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Image: quarry.jpg   600x787 103087 bytes 2007.12.29

You Are the Quarry

Part of the great Further Confusion adult art experiment. My character Lady Fairweather in a classic pose. Original will be on sale at FC in January.

Tags: fox vixen riding crop huntress hunting leather corset boots   [Comment]
Image: trackstar.jpg   719x550 124173 bytes 2007.12.29

Star of Track & Field

Or "Energy Legs". Original will be on sale at Further Confusion in January. At least if they send me my danged bid sheets a'ready.

Tags: cheetah penis erection pinup athlete  
Image: newyear.jpg   600x796 116843 bytes 2007.12.29

New Year

Another FurCon show piece, referencing this year's theme, The Fur East (don't ya just love those puns?). A pair of young (you know, in their early 300s) dragonesses ring in the new year in the best way: with tender lesbian eroticism. Original will be on sale at FC in January.

Tags: dragon dragoness chinese eastern new year tongue  
Image: colorpirate.jpg   600x802 116492 bytes 2007.12.29

A particular sort of Pirate (colored)

Colored (and mirrored, and...erected) version of my pirate drawing from last year. Original will be on sale at FC in January.

Tags: pirate canine speedo g-string  
Image: blueyote.jpg   600x787 105261 bytes 2007.11.30

Is Blue

Contribution to Tamen's blue portfolio.

Tags: blue blues guitar coyote  
Image: makemine.jpg   600x758 103671 bytes 2007.04.08

Have a safe and happy Easter, and parents: don't buy rabbits for Easter unless you're not an idiot.

Tags: easter chocolate bunny rabbit   [Comment]
Image: 6diamond.jpg   400x567 82873 bytes 2007.03.20


6 of diamonds picture for the Fur of Hearts card deck. I have my doubts as to whether the project will come to fruition, but it seemed like a decent way to get me drawing again. The original piece is 5" by 7".

Tags: sable gown card deck   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: ween06.jpg   660x500 125859 bytes 2006.10.23

Hmm, this is the second holiday themed picture I've drawn this year with a reclining bunny girl. I must be falling into a rut.\r\n\r\nAnyway, get out the cold noodles and other icky-textured food items, it's Halloweentime.

Image: reina.gif   500x629 41441 bytes 2006.08.13

"¡Puta!"\r\n\r\nOh, and by the by, I've got a load of older originals up for sale on FurBid.\r\n

Image: fishing.jpg   500x653 107380 bytes 2006.07.23

Commissioned pic for Moldred of his characters Stephanie Foster (fossa) and Charlton Forte (jackalope) in the mountains fishin' for furred trout.\r\n\r\nCharacters © Moldred

Image: chocbunny.jpg   666x500 96487 bytes 2006.07.23

Reupload due to recent edit. I was never happy with the way the grass turned out on this picture. Recently, I got my hands on some acrylic paints for another project, and decided to apply them here. I still think I should have made the grass larger relative to her, but nonetheless, I think this picture looks ten times better than before.

Image: badgepoly.jpg   260x349 42422 bytes 2006.07.22

I wanted to get this one done for Further Confusion back in January, but due to schedule problems, didn't. I'll still wear it if I go to another con, but I'm afraid that by that point, the sell-by date on this particular bit of pop culture will have passed (if it hasn't already). Oh well.

Image: badge06.jpg   350x257 57699 bytes 2006.07.22

Guess I never uploaded the bage I made for Further Confusion this year. Anyway, here it is. An improved version is now up as the logo of my web site.

Image: carmenanise.gif   500x680 58365 bytes 2006.05.15

Sort of a for-fun drawing of two skunk characters, sort of a Daria & Jane pairing. Changed the name of the red one back to Carmen (I wanted Carmine badly, but it turns out to be a somewhat common Italian male name), and actually put clothes on her this time.

Image: pirate.gif   510x719 64882 bytes 2006.03.10

He's, ahem, a pirate. Experiment in ink and dynamic posing. Thanks to Rayjay for critique in the horrible sketch stage.

Image: hallo05.jpg   600x627 99102 bytes 2005.10.31

Moon. \r\n\r\nCrack, stretch, rip. \r\n\r\nGrowwwwl.\r\n\r\nHappy Halloween.

Image: tigress2.jpg   655x500 79881 bytes 2005.10.31

Tigers Like Water II. Tigers still like water.

Image: eclipsd.jpg   500x500 31509 bytes 2005.10.31

Of course this is on-topic, they're *anthropomorphic* celestial bodies! :D

Image: whites.gif   400x523 23684 bytes 2005.10.31

Concert-poster-like rendering of a saucy red skunkette with white stripes. And a blue orchid. She's a real firebrand, I bet even a seven-nation army couldn't hold her back. She's sweet, but cross her, and she'll make you feel like dead leaves and the dirty ground. Still, she could ring my doorbell any...yeah, you get the picture.

Image: roared.jpg   450x579 72381 bytes 2005.10.31

The Mouse That Roared

Image: america.jpg   500x656 76848 bytes 2005.05.22

And finally, the cover. Featuring the "tourist decal" mini-prints that I made for this portfolio. Once again, that URL is:\r\n\r\n

Image: kansas.jpg   500x655 98794 bytes 2005.05.22

And finally, since I'm never one to let a good idea go to waste (sort of), here's the official female portfolio version of the first Kansas picture.

Image: alabama.jpg   664x500 106639 bytes 2005.05.22

Layin' out on the porch swing with an ice cold bottle of No Label beer, I tell ya, it jes' don' get any better than this.

Image: california.jpg   500x635 96889 bytes 2005.05.22

In the nineties, there seemed to be a lot of bands with girl bassists. Maybe this is due to some hormonal inclination of females to bass instruments, but my theory is that there is something sexy about a girl holding a disproportionately large instrument and deftly running her fingers over the strings to produce music. There's a certain girl bassist I used to know whom I thought of when I drew this, but the initial inspiration was actually the girl bassist in Scäb, the garage band on the show Home Movies. Mmmm, poorly drawn cartoon hottie...I need a date.

Image: nevada.jpg   500x631 78503 bytes 2005.05.22

I wrangled violently with the anatomy and the face, hope nobody finds anything glaringly wrong with it. Not much else to say about this image, it's as comic or tragic as you want it to be.

Image: texas.jpg   500x633 94433 bytes 2005.05.22

Meanwhile in America, a fashion cowgirl coyote takes a load off at Cadillac Ranch.\r\n\r\nThe graffitti is actually encouraged there, but in this picture, I fear it may have overwhelmed the composition. I have another file of this image in which I softened up all the graffitti (with the brightness and contrast settings), but I didn't feel like it really improved on the picture. What do *you* think?

Image: kansasm.jpg   500x629 87228 bytes 2005.05.22

One that's not in the new portfolio. I drew this before I decided to downscale and ditch all my ideas for male pinups, as they just weren't interesting me enough.

Image: minnesota.jpg   500x636 98120 bytes 2005.05.22

The second America picture, and one that might be familiar to anyone who watched the opening credits of National Lampoon's Vacation in slow motion. There are a lot of big Paul Bunyan statues around the upper Midwest, the one in Bemidji, MN is probably the most iconic and broad-shouldered one.

Image: newyork.jpg   500x657 102983 bytes 2005.05.22

Reupload of New York picture, partly to change the watermark, partly to announce the long-delayed sale of my Greetings From America portfolio, available on Rabbit Valley now @\r\n\r\n

Image: tigress.jpg   500x655 86158 bytes 2005.02.16

Tigers like water.\r\n\r\nI need a date.

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