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Image: Matilda6.gif   740x601 48778 bytes 1998.11.11

Image: matld_in.gif   448x706 15695 bytes 1997.10.28

Image: matld_in.jpg   432x678 63956 bytes 1998.01.14

Image: matld_sk.gif   202x328 37768 bytes 1997.02.17

Image: Meet_ItaX.gif   661x412 31397 bytes 2000.12.19

I'm rather sorry that ItaX had such a hard time trying to find me! But I had a lot to do - and even more to plan for - that week, for I was preparing to visit my magnificent mousie Shirlee! And that's where I am right now.. ^______^ Here's the pencil sketch of a picture request from him: Itax getting to meet my good friends Gene, CatWhiskers, and of course Shirlee! I may not get to ink this soon.. this week is VERY important to me in a lot of ways and those important things take priority... <:)\r\n\n

Image: Mthsorgy.gif   897x670 42874 bytes 1999.03.07

Image: nude1.gif   257x309 26323 bytes 1997.02.23

Image: nude2.gif   290x275 32691 bytes 1997.02.23

Image: Oblique.gif   657x509 43417 bytes 2003.04.05

I was in an AIM session with someone who got a real kick out\r\nof the pics I did of my Shirlee and I. Naturally, I'm glad\r\nhe did, but it made me think for a bit... a good percentage\r\nof our intimate time isn't quite as vigorous as that. We\r\nspend a lot of our time (weekend evenings, particularly) in\r\na sort of snuggly, lazy, oblique cuddling mode. Just comfy\r\nsomewhere in our apartment, in partial to complete undress,\r\nwith the TV on but neither of us watching it (and that I\r\nfind a little weird.. why do we have it on if we don't watch\r\nit?) and playing with each other's bodies while idly talking\r\nabout life in general.. my job, her studies, where we'd like\r\ngo together in life, etc. Sometimes it leads to us getting\r\naroused and busy (*very* busy!), sometimes the whole evening\r\npasses just in that way.\r\n\r\nMy life is perfect. :)\r\n\r\n

Image: One4lisa.gif   691x740 49089 bytes 1998.12.28

Image: Outside.jpg   610x589 115899 bytes 2004.03.05

This commemorates something that actually happened some time \r\nago, before we moved the second time! It was the first time\r\n(the only time, really - we don't want to get arrested!) \r\nthat Shirlee and I did this outdoors. *^_^* Not quite in\r\na busy public place, but out of doors! We'd gone to visit\r\nsome folks, they weren't home yet, and it started to drizzle,\r\nso we ducked into a little garden shed in their backyard,\r\nand they were taking so long to get home, so while we were\r\nwatching the driveway waiting for them... :)\r\n\r\nOf course, if anyone had even come *close* to walking by,\r\nwe'd have gotten dressed in a heartbeat! Looking back on\r\nit, I think we really were lucky no one did! We really\r\nshouldn't have tried such a thing! But... ^_^\r\n

Image: P_perky.jpg   322x558 36820 bytes 1998.10.08

Image: Pepekmp1.jpg   566x592 70327 bytes 1999.03.13

Image: Pepekmp2.jpg   763x563 92322 bytes 1999.03.13

Image: PolkaDotShirlee.gif   380x522 19584 bytes 2004.05.23

Those who know Shirlee and I know we send each other stuff via email, even though we live together now, as we did for years when we lived apart. One of the things we send are recolors of old pics. This is one. Shirlee squealed with delight! Mission accomplished. :)

Image: possum.gif   800x502 40704 bytes 1997.02.23

Image: Rhapsdy3.jpg   646x801 122071 bytes 1998.09.18

Image: Rhapsdy4.gif   590x743 62666 bytes 1999.06.12

I got a couple of e-mails lately asking what happened to my skunk fem, Rhapsody. The answer is, why, nothing! She's still around. :)\n

Image: Rhapsdy5.jpg   500x708 67000 bytes 1999.09.30

Since Sean says he doesn't mind some of the stuff I'll be putting in "Skunk Aficionado" being online, here's a color version of one of the pics of Rhapsody that will be in it. I think I will limit the things I submit to his publication to his book from now on, though. There should be *some* exclusivity. <:)\n

Image: rhapsody.gif   605x785 22398 bytes 1998.06.10

Image: Rhapsody6.jpg   698x487 72812 bytes 2000.05.25

The color version of my recent B&W Rhapsody pic. Forgot to upload this one!\n

Image: Rhapsody7.jpg   612x567 77550 bytes 2001.06.09

Been a while since I uploaded to the VCL! Here's one of my studies of my pulchridutinous polecat Rhapsody, inked and CG'ed.

Image: rk-trixi.jpg   657x907 110269 bytes 1998.03.05

Image: rk_alex.jpg   612x708 85110 bytes 1998.05.01

Image: RK_Chell.jpg   696x730 87575 bytes 2003.11.06

Wow, been a while since I've uploaded anything to VCL!\r\n\r\nAnd will be at least a little while longer, as my fiance and I are beginning our move to a new apartment tomorrow. Just getting the last of my online stuff done, and here's my half of an art trade with Poofler! We both love our respective ladyfurs a whole bunch. ^_^

Image: Rk_doris.gif   585x766 35228 bytes 1999.04.05

Image: RK_Dust_em_off_and_jam.gif   648x600 31337 bytes 2004.03.09

Once you learn to play, you should never go too long without \r\nkeeping yourself familiar with your music! Amazingly enough,\r\nI can still play, but my fingertips have lost that added \r\nsurface they used to have so they're a little sore now. And\r\nI need some new strings. And do they make pickups for flutes?\r\nI mean, I'm sure Shirlee could use a mike, but a pickup would\r\nget a cleaner sound. (Don't want to drown her out...)\r\n\r\nMan, it's good to get back to one's music ^_^\r\n

Image: Rk_Eugene1.gif   620x539 48455 bytes 2006.04.30

A few folks have asked us what it's been like having to keep an eye on Gene and CW's son Eugene. Well... it's been interesting!

Image: Rk_Eugene2.gif   567x791 54728 bytes 2006.06.12

Gene's gonna KILL us...

Image: rk_fox1.gif   473x389 10544 bytes 1997.08.24

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