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Image: caininfy_sketch_05_web.jpg   746x610 112646 bytes 2006.10.19

A commission for Infinita.\r\n2006

Image: settingfiretothislife_sketch_02_web.png   344x741 32442 bytes 2006.08.12

Walking away from everything behind of her. She looks so sad... yet determined.\r\n\r\nI hope I can finish this as well as I would like.\r\n\r\n2006 L.E. Snyder

Image: kittyadult_01_devversion.png   404x486 20568 bytes 2006.08.11

Censored version of a sketch I've got up for sale on Furbid. Digitally erased her... naughtier bits.\r\n\r\n2006 L.E. Snyder

Image: bunnygirl_02_web.png   361x818 32993 bytes 2006.08.11

A... random female bunny... with a stripper pole. And a thong on her toe. \r\n\r\n2006 L.E. Snyder

Image: shayrin_sketch01.jpg   333x571 36822 bytes 2006.08.05

A sketch for my friend KayraVix.\r\n\r\nIt's a bunny. YAY BUNNY! Oh my. Naked bunny.\r\nHappy with his face.\r\nNOT happy with his hands. ):\r\n\r\nShayrin his creator\r\nArt 2006 L.E. Snyder

Image: felan_maskoff_01.jpg   334x659 54486 bytes 2006.08.05

OFF TOPIC IMAGE.\r\n\r\nRe-designed Felan's hair. Wasn't too happy with the original setup... and I drew him without his mask on!\r\n\r\nThe little squiggly-looking lines on his face is a scar, Arabic letters.\r\n\r\nFelan is a Djinn.\r\n\r\n2006 L.E. Snyder

Image: kenshii_sketch_02.jpg   654x492 80468 bytes 2006.08.05

Giftart.\r\n\r\nKenshii, leader of The Silver Claws, looking badass and sexy.\r\n\r\nKenshii is copyright his creator.\r\nArt 2006 L.E. Snyder

Image: ddoodle.jpg   257x257 18636 bytes 2006.08.05

Destruction again! Holding a cigarette... just a portrait sketch.\r\n\r\n2006

Image: TheWorldisNotEnough_01.jpg   549x892 80105 bytes 2006.08.05

Drawn while listening to Garbage's 'The World is Not Enough' and 'Use Me'.\r\nMordad L.E. Snyder\r\nArt 2006 L.E. Snyder

Image: dkneel_02.jpg   782x597 110958 bytes 2006.08.05

Partially inspired by the music of Rachel Lynn.\r\n[]\r\n\r\nSpecifically 'Trouble At Home' and 'Undercover Lover'.\r\n\r\nImage 2006 L.E. Snyder

Image: randommerman_01.jpg   441x754 52307 bytes 2006.08.05

Utterly Random Merman.\r\n2006

Image: schatten_04.jpg   422x600 57176 bytes 2006.08.05

Sketch commission.\r\nCharacters copyright their creators.\r\nArt 2006 L.E. Snyder

Image: pirateyfel_02_web.jpg   450x708 75036 bytes 2006.08.05

This here be a priatey...ish... picture of Felorin. Argh.\r\nUm. He is Asian-Dressed Pirate. Um.. Ninja-Pirate!!!!!!\r\n\r\nFelorin his creator\r\nArt 2006 L.E. Snyder

Image: kelseigh_miranda_03_web.jpg   797x701 118083 bytes 2006.08.05

A commissioned sketch.\r\nI did end up inking this one though, before I mailed it... because I felt like it.\r\n\r\nArt 2006 L.E. Snyder\r\nCharacters copyright their creators.

Image: d_aintnoangel_sketch_03_web.jpg   714x741 141911 bytes 2006.08.05

My character Destruction.\r\nI feel like his torso is too short\r\n\r\nI had this picture with me at AnthroCon 2006... like the only evidence I had on me that I could draw.\r\n\r\n2006 L.E. Snyder\r\n\r\n

Image: SilverCougar_lines_web.jpg   602x593 67131 bytes 2006.03.04

My sketch for my half of an art trade. \r\n\r\nSilverCougar her creator

Image: lovers_npb3.jpg   537x524 156674 bytes 2005.12.12

Mordad and J'tael. Sketch very much in progress. \r\n\r\nMordad is copyright 2004 L.E. Snyder\r\nJ'tael is copyright K. King\r\nImage is copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: curvia_m_dragon2.jpg   340x340 36950 bytes 2005.12.07

Sketch for Curvia's portrait patch, the male dragon.\r\n\r\nArt copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: femaledragon2.jpg   223x224 21223 bytes 2005.12.07

Line art for Curvia's female dragon for her portrait patch.\r\n\r\nArt copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: makya_jinx_npb2_web.jpg   502x634 81138 bytes 2005.12.07

The presketch for Jinx for Makya's wallpaper.\r\n\r\nAdvanced critique encouraged.\r\n\r\nCharacter copyright his creator.\r\nArt copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: makya_zexnon_npb2.jpg   470x745 116564 bytes 2005.12.07

Pre Sketch for Zexnon, from Makya's wall paper. Need to transfer him to a new sheet of paper to give him FEET.\r\n\r\nZexnon copyright S. Miller \r\nArt copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: sh_makya_npb.jpg   744x980 194466 bytes 2005.12.07

Makya from a 5 character wallpaper commission.\r\n\r\nWill be scrapped as progress is uploaded. \r\n\r\nMakya is copyright her creator.\r\nArt is copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: mordad_npb_blankie.jpg   802x690 173796 bytes 2005.12.07

Mordad under a blankie. It's cute, but I don't really have a desire to finish it... ):\r\n\r\nMordad is copyright 2004 L.E. Snyder\r\nArt copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: mordypole_npb2.jpg   486x690 79730 bytes 2005.12.07

Um. Totally random. Started as trying to draw Zexnon for Makya's commission. Looked nothing like him, but I liked the torso shape, so I played with it. Came up with... Mordad.\r\n\r\nI don't really like this very much, might not finish it. The scanner didn't pick up a LOT of this picture.\r\n\r\nMordad is copyright 2004\r\nArt copyright 2005

Image: mordyundies.jpg   678x597 106686 bytes 2005.10.05

Mordad in his underwear. Chys says he looks like he's being shy. Maybe Mord's just waking up, hmm?\r\n\r\nMordad is copyright 2004 L.E. Snyder\r\nArt copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: omgcute_mordad.jpg   586x888 124853 bytes 2005.09.26

Mordad, being cute. I still need to add his wings. \r\n\r\nCharacter copyright 2004 L.E. Snyder\r\nArt copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: sexy_wench.jpg   305x501 35664 bytes 2005.08.20

Random sketch. Wench. Formerly known as Secular.\r\n\r\nArt copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder\r\nCharacter copyright 2004 L.E. Snyder

Image: fenni_sketch.jpg   337x542 35112 bytes 2005.08.11

Commission sketch. Art Copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: ridia_in_pants.jpg   317x464 34002 bytes 2005.07.30

Ridia, in pants!! OMG! She doesn't look like a tramp!\r\nRidia is copyright 2002 L.E. Snyder\r\nArt copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: sweet_commission.jpg   402x400 46768 bytes 2005.07.30

Sketch for a portrait commission.

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