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Image: Miafillene.jpg   675x455 136732 bytes 2001.06.20

Trade with miafillene.....still waiting for mine. S'been a year now Mia. >:(

Image: Realasaur.jpg   434x516 29703 bytes 2000.08.10

This form I truly love. This is how you'll see Re most of the time. I impress even myself sometimes.......(arrogant grin)\n

Image: Jane&Judah.jpg   377x446 44178 bytes 2000.08.10

Jane was my firsttrue mate on furry while I was Judah. She was too promiscuous though. Made me regret being her mate. I mean there's a difference between being a yiffy fur and being a total flat out fuckslut yaknow? Still I miss her often, cause we did talk to each other like a mated couple. and when she wasn't out boinking someone else, she made me feel special.\n

Image: Sundrinker.jpg   345x474 103990 bytes 2000.08.10

The Squirrelsaith Sundrinker, my SPR character. I rarely have time to log on there much though. Yes you'll notice this pic has some John Barett influence.\n

Image: Centurys_armor.jpg   373x492 126103 bytes 2000.08.10

A pic of Century fighting a Velociraptor made me think her armor really sucked if that thing could shred it. I made this for her. Composite armor, muscle enhancment, targeting combat computer, wrist mounted tri-barrel Mason cannon, medium range homing Hi-ex missles, and a Tachyon rifle for fun. Oh did I forget the plasma claws? (=}:)\n

Image: Claws.jpg   358x508 39258 bytes 2000.08.09

This is the first character I ever made for furry. Judah! Was feeling particularly butch and decided to go male. (=};P Alsa it did not last after losing three mates to thier personal problems Judah gave up on it all and @toaded.(=}:( Guess I was too sensitive?\n

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