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Image: jessie.jpg   450x584 81923 bytes 2001.01.31

For my good friend Jessie's birthday. I wanted to draw her Realm Knights character as a cat. I like this pic a lot, especially the inking. Jess to herself.

Image: focus.jpg   400x660 102894 bytes 2001.01.31

Razorwing in heavy training in order to control his powers better. I kept wanting to draw a tail on him, but decided on a sash instead. I like his glow. Raz to me.

Image: boardlittlepen.jpg   181x255 23083 bytes 2001.01.21

Drawn on a contest entry slip. I was working the Radio station's booth for the Car show, and doodled this out of boardom. The bikini girls that saw this thought it was the cutest damn thing they had ever seen. Redrock to me.

Image: dragonraz.jpg   521x531 71472 bytes 2001.01.21

What? Razorwing as a dragon? Don't panic, this is for a nice little colaberative fanfic I am working on. He is Red's dragon partner in the story. And I will admit, for being my first dragon, I think this pic kicks ass! Raz to me!

Image: nocontrol.jpg   446x583 78565 bytes 2001.01.21

The abuse I put my poor favorite character through. Razorwing has problems controlling some of his powers, so when he gets really upset, he sets them off. Sometimes he gets so bad that he simply cannot stop them, and ends up almost killing himself, and anything that's in his path. Poor thing. Though I did do a nice job on the sweat drops. Raz is to me.

Image: marusitting.jpg   377x500 53497 bytes 2001.01.21

I miss you Maru! Please come back to AIM soon so we can discuss men, and how sexy they are! This is the best damn pic I have ever done for her BTW. Maru is to Emily B.

Image: deathdouspart.jpg   450x571 95028 bytes 2001.01.21

A pic I experimented on. I messed up on Red's little legs, but it's one of my best to date. Props goes to Angie for giving me the lesson in foreshortening! Chars to me!

Image: waterred.jpg   382x600 49731 bytes 2001.01.21

A watercolor pic experiment type thing. It's okay I guess, could be better though. Red to me.

Image: axl.jpg   400x474 69372 bytes 2001.01.12

Meg asked me to to an exchange, and I have NEVER met anyone besides me who based characters offa Rock stars! Axl is based offa Axl Rose, so I couldn't resist. I HAD to draw Red as Slash! Welcome to the Jungle Baby! Axl Meg Chan, Red to me, and Lyric to G&R

Image: disco.jpg   450x583 107639 bytes 2001.01.12

Okay, I like SOME DISCO songs, not all, but some. Night at the Roxberry also inspired this pic. Roadie plays the role of my consience too! Redrock and Roadie to me, Angie to Heather, and Maru is to Emily.

Image: jgrred.jpg   429x504 55268 bytes 2001.01.12

Redrock dressed like Cube from Jet Grind Radio. I loved the little "Graffitti is vandalism" disclaimer at the beginning of that game! Redrock is to me, and garb to Sega

Image: playwithmenb.jpg   450x559 68111 bytes 2001.01.12

I got a cool little CD for Christmas that had a song called "Play with me" on it. That is possibly the COOLEST three minutes I have EVER heard! I had to do a pic to illustrate it! A cool little action pose with a cool little quote. And that song still ROCKS! Razor to me, and Lyrics to Extreme!

Image: redroadiebestbuds.jpg   400x519 82197 bytes 2001.01.12

I wanted to illustrate how close Redrock and Roadie are in my stories. They have been best buds since they were little kids. I also gave this pic to my RL friend John who came back from the Navy for Christmas who I miss a lot! *sniff* You Rule John! Red and Roadie to me.

Image: concertccg.jpg   500x574 97909 bytes 2001.01.12

Concert CG pic. This is the best one I have EVER done! I don't even know what band tehy are seeing either. Chars to me.

Image: snowday.jpg   595x447 135001 bytes 2001.01.12

My holiday pic cause when I drew this we got like, a foot of snow in Kansas. I loved going out and playing in it untill I got a cold from it. Looks like Poor Razor is cold. I'd normally yell at him to put on a shirt but... eh... he looks better without one. All the chars in this pic to me except for the Kebba Koki snowman, that is Emily's!

Image: redrazstars.jpg   370x557 79515 bytes 2001.01.12

Background that looks nice that I did little to do to make it look nice. Yay for me. Anyone ever wonder why these stories have mixed relationships? Well, the purpose of mine is to make a statement against racism and the like, and to prove that two people from two different worlds CAN love each other! But off of my soap box, Redrock and Razorwing to me.

Image: dashkender.jpg   426x500 70634 bytes 2001.01.12

Dash is Amanda's psycho Sheepdog, and those lyrics are from her favorite song, Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Osyster Cult. Boy do I know how to please or what? Anyway, Dash to Amanda, and lyrics to Blue Osyter Cult!

Image: kiphook.jpg   399x550 74401 bytes 2001.01.12

Kip Raptor and his nasty tow truck hook. Notice the 6 toes, which is why his name is Raptor. I busted my brains for a month trying to come up with a decent weopon for Kip too! He is to me!

Image: elevator.jpg   433x479 98250 bytes 2001.01.12

A pic based offa favorite Aerosmith song of mine. I'd really do it in an elevator if I could find a building tall enough. But enough about my fantisies. Red and Razor to me, lyrics to Steven Tyler (a music genius BTW)

Image: balls.jpg   400x447 55405 bytes 2001.01.12

Just a little play on words pic since me and Angie both wear some sort of sphereical object around our necks. And just so ya know, Angie is my OTHER best online friend, to which anyone who badmouths her would get a personally butt beating courtisy of me! Angie is to Heather B, Red to me.

Image: catandmouse.jpg   401x496 85275 bytes 2001.01.12

My best friend in the whole wide world Maru! I'd do anything for her and personally kick the ass of anyone who talked any crap about her! Thank you to all the stuff you done for me Maru! Maru is to Emily B. Red is to me!

Image: lupowolfe.jpg   372x600 61781 bytes 2001.01.12

MORE Amanda fanart, this time it is of Lupo Wolfe! A blue wolf with a pink muzzle! MAN what a color scheme! Lupo is to Amanda P

Image: raz11-29-00.jpg   400x452 52387 bytes 2001.01.12

Oooh, someone is so friggin CUTE! *drool* I just wanted my Razziewing to look like such the babe he is! *hug* Razor is to me of course, don't steal, or I kill!

Image: redshoot.jpg   401x425 44593 bytes 2001.01.12

So I am watching Gladiator (Which I thought was a pretty crappy movie btw) and I decided to draw a pic. Redrock LOVES her guns, so naturally this pose suits her. Red is to me. (disclaimer: I know TONS of people thought Gladiator was just awsome, but hey, I didn't care for it, so sue me!)

Image: razbeams.jpg   400x535 50797 bytes 2001.01.12

Messing around in Photoshop was the result of this pic. It's AMAZING how simple yet effective that light effect is. E-mail me for a tutorial of it some time. Razorwing is to me.

Image: angieandraz.jpg   444x453 63552 bytes 2001.01.12

Image: firefootblue.jpg   400x425 38561 bytes 2001.01.12

For my good friend Kara, the chick who got me into Rocky Horror. When Kara Dyed her hair blue, I said "well, ain'tcha gonna dye Firefoot's too?" The lightbulb went off, and Firefoot has blue hair now! Kara's still my best bud! Fire is to her!

Image: winx.jpg   315x735 50419 bytes 2001.01.12

my half of an Exchange with Winx. I love her character! How original, a Crocodile! You know I could resist to do a Crocodile rock pic with her char either! Winx to Elizabeth W

Image: hairstreak.jpg   450x447 64223 bytes 2001.01.09

So one day I say to myself "Ya know? Razor could be MORE colorful." So I streaked his little strands. I really want streaks like that! In the story he streaks his hair because he thinks he looks like his brother. Scary huh? Raz to me.\n

Image: war.jpg   500x710 101639 bytes 2001.01.09

I was in a BAD drawing slump and decided to try more action poses. This was the last pic I did before Razor got his new hairdo! What is it you ask, see the next pic. Raz to me!\n

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