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Image: Rea_in_red.jpg   545x723 86338 bytes 2003.10.28

She thinks she's cute. I wanted to see what she would look like with clothes. :)

Image: ReaAndHaoma.jpg   600x459 90571 bytes 2004.07.22

I drew this to thank all the people drawing Haoma's fursona on Yerf at my request. I love the pictures they've done so far. So Cute! Mine! Well... they're Haoma's birthday present actualy, but they're still mine. \r\nHaoma as usual belongs to Cam Cross\r\nand rea belongs to yours truely, Andrea LeJeune\r\nas for the pictures, they're MINE! hehe

Image: Read.jpg   808x765 145064 bytes 2003.09.19

Blaze was sitting on the couch studying one day and I scetched her. I changed everything around except the pose, and made her look like our kitten Dustin, who is also featured in the bottom left. Ink on Bristol (I like this paper. This is the first time I've used it. Fun stuff.)

Image: ReaHat.jpg   500x680 52420 bytes 2002.11.05

Image: s-curves.jpg   781x1081 135184 bytes 2001.10.22

This was inspiered by a combination of things. A wood carving in an Indian restraunt in Plano Texas, and an Anchient Chinese sculpture I saw in The Dallas museam of Art. Drawn in June 2001, in San Antonio Texas. It was a busy trip.

Image: Sal.jpg   396x554 99253 bytes 2004.07.06

Saelahvi, goddess of... um yeah I don't actualy know. I've gotta ask Sera about that. Anyway this is part of a trade between myself and the amazing Sera Keen. It's not done, but I need to give her an update on the progress, and I'm just so in love with this image so far that I thought I'd share it here too. It's not actualy green, I just played with the Hue on photoshop. Right now it's not colored. Image drawn with sharpie on wood, with moderate carving. Mixed media to folow. Saelahvi belongs to Sera Keen.

Image: SaraKitty.JPG   326x328 26657 bytes 2004.07.03

I was playing in paint at work because that's all we have at work (lame computers!). I wanted to make my roomie an icon, so I started big. The smaller version is going in my scetches directory because it's really just a lame thumbnail or no consiquence, but this pic I thought was rather good for being made on paint. SaraKitty is copyright to Rea and no one else. She is based largely on Mrs Sara Ford, the coolest person ever!

Image: Shomy.jpg   356x549 57417 bytes 2004.02.28

Shomy for the Trading post. Almost done, and probably as done as it gets for a while.

Image: Space_Gorilla3.jpg   600x430 48038 bytes 2004.05.21

For Lissa Bt, Trading Post #56

Image: StupidQuestion.jpg   650x700 98159 bytes 2004.02.09

A better question might be, "is it okay for me to be naked around you?" or, "Is it okay for me to see you naked."\r\nSorry about working out my relationship isues in front of all of you. I have problems letting go obviously.

Image: SufiDancer.jpg   663x797 88529 bytes 2004.01.27

Yay! look I drew something for me. :) I like doing that. I should do a pic a week for the tp and a pic a week for me. My hand hurts thinking about that, so maybe not.. \r\nA bit of background: Haoma and I went to see a show of Egyptian sufi (sp?) dancers. The dancers wear galabias and other bright costumes, and the main dancer wears a big round skirt, simaler to the background of this pic. The main dancer then spins in a circle for up to half an hour or more. They do this for spiritual enlightenment. Arabic writing contributed by Haoma. Verse from the Koran

Image: Talis.jpg   650x488 142668 bytes 2003.12.20

Talis for the Trading Post. Just when you thought you'd gotten a break.... Talis is Kohali aka R.Korol

Image: TalisPunch.jpg   500x472 63222 bytes 2003.12.16

Quick fun comic for Kohali, who's charachter Talis is this weeks Trading post Character.

Image: tapir.jpg   400x605 51820 bytes 2004.02.26

Shoomy for the Trading Post. Still working on it.

Image: Untitled-4.jpg   500x676 89462 bytes 2002.04.02

Image: VPofPuddle.jpg   1156x1544 228221 bytes 2002.04.02

Yeah, so I was taking a showwer, and I looked down, and there was this really facinating reflection of me in the water! Being atracted to shiny objects I pondered over this reflection. So this is Rea from the perspective of a puddle.

Image: WaterBearerLeamur.jpg   798x659 74708 bytes 2003.10.27

Old painting. I think I did this a year and a half ago. Had to scan it because I'm giving it away. Oil on canvas.

Image: WhereisRoux1.JPG   477x881 60235 bytes 2002.07.09

Rea misses Roux's art! She's gonna sit here and pout until Roux puts her art back on her site. She is also upset with herself for procrastinating doing a peice of fan art before now. She hopes that lack of encouragement isn't what made Roux go away.(Sorry, I tend to think in Third person when I'm whiney.)

Image: wings..jpg   768x1107 653154 bytes 2002.01.22

Scetched well over 2 months ago. I keept procrastinating going to the store to get paper for this. It is done in white conte crayon on black cansons paper.

Image: yinyang.jpg   700x627 88917 bytes 2001.11.04

It looks better with more contrast don't you think? I love this picture. :) It certainly showes the impact a figure drawing class can have on you. Compare this to my first drawing of rea, and you'll see what I mean.

Image: Yuck!.jpg   243x429 22529 bytes 2003.10.27

I saw the sappiest picture in one of my classes, and dodled this in my notes.

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