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Image: psys.jpg   600x600 118357 bytes 2005.09.04

A rather yiffy request I drew for my friends PsychoFoxx and PsyKatt. Characters of course copyright of their players and not me.

Image: chastityplus.jpg   432x600 75014 bytes 2005.08.24

Chastity the bad bunny. Wanted to create a character that was normally a sweet innocent animal and make her a bad girl. Figured bunnies are cute and sweet, they'll work. My wife teased me about the chain...asking me if she used it to anchor ships. I did a cleaned up version so I could make a t-shirt out of this one.\r\n

Image: ressqpuma.jpg   454x714 91191 bytes 2005.08.21

My fursona Ress Q. Puma the rescue puma. Heh

Image: Liviaplus.jpg   487x696 102763 bytes 2005.08.20

My overly busty bat girl Livia. Drawn here in a skimpy little hardly modest outfit. My wife decided it would be cool to make a t-shirt from she made a cafe press store out of it.

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