x860 53480 bytes 2009.01.27

Angel the Serpent

(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: naga angel serpent female  
Image: badge_lenny001.jpg   528x675 141014 bytes 2009.06.21

Lenny Badge

(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: lenny elkhound badge marker   [Comment]
Image: belle_mockcover.jpg   680x1039 125965 bytes 2009.01.27

Candid Cow: Sunhat

(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: cow belle sunhat  
Image: belle_towel.jpg   900x1125 175791 bytes 2009.08.12

Belle: Towel

Quick job. Rose is off calling her family and I took an opportunity to color this up using a new method.\r\n\r\nOnly having PS7, I had to go off of using the Pencil Tool for the effect.\r\n\r\n(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: belle towel cow anthro bovine girl   [Comment]
Image: bLg_korinna.jpg   330x990 73746 bytes 2009.01.26

Giftmark: Korrina

(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: korinna squirrel guitar band  
Image: char-vida_001.jpg   1122x1348 280406 bytes 2009.01.26

Vida the Spotted-Fruit Bat

(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: vida fruit spotted bat hyena character sheet  
Image: chims_m001.jpg   1068x1418 246809 bytes 2009.01.26

I'm Not Okay

(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: armadillo male blood  
Image: comm_panda.jpg   800x421 61853 bytes 2006.11.05

OMG!\r\nThe 'dillio does FULL-COLOR!?!?!?\r\nWhy, yes I do. :P\r\n\r\nA commission for ImmortalPanda (on DA and FA) turned one-page comic. This image is of the first panel of the story.\r\n\r\nMore on this later...

Image: cyan001.jpg   899x1153 137231 bytes 2009.04.16

AFF09: Cyan's High Kick

FINISHED!\r\n\r\nQuite a labor to get the colors I wanted. Most of the color choices were 2 layers of different markers (3 for the belt). A little disappointed with the blue; I bought it as it looked closest to the shade I had designated for her in the Meeting of the Minds picture, yet it came out darker and more saturated then desired. Plus though is that the computer lightened it up during the scan.\r\n\r\nSo there you have it. A potential character for the Lenny Elkhound series.\r\n\r\nStill debating whether its for sale or not, but there will be prints of her available for sure.\r\n\r\nPITT pens, Prismacolor markers, a White arting pen on Bristal.

Tags: cyan bluebird adventurer lenny elkhound original aff   [Comment]
Image: dahra-posin_re.gif   645x904 69093 bytes 2009.07.10

Dahra Posing

Failed image I drew the other day that I've spent an hour trying to fix up.\r\nWhile attempted to do a full color, I switched off the flats to find this. \r\n\r\n(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: collie anthro   [Comment]
Image: dahra_digi.jpg   1260x600 124022 bytes 2009.10.25

Digital Dahra

Feeling a lot better.\r\nAfter reading the book DC Comics' Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics, I was tempted to draw an image completely on the computer (only tried a few times with not-so-good results).\r\n\r\nI chose my Dahra character as I also wanted to represent her magic casting SFX.\r\n\r\nOverall, inking was shaky as I didn't have the freedom to rotate the plane as I would with paper, but the result looks pretty much on par with the quality of work I draw.\r\n\r\n(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: collie dahra anthro water casting   [Comment]
Image: dahra_study.gif   474x892 48870 bytes 2009.06.21

New Character: Dahra

Dahra\r\nEarly 20s\r\nWiccan\r\nShort, but makes up for it in spirit\r\nA little selfish, "naughty," dutiful\r\n\r\nA combination of video game and superhero elements that I love into a character type I don't commonly work with.

Tags: rough collie anthro wiccan dog canine female character design   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: dillios_red.jpg   1154x972 146796 bytes 2009.01.26

Dillios the Red

(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: armadillo male villain  
Image: dozed_off.jpg   765x990 140104 bytes 2009.01.27

Dozed Off

(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: rose rosemarie arm-r dillotron sleep over  
Image: fall.jpg   765x990 97607 bytes 2009.01.31


(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: belle cow anthro autumn fall  
Image: g_svearose_i003v2.gif   856x856 63143 bytes 2009.01.26


(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: armadillo male squirrel female hug  
Image: kingdom001.jpg   733x972 100614 bytes 2009.10.25


Drew this as a semi-parody of the Kindgom comic book cover by Alex Ross. When it came to adding background characters, I couldn't decide whether to go for the same that Ross did in his image, or do a simple straight on "gathering" type of shot.\r\n\r\nB/C I couldn't make up my mind and the need to go back into comic production again, this piece just sat upon my desk for at least a month.\r\n\r\nDid a quick color job so not a total waste.\r\n\r\nPose makes me think he's shouting "Yatta!" \r\n\r\n(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: cosmic armadillo anthro   [Comment]
Image: mugshot.jpg   520x728 67447 bytes 2009.01.26


(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: armadillo male  
Image: rdd_bliss.jpg   560x770 73304 bytes 2006.11.17

Bliss the Purple Tiger\r\n\r\nA character a friend of mine created using a virtual pet site. It had been a while since I've seen her so I thought to draw Bliss for her as a gift.\r\n\r\n ReDaDillio

Image: rdd_icon01.jpg   375x375 41383 bytes 2009.01.26

The Calls are Coming From ME

(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: armadillo male close up  
Image: rdd_rm_100watch.jpg   600x800 117982 bytes 2006.11.11

100 Watchers!\r\n\r\nMy "Thank You" pic for 100 watchers on FurAffinity. This was the official debut of my armadillo fem, Rosemarie.

Image: redwind001.jpg   765x990 105333 bytes 2009.01.31

Redwind IV

(C) ReDaDillio

Tags: armadillo female superhero hero redwind  

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