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Image: rk_fox2.gif   405x306 7441 bytes 1997.08.24

Image: rk_fox3.gif   527x342 10272 bytes 1997.09.15

Image: rk_fox4.gif   472x423 10473 bytes 1997.09.16

Image: Rk_fox5.gif   530x569 12592 bytes 1998.07.10

Image: Rk_fox6.gif   414x496 9682 bytes 1998.07.10

Image: Rk_fromr.gif   551x675 32284 bytes 1998.09.11

Image: Rk_gc-cw.jpg   632x704 127404 bytes 1998.08.30

Image: rk_paf2.gif   596x651 20252 bytes 1997.08.24

Image: Rk_Paranormal.jpg   572x913 154975 bytes 2005.01.18

My rendition of the quite talented Serge Stiles' quite mysterious Paranormal! She likes to hang out with my two little foxes, I only wish they'd let me in on what she told 'em! I'm quite honored that Serge liked my take on her character's look, but we'll have to wait for Serge to let us in on who Paranormal really is. <:)\r\n

Image: Rk_piggyback.gif   484x536 16145 bytes 2001.02.21

Shirlee's right, I do like to carry her piggyback. But I prefer to face this way. :)

Image: Rk_reto.jpg   673x550 84046 bytes 1999.06.03

The well-known patron of the furry arts, Reto Roth, commissioned this pic of his characters Abakan and Shamira sharing a tender moment. All characters are (c) Reto Roth, as it should be. :)\n

Image: Rk_sandy.jpg   592x825 80920 bytes 1999.06.25

Every so often I draw a pic that I really like! :) This is my portion of an art exchange with Sandra Gaeremynck (see her "sg-katel.jpg", it's beautiful!) and there's something about her character design that is really neat. :) I hope she likes it... at the risk of being immodest, I think I did a good job! \n

Image: Rk_tet.jpg   576x696 87812 bytes 1998.09.23

Image: Rk_when.gif   590x800 85170 bytes 2004.01.01

2003 could've been a little better, but it's the year Shirlee and I got our own place. So it's good. :)\r\n\r\n(Just as a side note: this pic is not directed towards any of my online friends. Just a minor little vent-thru-art exercise.\r\n\r\nWishing you all a happy 2004. :)\r\n

Image: Rk_zori.gif   602x622 33574 bytes 1999.06.20

Just a nice lovable pic for a nice lovable fur! The neat Zori is (c) the equally neat Mary Bellamy. :)\n

Image: Rkbnshee.gif   593x759 31032 bytes 1999.06.04

One of the pics I did in an e-mail art exchange with Shirley Chessler-Wakefield (I first drew her character "Tundra") in which one of her mouse characters suddenly turns into a screaming banshee-like rodent. My skilled response is to grimace as defiantly as I can whilst assuming a crotch-contorting macho pose. :)\n

Image: Rkjfcolr.jpg   691x897 206435 bytes 1999.09.30

An extremely talented artist, Patrick Little, commissioned a picture from me of his two favorite characters, Foxy and Jake. (Whom I was later to discover were much like my Kit & Kay. :) ) The pic I drew for him was in B&W, but he recently sent me a BEAUTIFULLY color version of it which I now pass on to you. Please take special note: Foxy and Jake are copyright (C) 1999 Patrick Little. Which is nice. :)\n

Image: Rkjustme.gif   605x741 36672 bytes 1999.07.11

Just something to (hopefully) snap me out of this Olympic-class artists block I got. When all else fails, doodle your own personal fur. :)\n

Image: Rksucker.gif   621x592 31813 bytes 1999.05.12

I was enjoying the "Giant" story on Yerf! :) But one of the artists involved told me that they would have fun with it for three days and then a certain fur (who hardly posts anything) would suddenly have something pissy and sarcastic to say. I told her she couldn't possibly call it THAT close. She said "Wanna bet? >:)" I said "Yeah!" I *lost*. STUPID KAT... <:)\n

Image: rktrxtet.gif   612x817 165233 bytes 1998.04.18

Image: Rkyayknp.gif   644x593 33333 bytes 1999.07.14

Pepe Val Pew had a request for me. He tells me he will actually get to meet his Kompy in real life soon. Man, you are one lucky skunk, Pepe. Hug her a few times for me. :) (I think I'm shaking this artists block... not my best pic, but at least it doesn't suck.)\r\n\n

Image: rpsdblue.JPG   680x864 123100 bytes 1998.06.10

Image: Rumpbump.jpg   577x644 162267 bytes 1999.10.09

This is a commissioned drawing to advertise a local dance, that was originally submitted in plain B&W. But I liked the vivacious bunny so much that I went Photo-Paint crazy and turned the ad into a color festival. I have to say, I'm proud of how this one turned out! :)\n

Image: shaggy1.gif   286x395 37566 bytes 1997.02.23

Image: Shirlee.jpg   614x737 83364 bytes 2000.01.24

I was visiting some friends this weekend (still am, actually) and I spent a lot of time talking about\r\nmy wonderful Shirlee Mouse.. and then I was forcibly struck by a sudden thought: Out of all the pics I've\r\ndone of her so far, not one of them has been one of my full-tilt color works!! SHAME on me!! I took it\r\nupon myself to rectify that grievious fault right away!! The beautiful mouse is (c) the equally beautiful\r\nShirley Chessler-Wakefield. :)\n

Image: Shirlee_back.gif   422x450 13374 bytes 2001.12.19

My Shirlee's back again! Joy! ^_^

Image: Shirlee_Owie.jpg   480x665 74489 bytes 2003.07.24

This last weekend, Shirlee got an insect bite on her foot.\r\nShe referred to this as an "owie". I have *never*, in all\r\nthe time we've known each other, heard her use the phrase\r\n"owie". It is (the way she says it) an extraordinarily\r\ndelightful and mirth-provoking phrase, and thus worthy of\r\ncommemoration. :) She said "carry me" and of course I did.\r\nShe's very light to carry. Especially with an "owie".\r\n

Image: Shirlee_scritch.gif   650x821 65050 bytes 2002.10.21

Someone I was online with mentioned that I haven't uploaded anything to the VCL in ages. Well, the online comic is where most of my time for drawing is spent but, as my magical mousie alluded to, there's the images she and send to each other. Here's a text-added example. :) (And the VCL *has* changed in my absence - I now get an allowance of 15 nipples. How generous! With the 2 I already have, that makes...)

Image: Shirlees_Mom.gif   626x495 20026 bytes 2003.04.11

We're staying with my fiancÚ Shirlee's mother for awhile as\r\nshe has some medical treatment done. (She'll be fine, the\r\nmeds make her woozy.)The feminine version of "Like father, \r\nlike son" is true as well, I think, because she's the nicest\r\nlady her age I've ever met! She *adores* my online comic,\r\nbelieve it or not! Indeed, that's what prompted this pic I\r\ndrew for her - the character in the middle is Mrs. Mayor of\r\nYiffburg, and Shirlee's mom wanted to know if I had her in\r\nmind when I designed the character. I thought for a second,\r\nand perhaps she might've been an influence... she does look\r\na lot like her! But then, I thought, she's more canine than\r\nmurine; however, I remembered it's also true that furry\r\nfamily members are often made up of multiple species! So,\r\nyes, she's officially Shirlee's mom now. So much for the\r\ntraditional 'mother-in-law' situation, eh? My prospective\r\none is wonderful. :)\r\n

Image: Shirlees_Mom2.gif   691x538 27417 bytes 2003.04.13

Another little image I drew for my future mother-in-law, while\r\nshe undergoes treatment. And thanks to everyone who sent\r\nwell-wishes! It's not "dangerous" med stuff, it's "you're okay\r\nand let's make sure you stay that way" med stuff. :) Believe\r\nit or not, she doesn't merely approve... she's flattered by\r\nmy renditions of her! ("Why, she's an elected official of\r\na place where no one need be ashamed of their body! Why\r\nshould she be ashamed of hers?") My fiance's mom is a *class\r\nact!* :)\r\n\r\n(15 Lamingtons? O_O)\r\n

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