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Image: AmazonessLight.GIF   750x863 54551 bytes 2007.04.27

Well here is our Amazon in a new outfit..her less restrictive and more revealing "Light" Armor which is ideal for training, Sparing, Days at the beach and "Distracting'' her opponnents with eyecandy. Bye the way if anyone has an idea on what names, skills, abilities, background and stats may be good for her give me an email I may just end up using them for her!

Image: Amazonessrabbit.jpg   578x894 89906 bytes 2007.04.27

I was certain I had uploaded this picture earlier...I was sure it had been posted before my last two pics....oh well it's been uploaded now! So enjoy the Amazon bunny just don't stare to hard, just because she's an Amazoness rabbit sent out to capture men for forced breeding doesn't mean she won't sling a few arrows in choice very sensitive bodyparts.

Image: AmazonHeavy.GIF   752x865 59791 bytes 2007.04.27

Well i'm back again for some new artistic donations to the furry world..and today I have antoher Amazon this feline Warrior. I can't afford Adobe Photoshop so I use the basic "Paint" Program that comes with most computers. Anyway, this feline amazon has no name yet but as you can see she's wearing her full combat gear and weapons which is a Crystal Rune sword and a Double sheathed pair of Needle swords [Very slender shortswords]

Image: AmazonWar.GIF   752x865 49754 bytes 2008.08.01

My favorite Amazon is back for another wardrobe ''remix'' as she is now sporting what I like to call her intense combat or War armor. I've modified her ''heavy'' combat armor by making the shoulder plates larger, the armored gloves longer and basicly giving her armor more coverage over her body while maintaining her free range of movement.

Tags: Amazon Cat Feline Warrior Sword Armor Skimpy  
Image: BUNNY.jpg   639x976 76339 bytes 2007.03.31


Well it's been a while since I uploaded anything new....and technically this isn't new...but hey i've uploaded something!!...I made this rabbit for a friend some time ago and i'll let you guys take a gander at her and hopefull someone might actually like her!

Image: EricFAN.JPG   568x700 38051 bytes 2005.09.26

I'm a huge fan of Eric Schwartz...err hope I spelled his name right hehe sorry Eric If I mispelled it but either way i'm a huge fan of your artwork and your characters hope this does your style some justice.

Image: foxyexplorer.jpg   677x938 85275 bytes 2005.01.16

Fred Perry is my artistic hero I love his style of art and I do aspire to become a respectable artist like him one in honor of him i've done a parody of his character Gina Diggers a vixen version of her who I think i'll call....Gina Vixen or maybe Gina Pawers?...hmm perhaps Gina vulpes? that sounds like a good name don't you think?..or at least one of them does.

Image: Kita.JPG   780x818 108120 bytes 2005.04.18

Say hello to my little Kita Kat she's a half cheetah half house cat mix that enjoys sunbathing, karaoke and wearing powered suits of armor to blast art theives, monters and bugs...yes she's deathely afraid of bugs..and often shoots them first before asking..the only one to escape her wrath are Butterflys and Mantis's.

Image: Marichino.jpg   516x821 82916 bytes 2007.04.03

Okay....this picture needs some explaining....Well you know when you hit the bar and they provide those Marchino cherries for your drinks?...well I was out with a ladyfriend and the bartender offered us a bowl of rum soaked Cherries..and well my ladyfriend and myself made a bet on who could eat the most and dear mercifull gods.....i'll never regret winning more then on that night. I had a headache for days and I had a recurring dream of me being turned into a fem cat furry straight out of a cliche Anime. And so Mary-Sheeno was born [still working ont he name]. Maybe one day i'll find something to do with her but untill then enjoy the cuteness.

Image: MeleeKitaarmor.JPG   860x606 70569 bytes 2007.04.03

Say Hello to Kita-Kat new armor...snazzy eh?..well this is her melee combat model based heavily upon the armor design of a popular furry anime from a long time ago...*feels old now* anyway hope you like it. Her weapons are one beam saber [on her hip] a forearm guard with built in vibro-blade with stun function [blade is electrified to act as a stun-rod].

Image: mydemonwuff.jpg   1089x1134 112294 bytes 2005.01.15

For you furries out there who enjoy demons and such here is my first evil character he doesn't have a name either but and if anyone has any suggestions for a good story, name and list of abilities for him feel free to mail them to me and heck maybe i'll draw more of him if i'm inspired by your story and name....well till next time behave yourself's or my demon wolf will do evil kinky things to you ^ ^

Image: Mypup.jpg   312x447 27388 bytes 2005.01.15

Well my fellow furries this is my first female char....I don't have a name for her but every furry artist needs gorgeous babes and here is my first one I hope you like her as much I liked drawing her....and if you must ask yes she's drooling...she is a dog afterall ^.^

Image: myunknownfem.GIF   647x1189 50563 bytes 2007.03.31

Alright a new female furry came out of my head the other day. You don't see many girls with a story these days most are just fems that shake it for the camera, bend over on command or look good in a thong or less. Well this little lady has Amnesia, is alone and cold stuck in a back ally of a city with no friends and no idea who, what or where she is. She has no clothing pardon a pair of skimpy panties and one ink soaked paintbrush. What do you think will become of her?

Image: Newgirl.jpg   440x800 40055 bytes 2008.09.17

A quick sketch and digital inking took about thirty minutes to do it all give or take a minute. I wanted to do a more normal furry gal one that wasn't top heavy or fitting one of the many ''cliche'' types of furry fems you see about. Now I guess I need to come up with a name for her...

Image: orcan_demon.GIF   574x1000 39946 bytes 2007.03.31

Happy looking fellow isn't he? He was in a dream I had after watching lord of the Rings for to long. And unfortunetly he was the villain of the dream. as you can see it ended up being an orc with a modern flair in clothing style. And for some reason I made him blind with very large eyes tatooed on his stomach that seem to function magicly as his new eyes, perhaps they have special abilities? Either way you don't want to be caught in a dark ally with this guy!

Image: Relic-Lab.jpg   607x734 36033 bytes 2005.01.15

Wohoo! my first picture ever to be put up for the entire furry world to see...just don't's bad enough I feel nervous around all the gorgeous fem's around here >.<

Image: skunkferretgirl.JPG   391x881 35218 bytes 2007.04.12

Eric Schwartz is one of my bigtime artistic heroes. I love his art style because it's simple, expressive and has that classic cartoon feel to it I would sell my left leg to be able to master a style of art similiar to yours. But in the mean time I continue to sample and ''test'' art styles and types in hopes of finding something that will stick. Well in Homage to Eric's Sabrina the skunk i've made my own 'fan' character, I had to use the hairstyle, I love that look! But I made her taller somewhat slinky in body and dressed in far more casual and 'normal' attire then what Sabrina would wear I forgot to add her tail but it was meant to show some of her ferret ancestry but i'll sketch it in next time I draw this char.

Image: Student.gif   418x728 88582 bytes 2008.09.17

This isn't my best work i'm afraid as he wa smore of my latest attempt to get back into drawing once again and hopefully with some practice and dicipline i'll be able to fully rekindle my desire to draw more often and hopefully improve my abilities!

Tags: Student Young chinese big eyes  

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