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Image: absentfriends.jpg   400x394 50605 bytes 2001.10.02

It was 2 years ago today that I lost the best friend I ever had. I miss you Sam. I will still alway ALWAYS miss you.

Image: advertisement.jpg   478x647 120292 bytes 2001.09.08

My mock alcohol advertisement. It was a practice session in comics. I must say, it's one of the few I sill like.

Image: aftermath.JPG   500x567 101309 bytes 2002.04.27

When Scott's father found out that his son was bisexual, he tried to kill Scott. This is the result of that. It's Scott's most horrible memory, and no matter how hard he tries to, he'll never forget it. \r\n\r\nHe looks different because he was about 19 when this happened.

Image: allofmylove.jpg   496x417 79561 bytes 2001.06.16

I had sort of a crappy night tonight, so I'm uploading this to help me feel better. I felt some Zeppelin Lyrics would do it some justice, since Zepp is my favorite band. I also feel like bawling my eyes out everytime I look at it, for reasons I won't get into.

Image: amandab-day.jpg   349x700 38018 bytes 2001.02.27

Sexy echidna hog in boxers *drool* Yeah, I wanna play with his yo you alright! Happy birthday Amanda! Reisarr to Amanda P.

Image: amandab-day02.jpg   400x611 71130 bytes 2002.02.20

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA-KINs!!!!!! (note, I probably forgot some major markings on her. Forgiveness *whimper*)

Image: amandab-day03.jpg   400x653 60713 bytes 2003.06.04

I can never look at this picture without having to say the caption with the accent. Especially with a Mike Myers "Sprockets" accent.\r\n\r\nI'm too easily amused. \r\n\r\nHappy several months late birthday Amanda. Even though I already gave this to you, I felt like saying it again because you always need lovin'

Image: amandakneeling.jpg   473x401 43219 bytes 2001.03.22

For U miss Amanda P! WHO'S ART KICKS MAJOR BOO-TAY!!! Hope she likes.

Image: amazing.jpg   500x486 62430 bytes 2001.04.15

I find two solaces when I am upset, Drawing, and Music. Combine the two, and you get pics like this. You know what, My granfather died last sunday, haven't been too happy about it, but hey, thems the breaks. Just remember kids, the line that got cut off from this song in the pic is so very true, life is a journey, NOT a destination. Meaning live it to the fullest every day till the day you die, cause you never know when that day will come. It could be today, tomrrow, a week, month, or year from now, but you NEVER know. Ahem, stepping off soapbox. Lyrics to Aerosmith. BTW, even though I doubt any of them surf here, I'd like to thank the Band Aerosmith for providing me with MUCH inspiration for my art. I'd buy a million of their albums if I could.

Image: amerz3.jpg   430x389 52149 bytes 2001.01.09

One of my good friends Amerz Chan. I like the Vegeta shirt. Amerz to Tara M.\n

Image: amerznzim.JPG   400x574 77378 bytes 2002.05.26

Pic I did for my good bud Tara, because I NEVER frickin' draw for her anymore.

Image: angieandraz.jpg   444x453 63552 bytes 2001.01.12

Image: angieb-day01.jpg   423x545 69646 bytes 2001.10.10

Non-anthro Angie for her birthday tomorrow, uploaded today because I won't be home all day. I LOVE YOU SESSIANGIENESS!!!!

Image: angiebday02.JPG   500x540 90661 bytes 2003.06.04

This was Angie's birthday picture. I got it to her on time, but I'm uploading it horribly late because I be one LAAAZY kitty.

Image: angiedancin.jpg   357x547 49130 bytes 2001.10.10

Was experimentin' with my newer style with chars that don't belong to me. Angie was my guinea pig. She was going to be attackin, but now it looks like she's dancin'.

Image: angiesword.jpg   500x527 36468 bytes 2001.05.21

I will color this eventually, or beg Angie to do it. One of the two. I needed something to send with her Anime poster that I bought that I still need to send. (don't kill me yet Angie! *whimper*)

Image: angievalentine.jpg   473x575 84078 bytes 2001.02.13

And early Valentine upload because I love you Angie B. (sisterly I mean)

Image: apartment.jpg   500x596 97184 bytes 2001.03.04

Oh yeah, I've only busted my butt on this for a week. It's Razzie's apartment. Complete with Rock and Roll memorablilla, and the classic "Matress on the floor cause I'm too poor to get a bed" Hey, I've slept like that before! God I want that poster he has! Raz is to me!

Image: artandkimi.jpg   500x652 119602 bytes 2001.08.24

I wish this woulda scanned better. Art wanted to see my take on his femme-native Americain vampire character. She uhh... doesn't look very native americain, but then again, I've never exactly made Art look Mexician either. The scan really doesn't do this justice either. Still, I love it, and I can't wait to give it to him.

Image: auroraxmas.JPG   500x544 87243 bytes 2003.06.04

The arms are horribly horribly long, but I still like it. \r\n\r\nAurora for HDR. Part of a secret Christmas art exchange!\r\n\r\n on the pic.

Image: axefun.jpg   500x474 62324 bytes 2001.05.04

Hate this song. Must kill radio. Roxanne must die. Why I haven't done this yet, I will NEVER know.

Image: axl.jpg   400x474 69372 bytes 2001.01.12

Meg asked me to to an exchange, and I have NEVER met anyone besides me who based characters offa Rock stars! Axl is based offa Axl Rose, so I couldn't resist. I HAD to draw Red as Slash! Welcome to the Jungle Baby! Axl Meg Chan, Red to me, and Lyric to G&R

Image: axlpost.jpg   400x641 84482 bytes 2001.11.10

I felt I needed to Draw Axl something. We rock and roll chicks, after all, HAVE to band together. Axl to Meg Chan.

Image: badboys.jpg   450x455 53890 bytes 2001.01.09

I fell in LOVE with Jabil, Angie's cool cat theif char! When are you going to do more Jabil pics Angie! WHEN!!!!!! Jab to Heather, Raz Me.\n

Image: balls.jpg   400x447 55405 bytes 2001.01.12

Just a little play on words pic since me and Angie both wear some sort of sphereical object around our necks. And just so ya know, Angie is my OTHER best online friend, to which anyone who badmouths her would get a personally butt beating courtisy of me! Angie is to Heather B, Red to me.

Image: bang.jpg   497x548 100413 bytes 2001.07.04

Happy freaking fourth of July everyone. It's Kip's favorite holiday. That Cigarette comes in MIGHTY handy for lighting various explosives.

Image: bar.jpg   600x467 122059 bytes 2001.01.06

This is the entire Redrock furry cast. Who are these people? Well, Scott Razorwing is the Black winged angel thing, Redrock is the red cat, Roadie Collen is the Cheetah, Kip Raptor is the brown cat behind the bar, Sebastian Raptor is the yellow cat behind the bar with the rose in his mouth, Dusty Wildcat is the orange cat on the floor. Dio Von Rainbow is the greyish cat in the BG, and Dee Tyger is the guy playing pool. ALL CHARS to me!\n

Image: baroness.jpg   400x624 75267 bytes 2001.09.15

Pic I did for one of my best RL friends, Rachel. No exageration on the costume here kids, she really dresses like that, and I love her to death. *hugs my Rae Rae* Oh, and Baroness Ornamant is her Rocky Horror fanchar.

Image: bedroom.jpg   500x565 94956 bytes 2001.04.09

I have every right to rip off my own bedrooom thank you! I own all the crap on this pic! Even that crapply colored Kiss banner. And I WISH I owned that big hunk of angel that is whispering sweet nothings in my ear dammit!!

Image: bedtime.jpg   450x450 42752 bytes 2001.01.07

I always tell people that this pic is NOT meant to be yiffy, but I guess it doesn't matter on this archive does it? Didn't think so. Redrock and Razor to me!\n

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