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Image: pantherNkitten.jpg   601x819 129862 bytes 2005.08.15

Finally finished it! Graphite (ebony pencil specifically)on off-white paper, greyed background. Took it totally greyscale for all intents and purposes.\r\nThis is a slightly belated birthday gift for someone very special to me, and I even matted and framed it! It's hanging up already too! Holy crap! (he loved it, in case you couldn't guess) \r\nIt's far from perfect, but it came out pretty decent, considering. One of my most challenging projects to date.\r\n Ren Krause, 2005

Image: Pengu.jpg   510x684 76937 bytes 2004.12.03

AAAAAHHK! A penguin weaing sealskin slippers! I'm thinking he found a pair of selkie pup skins, but why the selkies would be nekkid in the arctic is beyond me! Inspired by my buds Leigh and Tashunisu.\r\n\r\nColored pencil, tweaked in Photoshop.Look, i have a new logo, down in the corner!

Image: pgnktty.jpg   500x687 74317 bytes 2002.04.01

"...All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals..." -Charge of the Goddess\r\nThis kitten is really happy! And why shouldn't she be?\r\n\r\nrendered in pencil, as usual. \r\n(c)Ren K, me ^.^

Image: pierced.jpg   460x600 102182 bytes 2002.03.26

hehe, She was my second attempt at Prismacolor markers... much better than my frst atempt. I need say no more.\r\n\r\n(c) Ren K.

Image: pink-ribbons.jpg   781x959 85300 bytes 2004.08.01

More ribbons! This is a full-color rendition. I forgot to mention (very important info) in my b&w upload - this is, in essence, a collbaorative piece between Ray-Ray (Tashunisu) and myself. Kanada has in his possesion the van that shall one day (hopefully) become the Ani-Van for the anime club. One idea he had for an image for the back of the van was a neko-girl with the above facial expression (I'm sorry, i don't know who created the artwork that he saw it on). Anyhoo, so I did this sketch (which won't fit quite right, so we'll have to try again). inked it, and gave a copy to Ray Ray to interperet. (see b&w upload for directions to her gallery) This is my second version past the sketch. I think I'm finally done with her now! I am pleased.

Image: potpourii.jpg   585x426 42750 bytes 2002.03.26

hmm... too jaggy. Oh well. IRL, much cooler. This was a potpourii lace kitty and a ceramic trinket box. You can barely see the colr, but there is a spot of color on the box.\r\nPencils, colored and regular.\r\n\r\n(c) Ren K.

Image: pup.png   370x650 52363 bytes 2007.01.01


A lady dog with a nice ass looking out of some imaginary vista. Appears in North American Fur #17. Had some fun with the shadows on this one!\r\n\r\nPen and ink. Ren Krause 2006

Tags: dog female summer jeans  
Image: purple_close.jpg   553x641 192866 bytes 2005.11.22

Headshot of the purple haired feline :) Because I am a ham.\r\nArtwork Ren Krause 2005

Image: purple_vcl.jpg   550x684 222638 bytes 2005.11.22

Almagamation of a photo taken around October/November, 2004 and the current state of my hair... 4 weeks after I bleached and dyed it.\r\nColored pencils on kickin' colored art paper!\r\nArtwork Ren Krause, 2005

Image: ribbonsA.jpg   600x826 65372 bytes 2004.07.20

Ribbons and kitties! This is an illustrator created image; I might even get around to coloring her someday. This is an early rendition of an image for the 'ani-van'. Don't ask. There's a really spiffy animated version in Tashunisu's gallery, here on VCL. Go visit her! Now! \r\n

Image: ryoku.jpg   591x800 131699 bytes 2004.10.26

I have finally finished it and uploaded it!! Yay!! this is my rendition of Ryoku, who has described his character as a gentle nature diety, unwise to 'modern' things such as butterknives and toasters! Thanks Ryoku, for letting me play with him! Sorry this took so long!\r\n\r\nColored pencil and ink, with a touch of Photoshop. ^.^

Image: skot80dpi.jpg   444x647 36119 bytes 2004.05.15

Here's another nifty guy. This be Skot. He has his own thing goin' on, doesn't really pay attention to trends or fads. He's almost goth, but not quite.\r\npencils, with a photoshop background (big shock, eh?)

Image: sphynx-work80.jpg   699x533 94073 bytes 2005.07.08

Sphynx looks a bit sleepy, but very happy. I'd be sleepy too, waiting for crap to finish loading on an ancient PC! But what's with the other part of that look?\r\n\r\nDedicated to two great guys, one of whom turned out to be just a bit TOO young! Itte rasshai, Kanada.\r\n\r\nYet another pencil work, Ren K, 2005\r\n

Image: sphynx72dpi.jpg   565x800 82239 bytes 2005.06.09

after a loong long hiatus, i finally begin new uploads!\r\n\r\nanyway. turns out that Sphynx is no good at fooling ANYone, especially herself. why does she look so apologetic, so sad? She was struggling with some necessary changes when this portrait was drawn. There were some major things that needed to be done, and she knew that others would be injured in the process, whether she liked it or not. Cest la vie\r\n

Image: teddybear.jpg   678x770 161229 bytes 2005.06.19

This is, to date, my favorite piece ever. colored pencil on black stock, tweaked up in photoshop.\r\n\r\nsome poor kid found this delectable teddy bear in his closet.. and was smart enough to take a picture of the beast before running away in terror! \r\nfor years the photo lay, hidden and forgotten amongst the thousands of other pictures families take and forget to file properly, becoming stained and discolored by the myriad of sticky things kids spill on piles of photos left on coffee tables.\r\nNow, someone has found this photo and has decided to share it with the world. enjoy! \r\n\r\n-Be sure to drop me a line with comments on this one, I'm really interested to know what everyone thinks of it!-

Image: tub.jpg   450x581 137349 bytes 2002.04.14

A cute li'l baby dragon taking a bubble bath! Colored pencils and micron pen. This is a re-creation.. the "original" original was for a lady I worked with.. she was having a baby, so I did this for her. This piece was done from the sketches I still have. Just to be confusing and clarify, it is not a print. As with most pieces, the scan doesn't do it justice. ( (c) me, Ren K)

Image: waterhorse.jpg   400x494 79797 bytes 2002.03.26

"Baby WaterHorse: Pick Me Up!"\r\nThis piece was done for a friend's baby recently - who is, in Chinese Astrology, a Water Horse. I wanted it to look like the baby horse (yeh, she's not a pig or a dragon, or whathaveya)was reaching to be picked up from her crib. To that end, I painted the frame white and glued ball thingies on the corners, so it would look like a crib.\r\n\r\nShe was created with colored pencils, micron pens, and a teddy stamp! (c) Ren K.

Image: whipped_cream.png   503x650 116409 bytes 2007.01.03

Whipped Cream

Screwing around with some new ideas in PhotoShop. Maybe a bit too... something. But a fun drawing, naked chic in the supermarket! Dude in the background is like.. wtf?!

Tags: whipped cream grocery cat girl  
Image: wingless_Sphynx72.jpg   526x744 64167 bytes 2005.06.15

To be colored. Have at it, if ya wanna, just remember the credit please? - you're all lucky, i don't have my stamp at the moment.\r\nanyway...\r\nWhat the hell kinda look is that?! sphynx is such a smartass.. oh wait. Dear Gods, Sphynx! Dirty dirty girl!

Image: Xmaskitten2.jpg   812x604 170322 bytes 2005.12.31

My Yule e-card for this year! Sent it to everyone I know who has email. Colored pencil and PhotoShop. I used a photo of my Siamese when he was very small and transmogrified him a tiny bit... \r\nBad kitten playing in the Yule tree.. again!\r\n Ren K, 2005

Image: zbra.jpg   500x687 80610 bytes 2002.03.30

Woo! Male Zebra. Happy. Ecstatic. Say no more! Pencils. (c) me, Ren. :) Happy day!

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