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Image: Katmouse12.gif   642x678 41492 bytes 2003.03.17

14 scans my mother warned me about? Heh.. it'd have to be *my* mom, Shirlee's mom loves both my art and hers. :) Another of the images drawn at our stayover. We inspired each other!

Image: Katmouse13.gif   598x663 35571 bytes 2003.03.17

More of the art done at our stayover. I wish our friends had some online access too (one should have some, soon) so you could see some of their art, too. Drawing with friends, old and new, is a blast!

Image: Katmouse10.gif   734x573 28133 bytes 2003.01.21

I said to myself, It's only a few days away from her, right? It's just a weekend seminar the company I work for wants me to take, right? We've had months together now, so a few days away from her won't be fun, but at least endurable, right?\r\n\r\nI am VERY stupid. \r\n\r\n(There is a saying: "Stupidity should be painful". It is.)\r\n\r\nBack to normal again now, and I'll know better than to make stupid assumptions in the future.\r\n\r\n(My upload allowance is 15 vixens? There's only one spot I can allow my load to be up, and she's murine, not vulpine!)\r\n

Image: All_night.jpg   537x484 64140 bytes 2002.12.08

Sometimes Shirlee and I stay up most of the night, occasionally all night... just cuddling and talking over our lives, our thoughts, our plans for the future.\r\n\r\nI feel more focused and purposeful now than I have ever felt in my life. The past seems like a joke (and not even a well-told one). Shirlee and I, and our future, that is all that's real. :)

Image: Chamelia_ColorByRuthe.jpg   554x858 90648 bytes 2002.12.08

This was to be the title image for an online idea I had, that I never had time to work with past the pencilling stage. Too many other things to work on. (I may post some of the pencilled pages one day though.) Ruthe was gracious enough to lavish her talent for color on this pic, and that makes it worthy of being displayed on its own. :)

Image: Shirlee_scritch.gif   650x821 65050 bytes 2002.10.21

Someone I was online with mentioned that I haven't uploaded anything to the VCL in ages. Well, the online comic is where most of my time for drawing is spent but, as my magical mousie alluded to, there's the images she and send to each other. Here's a text-added example. :) (And the VCL *has* changed in my absence - I now get an allowance of 15 nipples. How generous! With the 2 I already have, that makes...)

Image: kit-n-kay2.jpg   617x304 51207 bytes 2002.05.14

Every so often, the remarkable Ruthe springs a graphic surprise on me! Her redoing of my comic title image was one of them... this is another! She makes it look so easy, too! Credits on the pic, though of course I have to credit Ruthe with the niceness of the whole thing. :)

Image: Katellis-Katmous4-ruthe.gif   906x610 98081 bytes 2002.03.19

Upon perusing my Shirlee's directory I was reminded that I'd received an elegant color rendition of one of my own images by Ruthe as well! Shame on me for forgetting to upload it!

Image: Knk_ItaX.gif   625x424 91785 bytes 2002.01.15

My bichromatic bunny buddy ItaX did a wonderful pic of Kit n Kay for me! So here he is, a little shy... but not too shy to pay them a visit. ItaX is (c) Italo R.S. Marquez and a neat guy! :)

Image: Shirlee_back.gif   422x450 13374 bytes 2001.12.19

My Shirlee's back again! Joy! ^_^

Image: Deuce2.gif   473x758 25261 bytes 2001.11.11

A request pic for Ruthe, who did such a delightful drawing of Kit Boodle for me! :)

Image: ThisOnes4you.jpg   624x552 64544 bytes 2001.09.13

Like everyone else in the US, I've been aware of what happened out on the East Coast on Tuesday the 11th, and like a lot of people I've run the gamut of emotions. Ultimately, the thing that had moved me the most was the feeling of pure, unmovable resolve - that no matter how insane these terrorist shits get, the notion of taking down America is not only ludicrious, it's the clearest evidence yet of just how insane they are. On the news today they were ALREADY talking about rebuilding the towers! To which I felt a satisfied "So what else is new" reaction. Though it probably isn't structurally feasible, I immediately thought they should put up *three* towers, one twice as high as the others, and between the others. Subtle it ain't.\r\n

Image: Katmouse9.jpg   538x840 110994 bytes 2001.06.21

An image that I cleaned up, inked & CG'ed for my magnificent mousie Shirlee in thanks for her requesting that the great Chris Goodwin do a picture of us as part of an art trade! Go see his art if you haven't already, he is one of the most versatile artists anywhere, period! You're too good to me, Shirlee. ^_^

Image: Trust_me.gif   702x498 16741 bytes 2001.06.09

This is one of my experiments with that category of creatures which I seem to have the worst luck with: avians. I'm not sure if I achieved what I was after... I honestly can't tell if the suave raptor is an honest type attempting to extol his virtues to the guileless parakeet babe, or whether he's a smooth-squawking villain attempting to lead her down the primrose path. I guess I'll leave it up to the viewer...

Image: Rhapsody7.jpg   612x567 77550 bytes 2001.06.09

Been a while since I uploaded to the VCL! Here's one of my studies of my pulchridutinous polecat Rhapsody, inked and CG'ed.

Image: Foxy_Jake6.jpg   636x562 99077 bytes 2001.03.22

Here's my latest take on Patrick Little's wonderful characters Jake and Foxy. Not exactly a surprising activiy for them, but approached at a rather unique angle. But then, they're a rather unique couple! :)

Image: Rk_piggyback.gif   484x536 16145 bytes 2001.02.21

Shirlee's right, I do like to carry her piggyback. But I prefer to face this way. :)

Image: Hug_My_Mousie.jpg   440x524 89117 bytes 2001.02.14

Yes, it's a silly and mushy and romantic pic for my Shirlee. :) \r\n

Image: Karma_Pepe2.jpg   617x480 69897 bytes 2001.01.31

This is an updated version of the final image I drew for Karma and Pepe. (The original was lacking in the one detail I forgot - her neat tadpole tail! That discrepancy has been corrected in this picture.) I loved drawing those two-their colors complement each other so well. :) \r\n

Image: KarmaPepe_test.jpg   413x357 41090 bytes 2001.01.31

When the talented Karma asked me to do a rendition of her and Pepe together, I did a 'test' drawing first to make sure I could render her character correctly. Since she has given permission for me to upload these pictures now, here it is. I only made one minor mistake, and it doesn't really show here... :)

Image: Brighter_Day.jpg   554x576 90410 bytes 2001.01.20

Another of the images I kinda keep under wraps till I get permission to post. This one was for the talented treefroggie Karma in hopes that she and Pepe would be able to get together. Something about couples cuddling that just appeals to me - especially when they are such wonderful friends of mine. :)\r\n

Image: Together_At_last.jpg   670x876 145915 bytes 2001.01.19

Just recently I got a pic request from Tet, and in the course of the e-mails I mentioned one of the pics I love to draw of the furs I think are very wonderful - but of a category I'd *NEVER* post anywhere without permission - I just like to draw them. :) Tet asked to see it and he and Trixi gave\r\ntheir permission. Without which I wouldn't have shown it, I would never assume it was okay. So here it is. I personally like it a lot - they are a beautiful couple. :)\r\n

Image: Kami_boodle.jpg   828x730 177039 bytes 2001.01.11

The color version of my picture for the unbelievably talented Kami, who has rendered my little foxies Kit & Kay *twice* now! And whose art kicks all possible tail. :)\r\n

Image: Kami_boodle.gif   830x730 23430 bytes 2000.12.19

I did forget to upload this one... the truly talented Kami uploaded a stunning picture of herself and my two little foxies, Kit n Kay! I can't believe how much talent that young lady has. :)\r\n\n

Image: Meet_ItaX.gif   661x412 31397 bytes 2000.12.19

I'm rather sorry that ItaX had such a hard time trying to find me! But I had a lot to do - and even more to plan for - that week, for I was preparing to visit my magnificent mousie Shirlee! And that's where I am right now.. ^______^ Here's the pencil sketch of a picture request from him: Itax getting to meet my good friends Gene, CatWhiskers, and of course Shirlee! I may not get to ink this soon.. this week is VERY important to me in a lot of ways and those important things take priority... <:)\r\n\n

Image: Kahdijah_Zane.jpg   684x812 187410 bytes 2000.12.03

Computer all fixed! Here is the color version of my exchange pic with Tannie. I decided to really give it the full treatment - I hope she likes it. Zane and Kahdijah are of course (c) Alicia Corke, super soul sister. :)\r\n\n

Image: Chase_Shirlee_Mouse.gif   661x568 18650 bytes 2000.11.22

Bite ME on the tail, willya?! COME BACK HERE!! >:)\n

Image: Katmouse8.gif   688x531 30652 bytes 2000.10.15

Near the end of my story with Shirlee, we finally were able to find safety so that she could have her baby Katmouse! Of course, the Big G and CW would have been upset if we'd left them out of this special occasion. :)\r\n\n

Image: Itax's_cap.jpg   380x342 29326 bytes 2000.08.13

Oh, I remember the pic of Freeza, ItaX! :) But I remember even more the pic that you explained was very unique and important. So your cap is still on... <:)\r\n \n

Image: Hi_itax.GIF   521x355 15761 bytes 2000.08.12

ItaX! You made it at last - congratulations! Glad to have you aboard. :) \n

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