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Image: baby_crimson.JPG   545x718 60720 bytes 2005.03.17

this is little Crimson Blade. He is blessed with strange psykic powers that allow him to see the future in his dreams.\r\n\r\nCrimson is(c) red-panther

Image: dragonofwind.JPG   767x981 210749 bytes 2005.03.10

too much free time at work and a blue ballpoint pen pumped out this baby

Image: family.jpg   800x695 114922 bytes 2007.02.18


Muffin and ty with their daughter, cookie. I may be uploading the actual comic these chars are from sometime soon.

Tags: muffin dog cat baby family love ty cookie  
Image: killbunny1.jpg   716x877 140969 bytes 2006.06.27

so cute. co cuddly. so dangerous.

Image: modeemo2.jpg   500x500 66708 bytes 2007.08.22


lost something near and dear to me. combine that with some sipmle plan and just enough alchohol and this is what you come up with.

Tags: red panther cat loss lost sad mode emo  
Image: panzerfurydragon.JPG   600x439 119562 bytes 2005.03.10

just a random dragon beast done with a ball point and touched up in paint shop pro

Image: phurrdragon.JPG   600x778 64108 bytes 2005.03.10

a mammal dragon. w00t! \r\nphurrdragon (c) 2004-05 red-panther

Image: sad_april.jpg   278x316 32933 bytes 2007.02.12

April Monroh

April, 15, has never realy been too pleased about her appearance. She has the tendancy to die her hair blue and dress like a tom-boy more often than not. This is her natural bland coloration. She usually only dons this look around picture day at school.

Tags: furry cat girly sad emo cute kitty april  
Image: teen_janeha.JPG   468x540 33811 bytes 2005.03.10

this is my favorite char. she is in her mid twenties now but this is her as a teen ager. Janehah is a lioness with a pussy cat personality.

Image: tyandmuff.jpg   669x710 178189 bytes 2006.06.26

best friends since childhood. ty and muffin are almost always on the same keel. even when it comes down to their artwork.

Image: yiffangel1.jpg   1040x614 438448 bytes 2008.02.04

Yiff Angel

A piccy in a series I may or may not continue to ul

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