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Image: Kateagle.jpg   697x540 102627 bytes 1999.09.18

Some time ago, when I was in the middle of an artist's block, I posted some little pics of me.. one of which had me looking kinda sad. An avian friend of mine, Mr C. Eagle, sent me a little image of him bidding me not to be so sad. Actually, that pic was from a long time ago, but it was such a nice thing for him to send me a cheer-up note that I drew this for him. Thing is, the version I sent him was B&W! He returned this color version to me! What an eagle. :)\n

Image: Brdstudy.gif   654x596 18256 bytes 1999.09.18

One of the things I've always been amazed at is the way some artists can 'morph' a bird's wing into a hand. I have *never* been able to do this sucessfully, but I keep trying. These are a few more of my avian studies. Of course, I have to get good at drawing wings *period* before I can do that next thing. <:)\n

Image: Bdl_lick.gif   1008x710 29381 bytes 1999.09.18

Guess who? :) I originally wasn't going to post this one, it didn't look as good as I'd like. (It was inked back when I was experimenting with the brush pens I mentioned before that I didn't care for.) But the few folks I've shown it to seem to think it has potential, so here it is. :)\n

Image: Kay_suck.gif   504x607 13849 bytes 1999.08.28

I have NO idea why this little GIF isn't on the archive! I could've *sworn* I posted it last year! Oh well... <:)\n

Image: Bdl_left.gif   736x416 19667 bytes 1999.08.28

Here's my little yiffy foxes again. :) This was part of a larger pic that was supposed to be a commissioned pic, but the guy who wanted it done changed his mind when he found out how much it would cost. :P\n

Image: Rkyayknp.gif   644x593 33333 bytes 1999.07.14

Pepe Val Pew had a request for me. He tells me he will actually get to meet his Kompy in real life soon. Man, you are one lucky skunk, Pepe. Hug her a few times for me. :) (I think I'm shaking this artists block... not my best pic, but at least it doesn't suck.)\r\n\n

Image: Rkjustme.gif   605x741 36672 bytes 1999.07.11

Just something to (hopefully) snap me out of this Olympic-class artists block I got. When all else fails, doodle your own personal fur. :)\n

Image: Rk_sandy.jpg   592x825 80920 bytes 1999.06.25

Every so often I draw a pic that I really like! :) This is my portion of an art exchange with Sandra Gaeremynck (see her "sg-katel.jpg", it's beautiful!) and there's something about her character design that is really neat. :) I hope she likes it... at the risk of being immodest, I think I did a good job! \n

Image: Victimm2.gif   540x538 14708 bytes 1999.06.20

It probably doesn't show much, but I was experimenting with some brush pens (kinda cheap ones, didn't like 'em) on this old sketch of Victor Timm. Didn't finish it, and forgot about it. Came across it recently, judged it salvagable, and did. It *does* let everyone know The World's Unluckiest Possum has knobby knees :).\n

Image: Rk_zori.gif   602x622 33574 bytes 1999.06.20

Just a nice lovable pic for a nice lovable fur! The neat Zori is (c) the equally neat Mary Bellamy. :)\n

Image: Rhapsdy4.gif   590x743 62666 bytes 1999.06.12

I got a couple of e-mails lately asking what happened to my skunk fem, Rhapsody. The answer is, why, nothing! She's still around. :)\n

Image: Rkbnshee.gif   593x759 31032 bytes 1999.06.04

One of the pics I did in an e-mail art exchange with Shirley Chessler-Wakefield (I first drew her character "Tundra") in which one of her mouse characters suddenly turns into a screaming banshee-like rodent. My skilled response is to grimace as defiantly as I can whilst assuming a crotch-contorting macho pose. :)\n

Image: Titmouse.gif   492x507 9869 bytes 1999.06.04

Just a comic little joke pic for a friend. :)\n

Image: Rk_reto.jpg   673x550 84046 bytes 1999.06.03

The well-known patron of the furry arts, Reto Roth, commissioned this pic of his characters Abakan and Shamira sharing a tender moment. All characters are (c) Reto Roth, as it should be. :)\n

Image: Rksucker.gif   621x592 31813 bytes 1999.05.12

I was enjoying the "Giant" story on Yerf! :) But one of the artists involved told me that they would have fun with it for three days and then a certain fur (who hardly posts anything) would suddenly have something pissy and sarcastic to say. I told her she couldn't possibly call it THAT close. She said "Wanna bet? >:)" I said "Yeah!" I *lost*. STUPID KAT... <:)\n

Image: Bv_comic.gif   642x1604 87581 bytes 1999.04.20

Image: Rk_doris.gif   585x766 35228 bytes 1999.04.05

Image: Tundra.gif   657x852 54519 bytes 1999.03.19

Image: Brlingtn.gif   655x610 31495 bytes 1999.03.16

Image: Pepekmp1.jpg   566x592 70327 bytes 1999.03.13

Image: Pepekmp2.jpg   763x563 92322 bytes 1999.03.13

Image: Mthsorgy.gif   897x670 42874 bytes 1999.03.07

Image: Magicbrd.gif   420x670 26832 bytes 1999.03.07

Image: Bcomic14.gif   630x938 36894 bytes 1999.01.29

Image: Bcomic15.gif   630x938 37193 bytes 1999.01.29

Image: Bcomic12.gif   662x939 31343 bytes 1999.01.29

Image: Bcomic13.gif   638x938 56047 bytes 1999.01.29

Image: Bcomic10.gif   678x938 44607 bytes 1999.01.29

Image: Bcomic11.gif   662x938 36107 bytes 1999.01.29

Image: Bcomic_9.gif   690x938 46861 bytes 1999.01.29

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