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Image: Katmouse6.gif   591x380 17056 bytes 2000.08.05

One of the little pics Shirlee and I pass back and forth in our e-mails. ^_^ In our characters' story something wonderful has happened, as you can see - my little mousie is with child! (My happiness will be short-lived, however, as we will be told that (on our world) it's impossible for a cat to make a mouse pregnant... O_O )\r\n\n

Image: Just_sit.jpg   676x838 115564 bytes 2000.07.29

Been real busy with a lotta stuff, many with my marvelous mousie Shirlee (who's on Side 7 now! :) But I still have time to do an occasional pic for a friend. Here's Patrick Little's charming couple Foxy and Jake having a bit of a chat. :)\r\n\n

Image: Hi_Cw_and_Gene_cont.jpg   867x1548 282762 bytes 2000.06.06

Just for those who have asked me about the story that CW and Gene and I were doing... :)\n

Image: Rhapsody6.jpg   698x487 72812 bytes 2000.05.25

The color version of my recent B&W Rhapsody pic. Forgot to upload this one!\n

Image: Johnny_and_Bonnie6.jpg   538x391 68757 bytes 2000.05.12

Image: Johnnie_and_Bonnie5.jpg   603x785 72285 bytes 2000.05.10

Image: Johnnie_and_Bonnie4.jpg   604x785 65379 bytes 2000.05.10

Image: Johnnie_and_Bonnie3.jpg   603x785 69593 bytes 2000.05.10

Image: Johnnie_and_Bonnie2.jpg   604x785 80546 bytes 2000.05.10

Image: Johnnie_and_Bonnie1.jpg   597x777 82363 bytes 2000.05.10

Image: Hi_CW_and_Gene4.gif   675x855 62060 bytes 2000.05.04

I wonder what's taking CW and Gene so long?\n

Image: Hi_CW_and_Gene3.gif   679x1028 86861 bytes 2000.04.29

I wonder where the Big G and CW went? Oh well... guess Shirlee and I will just wait for them to come back.\n

Image: Dogncat4.gif   347x459 13504 bytes 2000.03.09

Image: Dogncat5.gif   347x459 15714 bytes 2000.03.09

I forgot to mention the names of my dog & cat couple last time. They're Johnnie & Bonnie, and they never heard of that "natural enemies" biz. God, I *love* toons. :)\n

Image: Dogncat1.gif   347x459 11465 bytes 2000.03.04

Image: Dogncat2.gif   347x400 10002 bytes 2000.03.04

Image: Dogncat3.gif   347x478 11779 bytes 2000.03.04

Image: Shirlee.jpg   614x737 83364 bytes 2000.01.24

I was visiting some friends this weekend (still am, actually) and I spent a lot of time talking about\r\nmy wonderful Shirlee Mouse.. and then I was forcibly struck by a sudden thought: Out of all the pics I've\r\ndone of her so far, not one of them has been one of my full-tilt color works!! SHAME on me!! I took it\r\nupon myself to rectify that grievious fault right away!! The beautiful mouse is (c) the equally beautiful\r\nShirley Chessler-Wakefield. :)\n

Image: Katmous5.gif   886x614 29848 bytes 2000.01.24

Obviously, my Shirlee knows where she's going. Hopefully she'll tell me too, eventually. :)\n

Image: Shirltwirl.gif   594x697 23492 bytes 2000.01.24

A couple more of the pics that Shirlee and I send each other. Shirlee is twirly! :)\n

Image: Katmous4.gif   906x610 24823 bytes 1999.12.26

Well, it's the day *after* Christmas, but my beautiful Shirlee Mouse is still not even stirring yet. Must be a mouse thing. :) And hey.. CatsWhisker, you're on VCL now? Woo yeah! I love your stuff! :)\n

Image: Jakefoxy.jpg   786x911 160845 bytes 1999.12.02

I actually drew this rather intimate pic for Patrick Little some time ago. But he has given me permission to post it on VCL now, so here it is. There does seem to be something quite magical about Foxy and Jake, from the excellent renditions so many artists make of them. :) Foxy and Jake are copyright (C) 1999 Patrick Little.\n

Image: Katmous3.gif   744x633 26862 bytes 1999.11.14

Shirlee Mouse and I are still at it. Oh yeah. :)\n

Image: Katmous2.gif   621x785 25595 bytes 1999.11.05

Yet another one of the e-mail art exchange pics I do with Shirley Chessler-Wakefield. One begins to get the impression that ours is not the usual toon 'cat-and-mouse' relationship. :)\n

Image: Cigrskay.jpg   682x802 126230 bytes 1999.10.24

The publisher of "Skunk Aficionado", Cigarskunk ((c) Sean Foltz)) made a commission request of himself and Kay Boodle getting together for some fun. And so it came to pass... :)\n

Image: Rumpbump.jpg   577x644 162267 bytes 1999.10.09

This is a commissioned drawing to advertise a local dance, that was originally submitted in plain B&W. But I liked the vivacious bunny so much that I went Photo-Paint crazy and turned the ad into a color festival. I have to say, I'm proud of how this one turned out! :)\n

Image: Rhapsdy5.jpg   500x708 67000 bytes 1999.09.30

Since Sean says he doesn't mind some of the stuff I'll be putting in "Skunk Aficionado" being online, here's a color version of one of the pics of Rhapsody that will be in it. I think I will limit the things I submit to his publication to his book from now on, though. There should be *some* exclusivity. <:)\n

Image: Rkjfcolr.jpg   691x897 206435 bytes 1999.09.30

An extremely talented artist, Patrick Little, commissioned a picture from me of his two favorite characters, Foxy and Jake. (Whom I was later to discover were much like my Kit & Kay. :) ) The pic I drew for him was in B&W, but he recently sent me a BEAUTIFULLY color version of it which I now pass on to you. Please take special note: Foxy and Jake are copyright (C) 1999 Patrick Little. Which is nice. :)\n

Image: Cgrhpsdy.gif   645x746 39529 bytes 1999.09.24

This one is to commemorate the upcoming appearance of my skunk fem, Rhapsody, in the mephit-centered furzine "Skunk Aficionado"! What better gift for Cigarskunk ((c) Sean Foltz) the head skunk, than... head? :)\r\n\n

Image: Katmouse.gif   676x506 20061 bytes 1999.09.24

Here's another one of the e-mail art exchange pics I do with Shirley Chessler-Wakefield. Myself and her mouse persona Shirlee. She's so nice! :)\n

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