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Image: headbanger.jpg   400x480 62426 bytes 2001.01.09

For Amanda, who said she LOVED leather pants! I wish I had a pair! Amanda is to her, and Red is to me!\n

Image: marumetal.jpg   180x288 18337 bytes 2001.01.09

I made Keppo a custom hair band tape for Christmas. She said she had "Unskinny Bop" In her head all that month. Maru is to Emily B\n

Image: rochelle2.jpg   477x443 81057 bytes 2001.01.09

More man-exploitation via Redrock! I was doodling Kip, and thought of Rochelle, and this pic was the result. Have fun with him Rochelle! Kip to me, and Rochelle to Page S.\n

Image: rochelle.jpg   400x443 57337 bytes 2001.01.09

Blindgirl LOVES my bar owner Kip, so I made her happy with THIS pic. I love to please. Rochelle to Page S. Kip and Sebasian to me.\n

Image: raptorbros2.jpg   420x409 54130 bytes 2001.01.09

Sebastian Raptor, and Kip Raptor, the two loving, bartending anti heros of my story! Both of them are hot. I am waiting for someone to get the joke of Sebasian's shirt too! Kip and Sebaistain to me!\n

Image: ozzyraz.jpg   450x422 51761 bytes 2001.01.09

I had a stint were all I listened to was "Perry Mason" by Ozzy Ozborne. That is SUCH a cool song. I did a pic for tribute. Do dove heads taste good Razor? I thought so. Razorwing to me.\n

Image: jasper.jpg   400x446 55296 bytes 2001.01.09

Keppo's super cool cat character Jasper! I love his design! Here he struts his stuff with a Gene Simmon's axe bass! Roadie is so Jealous! Jasper to Emily B.\n

Image: badboys.jpg   450x455 53890 bytes 2001.01.09

I fell in LOVE with Jabil, Angie's cool cat theif char! When are you going to do more Jabil pics Angie! WHEN!!!!!! Jab to Heather, Raz Me.\n

Image: amerz3.jpg   430x389 52149 bytes 2001.01.09

One of my good friends Amerz Chan. I like the Vegeta shirt. Amerz to Tara M.\n

Image: razsitcolored.jpg   460x369 46220 bytes 2001.01.07

Somewhat dated picture of Scott Razorwing. (he has hair streaks now) I love this pic of him, he looks so... I dunno.... pensive. Razorwing is to me. \n

Image: halloweenie.jpg   440x397 66769 bytes 2001.01.07

Dressed like our favorite characters, this was the Halloween 2000. Razorwing is dressed like Columbia, Redrock is dressed like Frank N Furter (both from Rocky Horror), Angie is dressed like #18, and Maru is dressed like Krillin (both from DBZ). Red and Raz are to me, Maru to Emily, and Angie to Heather!\n

Image: bedtime.jpg   450x450 42752 bytes 2001.01.07

I always tell people that this pic is NOT meant to be yiffy, but I guess it doesn't matter on this archive does it? Didn't think so. Redrock and Razor to me!\n

Image: redrazdancecolor.jpg   400x509 81857 bytes 2001.01.07

Colored with the set of prismas I got for Christmas last year, this illustrates the last scene in my story "Raz and Red Remix". It doesn't spoil too much of the plot I hope! Both chars to me.\n

Image: sebrosecg.jpg   400x415 43366 bytes 2001.01.07

My loving and idolistic character Sebastian Raptor, who loves Roses. Sebs to me.\n

Image: bar.jpg   600x467 122059 bytes 2001.01.06

This is the entire Redrock furry cast. Who are these people? Well, Scott Razorwing is the Black winged angel thing, Redrock is the red cat, Roadie Collen is the Cheetah, Kip Raptor is the brown cat behind the bar, Sebastian Raptor is the yellow cat behind the bar with the rose in his mouth, Dusty Wildcat is the orange cat on the floor. Dio Von Rainbow is the greyish cat in the BG, and Dee Tyger is the guy playing pool. ALL CHARS to me!\n

Image: insane.jpg   400x465 61407 bytes 2001.01.06

Because class lectures make you draw crazy things. Redrock is to me.\n

Image: redrattshirt.jpg   400x431 47793 bytes 2001.01.06

Hey,welcome to my brand new VCL galery! I am Redrock! Oh this? This is just a pic of me as my own Furry self, Redrock Wildcat! Enjoy my arts!\n

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