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Image: bigshowercolor.jpg   1078x718 135814 bytes 2006.10.27

Arrangement of uh, 'private' showers in INA. All characters are mine and my (c)

Image: callingallangels.jpg   982x751 131994 bytes 2005.03.26

This one has lots of colors and gradients. Looks smooth and not very realistic. .. this is an old one.

Image: cheetahgal2.jpg   571x800 90320 bytes 2005.02.10

Old one that I still like.

Image: coongirl.jpg   469x627 73532 bytes 2005.02.10

Part of my study of Chalosan's work.

Image: Crescent_Moons_Morning_by_RickGriffin.jpg   480x640 54937 bytes 2005.02.10

Oh yay. That character right there is Tac Sunus, and he is (c) Rick Griffin

Image: direwolfcolor.jpg   653x653 109730 bytes 2005.02.26

Kitikochata petting a dire wolf, or at least its equivalent in her time. I seem to be uploading these pictures at random. Ah, I'll eventually get it sorted out.

Image: eyeless.jpg   477x653 53892 bytes 2005.02.10

From my novel Blasphemer's Prayer. (c) Rick Griffin. That's me.

Image: furretricksheet2.jpg   860x776 133953 bytes 2006.10.27

My character sheet! Of my avatar, who is a furret and not, in fact, a gryphon.

Image: heightchart2color.jpg   1544x720 190917 bytes 2006.05.26

This is a female version of the recent INA height chart\r\n\r\nRoko race is my (c)

Image: heightchartcolor.jpg   1544x720 209462 bytes 2006.03.04

I have been told that this was awesome. This is the comparative height chart for my story INA (avaliable on DeviantArt or Fur Affinity). Collectively they're called the Roko, and their individual species names are under them.\r\n\r\nThese aren't any specific characters, but their use as this specific set of races (in INA specifically) and their species names are my (c).

Image: hilltop.jpg   745x632 74573 bytes 2005.11.04

Rikitakawi and Odatikaka are (c) to me, remember.

Image: idekacharacter.jpg   727x866 118217 bytes 2006.10.27

Idekawise, also from INA.

Image: ischindy.jpg   502x716 56802 bytes 2005.02.10

This would be. . . me. (c) Rick Griffin, you dummy.

Image: jennahighballc.jpg   523x976 104911 bytes 2006.11.27

Jenna Pikanne: Highballer

My pika girl holding a highball glass. This got daily favorites on deviantArt.

Tags: pikachu girl  
Image: jennawadingpool.jpg   757x541 86670 bytes 2006.01.21

TOTALLY.\r\n\r\nJenna is all my (c)

Image: kiticharacter.jpg   644x859 107404 bytes 2006.10.27

Kitikochata character sheet! From INA. The book I mentioned.

Image: loungecolor.jpg   1185x695 124548 bytes 2006.04.04

Everybody loves this picture.\r\n\r\nThis is what I would imagine theater seating is like in INA. I wonder what movie they're seeing. Characters are, left to right, Ideka, Rio, Riki, Kiti, Riko, Saki, and on the bottom is Oda.\r\n\r\nAll characters my (c).

Image: magic-copy3.jpg   618x768 106658 bytes 2005.02.09

Study of glowiness! Starspirit (c) Rick Griffin forever and all time.

Image: mustbedreamingcolor.jpg   595x820 98810 bytes 2005.11.21

The uh, thing I did. Took two days, look pretty nice, but not nrealy good enough still. Maybe I should do something more chiaroscuro. This guy is from my story idea Must Be Dreaming. (c) to me, yes I can say TO me because it's an indirect object! Ahahaha

Image: nowheremanspread.jpg   1125x750 219396 bytes 2006.11.27

Nowhere Man Spread

Nowhere Man is a space opera, wherein crashlanded spacetraveler (Tac Sunus, on the left) meets up with the high priestess and governor's daughter (Starspirit, on the right) in a story of adventure, culture shock, and of course romance.\r\n\r\nIt's an idea that's been floating around in my head for a long time now; I even tried to start writing it a few years ago and didn't get very far. (Curse you, Marshall's Plan!)\r\n\r\nI'm going to be making prints of this, because I need money for Christmas. Also: Maybe wallpapers?

Tags: space fantasy opera  
Image: odacharacter.jpg   727x851 133755 bytes 2006.10.27

Odatikaka, who is my character from INA which I am currently working on, still.

Image: photo.jpg   754x582 78440 bytes 2005.03.26

Several people like this one, so up it goes!

Image: rickgriffin2.jpg   748x742 77607 bytes 2005.11.04

Yay me!\r\n\r\n(c) to me

Image: rikicharacter.jpg   640x868 104844 bytes 2006.10.27

Rikitakawi, from my story INA, which I am still working on.

Image: rikirealfinal.jpg   760x729 56181 bytes 2005.11.04

This one took me days. Did like, much earlier this year.

Image: riocharacter.jpg   719x885 112913 bytes 2006.10.27

Riodekito. At about this time, I was actually getting back into the hang of coloring clothing correctly. Also from INA.

Image: rioflute.jpg   508x577 64661 bytes 2005.05.07

Riodekito with a flute. This is inked and awesome.\r\nRiodekito (c) to me

Image: Rioflute2.jpg   700x795 139299 bytes 2005.05.08

Err, second version. Looks better.

Image: Rioflutecolor.jpg   700x795 131705 bytes 2005.05.07

Colored version.\r\nRiodekito (c) to me

Image: robot2.jpg   604x800 71045 bytes 2005.02.15

A thing I did for art class. My art teacher hates it because of that upper left-hand corner her brain refuses to translate. Oddly enough, nobody else seems to have a problem.\r\nThis was a practice with light and reflected light.

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