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Image: ladiesnight.jpg   550x584 114657 bytes 2001.09.15

I despise closedminded people. Anyone who's dumb enought to think that the simple act of crossdressing is an act of perversion needs to get their head checked. Tell me, what is so WRONG about a man putting on a dress, or a pink shirt, or high heels or (insert femme thing here). I mean, I think it's RIDICULOUS!!! So I drew this out of protest. My three most popular male characters in drag. They're not doing it to be pervs, they're wearing dresses because, just like the caption says, boys just want to have fun. Now open your frickin' minds before I open it for you...

Image: lightning.jpg   500x552 122601 bytes 2001.04.28

Gander at how Redrock can kill an entire indigo colored pencil on one pic.

Image: livbikini.jpg   648x345 50578 bytes 2003.06.04

More Liv. This time, open Canvas style. One of my first really decent attempts at that program too!

Image: livinontheedge.jpg   500x539 90910 bytes 2003.06.10

a little something I did the day we went to war with Iraq. Some idiots on DA had a major problem with it, but the way I see it, screw them. Sticking together was all the normal people of this country could do, and bickering about if we went to war or not wasn't going to solve ANYTHING. \r\n\r\nBut that's enough of that rant. I still like this a lot. It holds a lot of special meaning to me.

Image: livwaves.JPG   454x646 88068 bytes 2003.06.04

One of my newer characters, Olivia Alicia Stone, or just Liv for short. Liv's an eternal optimist, but HORRIBLY gullible. Be careful what you tell her. She might actually believe you.

Image: lonewulf.jpg   500x579 77479 bytes 2001.12.26

This was a Request, which I don't normally do, but I was in a slump and needed something to draw. I also need to E-mail the owner of this pic, cause I keep forgetting to. If you run into this on the recents Owner, let me know.

Image: lupowolfe.jpg   372x600 61781 bytes 2001.01.12

MORE Amanda fanart, this time it is of Lupo Wolfe! A blue wolf with a pink muzzle! MAN what a color scheme! Lupo is to Amanda P

Image: maincoonthra.JPG   500x623 64043 bytes 2002.06.24

I entered a "Design a Thundercat" contest. I used Kip as my model, and came up with a cheesy Thundercatish name for it. Just be glad I didn't design a Snarf.

Image: mallrats.jpg   500x567 76844 bytes 2001.09.02

TOtally Mallratts inspired. Kevin Smith is god. Expect a version with a funny ass caption soon.

Image: mallratscap.jpg   500x567 85026 bytes 2001.09.15

I told you I'd upload a version with a caption. But you didn't belive me did you? Shaaaaaaaaaaame. Darcnight one my caption contest, so yay for him.

Image: mandinsykes.jpg   400x494 70836 bytes 2001.07.24

For my good friend Amanda Payne, here is her two chars Mandi And Sykes. Hope you get this and hope you feel better Mandi! *hugs*

Image: marcy.jpg   699x570 104563 bytes 2003.06.10

my part of an art trade with Ryu/Adam.\r\n\r\nReffing Trodgor on his page was a very bad idea, for it gave me very EVIL ideas.

Image: maruinthepark.jpg   450x599 66481 bytes 2001.11.14

Re-upload for Maru cause my compy SEVERELY messed with the first file.

Image: marumetal.jpg   180x288 18337 bytes 2001.01.09

I made Keppo a custom hair band tape for Christmas. She said she had "Unskinny Bop" In her head all that month. Maru is to Emily B\n

Image: marusitting.jpg   377x500 53497 bytes 2001.01.21

I miss you Maru! Please come back to AIM soon so we can discuss men, and how sexy they are! This is the best damn pic I have ever done for her BTW. Maru is to Emily B.

Image: mobsters.jpg   500x589 102087 bytes 2001.06.07

*hums the Sopranos theme* This pic was totally inspired by that show. Though, Maru's outfit is more oldschool mobster inspired. I'm not trying to become a mob wannabe either, I just REALLY like that TV show. All chars Their creators.

Image: mollyhatchet.JPG   430x574 56988 bytes 2002.08.09

This is what happens when I listen to too much Molly Hatchet at work. Has nothing to do with the image itself, but at least it looks cool.

Image: mood.jpg   500x589 105844 bytes 2001.02.12

My famous "Pissy Mood" pic. I was in a rather nasty state of mind when I drew this (as if the rambling was any hint to it). I like the bear trap on her tail for some reason. Hey, doing pics like this keeps me from killing people. A public service really...

Image: mrowr.jpg   450x621 67758 bytes 2001.03.22

This needs cat sound effects to go with this. Mrowr! Hiss! Rowr! Ftttpt!

Image: needahug.jpg   393x641 65827 bytes 2001.02.17

I was feelin crappy again yesterday, and Drew Razor. I wanted a huggie from him. I wish I could hug him IRL to make things all better. Oh well, I'll settle for my BF. Razor to me.

Image: nekobomb.jpg   500x592 73915 bytes 2001.02.27

I drew myself in what I was wearing a particular day. See my cute little cell phone? Okay, I don't know the Razorwing doll. IF anyone wants to make me one, be my guest. Neko Bomb inspired by Keppo Keppo!

Image: nervious.jpg   300x692 62731 bytes 2001.11.10

I can whoop anyone's ass, I can face my parents when I've fucked up, and I have no problem telling ANYONE to piss off.\r\n\r\nWhen it comes to telling someone I love them however... I buckle like a piece of cheap sheet metal. This pic is the exact facial expression I get whenever I get around someone I REAAAAAAAAAAALLLLY like.

Image: nocontrol.jpg   446x583 78565 bytes 2001.01.21

The abuse I put my poor favorite character through. Razorwing has problems controlling some of his powers, so when he gets really upset, he sets them off. Sometimes he gets so bad that he simply cannot stop them, and ends up almost killing himself, and anything that's in his path. Poor thing. Though I did do a nice job on the sweat drops. Raz is to me.

Image: noosonic.jpg   446x500 85518 bytes 2001.02.27

Here's to you NoOman! You are SUCH a good artist, you deserve all the fan artz you can GET!!! (hey, I am a fan). NoO to Jimi NoOman!

Image: nootch.jpg   447x561 68853 bytes 2001.09.15

Kevin Smith should be appointed the patron saint of comedy, and we all should have an official "St Kevin Smith Day" where we all watch Kevin Smith movies, then go to our favorite convenince store, and harrass our favorite clerks, then go to the mall, and hang out, and then read comics all day, and talk about Star Wars, and make the word "Nootch", a perminant part of our vocabulary. That would frickin' RULE!!!!! Or I could just upload a Jay and Silent Bob cos-play pic, but that's not NEARLY as fun!

Image: onejoozeyear.jpg   497x575 114773 bytes 2002.01.01

The aniversery pic for the message board that me, Angie, and Keppo set up one year ago today.

Image: ozzyraz.jpg   450x422 51761 bytes 2001.01.09

I had a stint were all I listened to was "Perry Mason" by Ozzy Ozborne. That is SUCH a cool song. I did a pic for tribute. Do dove heads taste good Razor? I thought so. Razorwing to me.\n

Image: paradisetheater.jpg   475x475 66300 bytes 2001.12.26

My fan cover for a burned copy of Styx's Paradise theater album. I didn't feel like having a blank CDr case. Completly mouse done, which is why Kip sorta looks crappy, but I guess album covers are supposed to be surreal.

Image: paulandlucyfur.jpg   550x582 117947 bytes 2003.06.10

My part of an art trade with Sam/Darcnight and his hippie demon Paul and Paul's cat Lucy Fur (say the name fast to get the joke, it took ME two years to get it)\r\n\r\nColored pencils and markers. \r\n\r\nAnd the gardening book is the only reference I made to Paul's favorite hobby. Well... um... Figure it out.

Image: pendoodleraz.jpg   400x548 88460 bytes 2001.04.09

See what rotting away in a staff meeting can make you draw on the back of a memorandum. SEE!! SEE!!! SEE!!!!!!!!!! As much as I look up to my boss, I wish the meetings would just be a bit more INTERESTING some days dammit!!! Ahem. Sorry Lester if you are reading this.

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