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Image: necconreddiesk.jpg   800x785 183288 bytes 2005.09.04

MY SCANNER IS DYING. It stretched out the muzzles weird~ But here's a sketch I did for necco because he asked nicely. Reddie and necco are cute. D:

Image: bertiebull.jpg   559x535 98301 bytes 2005.04.02

finished sketch, rar\r\n\r\nif burt reynolds were a furry, he'd totally be a bull.\r\nwith sideburns.\r\nand a moustache.

Image: sendslove.jpg   551x530 69383 bytes 2005.04.02

luvv a kat.\r\n\r\nhe's feeling down and he's so far away, so i sent him <3 from california, all the way to florida.

Image: hemakesnosense.jpg   837x690 150040 bytes 2005.03.04

Krim's pants make no sense.

Image: sagojpg.jpg   1024x692 148106 bytes 2005.02.17

Sago is hot stuff. AND HE'S MINE.\r\n\r\nNew character.\r\n\r\nSago (C) Sarah G. 05

Image: maybeitstheway.gif   492x757 57138 bytes 2005.02.05

reddie & soulphox, unfinished inked version.\r\n\r\nreddie (c) sarah g.\r\nsoulphox (c) justin b.\r\n\r\nwe're cute. reprezzent.

Image: iansk1.jpg   553x606 67508 bytes 2005.02.05

Ian the Cowboy Fox. <3 unfinished inked copy.\r\n\r\nian (c) ian martyn.

Image: tensk2.gif   457x689 46343 bytes 2005.02.05

unfinished ten inked copy and whatnot. woo.\r\n\r\nten (c) his player.

Image: stabhee.jpg   440x588 29903 bytes 2005.02.03

hahaha.\r\n\r\nno one gets it.\r\n\r\nbut it's cute.\r\n\r\nchibi reddie stabbing soul with pencil (c) sarah g. 05.\r\nsoulphox taking one for the team (c) justin b.\r\n\r\n<3

Image: letyourdarkersidegivein.jpg   504x618 74882 bytes 2005.01.07

bravo, bravo, bravisimo.\r\n\r\ni think i may just ink/color this. maybe.\r\n\r\nphantom of the opera respective owners.\r\nart sarah gonzales, 2005.\r\n\r\nhello first update of 05. :]

Image: genod1.jpg   301x600 71893 bytes 2004.01.08

Geno sketch. <3\r\n\r\nGeno (C) his player.\r\n\r\nsketch (C) me.

Image: reddieani.jpg   418x584 53686 bytes 2002.11.05

Reddie? yeah, she's a DINGO! And she says WORD to you. because saying werd is fun.\r\n\r\nthe redingo herself is (c) moi and ONLY moi.

Image: reddie.jpg   223x494 41690 bytes 2002.04.08

...daw. lookit. reddie inna matrices style... and she's a dingau now. i heart dingos! ^^ whee. scanned from my sketchbook. pardonne.\r\n\r\ni'm getting better at hands.

Image: hearrrtlogo.jpg   694x692 32545 bytes 2001.12.08

i can't believe i lost with this picture. we had an art contest at school, for the HEARRRT program thingie. it's the PE department's t-shirt logo... but i lost.. ;-; i'm gunna cry.\r\n\r\nokay, it didn't look exactly like this. it was scanned from my sketchbook, and see, since i suck, i dunno how to make it all nice and stuff.... i'm stupid. >< i should ask someone.\r\n\r\nartwork and funny little bunny (C) redingo, ltd. {2001}

Image: quicky3sketch.jpg   699x1182 93842 bytes 2001.05.09

oh god. don't look at this. sadly, this is also (c) me, quiksotic.

Image: myreddie1.jpg   452x400 19816 bytes 2001.05.09

first upload. my character, reddie, on FluffMUCK. reddie is, from now on, forever, and other stuff, (c) me. bow down. gwaha.

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