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Image: foryoulanda.JPG   358x522 36336 bytes 2003.07.25

Youlie's Pixie-Mouse. She's supposed to be grey, but I think it came out too dark. :(

Image: cattywolvertrade2.JPG   294x690 46766 bytes 2003.07.17

Catty. Part of an art trade.

Image: erundil_colored.JPG   301x569 28273 bytes 2003.07.16

I colored under a pencil sketch, because my scanner died when I tried to scan the inked version.. Which was just ink over pencils, anyways. x.x

Image: dragon_cg_june3.JPG   650x415 60811 bytes 2003.06.04

Dragony thingy. You can see the sketch in the sketches directory. I'm not as happy about it as I thought I would be. :(

Image: aliyka_milk.jpg   271x315 36970 bytes 2003.05.21

Mmmm. Milk! The drink of... cows.

Image: mythostigerchick.gif   319x331 26824 bytes 2003.05.21

For Mythos.

Image: spunky2.jpg   225x394 28966 bytes 2003.04.20

SpunkyChica, a free commission awarded for winning a contest at The Beat. :)

Image: tradestanding.jpg   197x356 26240 bytes 2003.04.17

My half of an art trade.

Image: lk.jpg   213x351 25427 bytes 2003.04.12

Drawn on request of Leoryk-Maggar. A trade for NeoPets goodies. ^.^\r\n \r\n

Image: stickypawsbyridia.jpg   324x409 20312 bytes 2003.02.23

Sketchy. My half of a trade with Stickypaws.

Image: excommish.jpg   241x238 16384 bytes 2003.01.02

This was originally a comission, but as the person refused to pay me, I no longer consider this a commissioned piece. Namesless Furre ©Me. So hah. Drawn & Inked on paper, colored in PhotoShop at school.

Image: pomma_and_kochi.jpg   333x278 23596 bytes 2003.01.02

Pomma and Kochi hugging. This was a gift to my friends... they broke up shortly after, however. Drawn on paper, inked, then colored in Painter Classic (with a mouse), background added in PhotoShop LE, and finishing touches done in Paint Shop Pro.

Image: matsuei.jpg   470x370 55046 bytes 2003.01.02

Before you go off on me about the lines within the art that aren't the outline lines, they're SUPPOSED to be there. It's a style thing. I was going for a sketchy-air brush sophisticated look. I think I pulled it off nicely. This was done in Painter Classic with a graphire2 tablet.

Image: RydiabyRidia.jpg   332x340 26728 bytes 2003.01.02

An attempt at an equine. Well, a feliquine. Rydia, from Furcadia. The Official Fake Ridia™. (I'm the Official Fake Rydia™). I didn't put any cat in her at all, and she looks a bit older, but I think it's good for a first shot at equines.

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