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Image: bobbie.jpg   464x700 55468 bytes 2003.05.10

Bobbie again. I've decided I'm done with Elfwood, they proceeded to piss me off one to many times. They don't even look at your pictures they must like scan the descriptions for words....and accept you or not based on the words........GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRrrrrr\r\n\r\nBobbie Becca

Image: bobbie3copy.jpg   448x655 151558 bytes 2003.06.04

Yes I know its a double image...\r\n\r\nBut its so pretty...

Image: bobycopy.jpg   456x700 61660 bytes 2003.05.03

Blade Runner Bobbie!....erm.......Its from this idea I had, kinda a Blade Runner Batman Beyond cross over, gene-splicing and replicants.....hehe.... Philip K. Dick was an amazing author and although Harrison Ford is a great actor, the book is MUCH better then the movie...\r\n\r\nBecca Becca 2003

Image: journalcover.jpg   395x477 48979 bytes 2003.05.09

Another Kitty picture, this was inspired by some Hentai picture again. I look at a lot of Hentai to get pose Ideas and the like. Meh. Kitty Becca

Image: kittychi.jpg   525x700 67118 bytes 2003.05.09

Um... The more "Cat" like kitty is in my Furrie Gallery, I'll keep her in my Semi Furrie Gallery so I dont step on any toes.

Image: sukubuscopy.jpg   384x482 35479 bytes 2003.05.03

Quazi-Furrie not quite Furrie enough.... Well I suppose Demons don't have fur but, who's counting? Anyway I guess She can go here\r\n\r\nSukkubus Becca 2003

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