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Image: Dinala_scan.jpg   590x592 100099 bytes 2003.05.31

A sketch for Dinala. I couldn't seem to get a lot of the scan dust out, so I'll find up having to digitally trace it before I color. Oh well!

Image: dkneel_02.jpg   782x597 110958 bytes 2006.08.05

Partially inspired by the music of Rachel Lynn.\r\n[]\r\n\r\nSpecifically 'Trouble At Home' and 'Undercover Lover'.\r\n\r\nImage 2006 L.E. Snyder

Image: DRAGON_dec20_02.jpg   256x256 17770 bytes 2003.01.02

A sketch for my boyfriend.I consider this one of my best dragon pieces to date.

Image: dragonsJune3.jpg   377x520 33376 bytes 2003.06.04

WOW. I used's dragon tutorial to draw these. I love them! Bad scan, because the levels made the line sindistinct and pixelated.

Image: dragonwingspuppy.gif   269x374 40340 bytes 2003.04.11

Sketchy-sketch. A feral canine thingy with dragon wings. I'm inking it as I type this. :) The dragon wings were an after thought, and I think they really add to it. ^.^\r\nThis Image 2003 to Lauren "Ridia" Snyder

Image: ecardsketch.jpg   496x578 32882 bytes 2003.12.10

Every time I draw Ridia, I seem to change her damned hair. xx;\r\n\r\nRidia 2002 L.E. Snyder\r\nArt 2003 L. E. Snyder

Image: elusion_neopets_tut.jpg   528x660 49401 bytes 2004.01.13

Elusion, my elf-angel character drawn in Neopets style. The upper-body poses were form the Faerie Tutorials on the site. I made up the pose for the lower half of the full body pic. I plan on coloring at least one of these. Still working on adapting her to the style as well as adapting the style to me. It's easy and fun to use. =D\r\n\r\nElusion is 2003 L. E. Snyder

Image: elysianangel.jpg   309x630 28287 bytes 2003.11.07

Yes, this sketch has a few dysfunctions, and it's not exactly on topic, either. \r\n\r\nA commission I'm working on.

Image: equine_portpatch_sketch_1.jpg   254x252 11488 bytes 2005.01.24

A sketch for a commissioned portrait patch. The male equine. He looks neat.\r\n\r\nArt copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: equine_portpatch_sketch_2.jpg   302x302 28714 bytes 2005.01.24

PONY! =D Commission sketch. Me likey.\r\nArt copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder\r\n

Image: ew_hyooman.jpg   224x228 7559 bytes 2003.10.21

OFF TOPIC IMAGE\r\nAAACK! It r teh HYOOMAn!!\r\n\r\nThis is why I rarely draw humans.

Image: felan_maskoff_01.jpg   334x659 54486 bytes 2006.08.05

OFF TOPIC IMAGE.\r\n\r\nRe-designed Felan's hair. Wasn't too happy with the original setup... and I drew him without his mask on!\r\n\r\nThe little squiggly-looking lines on his face is a scar, Arabic letters.\r\n\r\nFelan is a Djinn.\r\n\r\n2006 L.E. Snyder

Image: feline_pose_sept20_03.jpg   450x516 31761 bytes 2003.09.20

Pose sketch. Considering how to finish it.

Image: feline_with_hawk.gif   222x433 21417 bytes 2003.08.25

Feline with a hawk. Sketchyness.

Image: felinefightscene.jpg   526x476 23141 bytes 2004.03.20

A random feline fighting scene. The poses are going to be changing a bit... because they're just.... weird.

Image: felinefightscene3.jpg   700x548 43518 bytes 2004.03.20

Updated sketch. I'm trying to decide where I want to go with it.\r\n\r\nCharacters and art L.E. Snyder

Image: felinefightscene5.jpg   773x605 63012 bytes 2004.04.02

Mind Flare and Ridia are both to L.E. Snyder, as is the art.

Image: felisha_wip_scan.jpg   469x528 51069 bytes 2005.06.15

A sketch in progress. This pretty femme came into being rather randomly, and now I've grown quite fond of her. er name is Felisha, and I'm not sure what species she is, but it's some kind of cat and I ref'd it off a photograph.\r\n\r\nNo arm or hair yet... poor girl.\r\n\r\nFelisha is copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder\r\nArt copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: felishadnddoodle.jpg   504x878 93402 bytes 2005.06.17

Felisha again. Doodled last night during D&D.\r\n\r\nCharacter and art copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: femaledragon2.jpg   223x224 21223 bytes 2005.12.07

Line art for Curvia's female dragon for her portrait patch.\r\n\r\nArt copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: femalefeline_portsketch.JPG   200x198 13883 bytes 2003.10.24

Female Feline sketch for a Furcadia portrait patch I'm contemplating.

Image: femkeidtrace.jpg   320x601 29434 bytes 2004.09.17

Trace as a female Keidran.\r\n\r\nHehe... yeah.\r\n\r\nTrace is Tom Fischback (unless I misspelt his name, then it's copyrighted to the correct spelling of it! =D)

Image: fenni_sketch.jpg   337x542 35112 bytes 2005.08.11

Commission sketch. Art Copyright 2005 L.E. Snyder

Image: florabyridia.jpg   633x233 24310 bytes 2004.08.15

My half of an art trade with Tom Fischbach. Sketch in progress.\r\n\r\nFlora is to Tom Fischback\r\nArt 2004 L.E. Snyder

Image: for_setaro.jpg   620x509 53201 bytes 2004.07.02

I got bored, and since I haven't gotten any commissions yet this month, I sketched a random gift...\r\n\r\nThis is for Setaro, because her art pwns to no end. =)\r\n\r\nI LOVE THIS PICTURE. Except for the posing of the back arm. But I still love it!\r\n\r\nCharacter (c) Her creator\r\nArt (c)2004 L.E. Snyder

Image: foxfallclothedbig.jpg   534x698 60076 bytes 2004.06.05

She's clothed now, yay! \r\n\r\nCharacter and art (c) L.E. Snyder

Image: foxgirl_fall.jpg   464x404 40708 bytes 2004.06.05

With this sketch, I'm stepping away from my anime roots. I absoloutly love the way her face looks. This is my favorite picture of a canine I've ever done. ^-^\r\n\r\nAlso, with this piece I'm working on a more dynamic pose than I normally do. I hope I can pull it off.\r\n\r\nRandom foxgirl is copyrighted to L.E. Snyder and stuff.

Image: foxgirl_fall2_small.jpg   438x468 40254 bytes 2004.06.05

The fox girl falling.\r\n\r\nI'm happy with this picture, but it's not so dynamic as I'd hoped.\r\n\r\nI need to get it inked now...\r\n\r\nThis pic is (c) 2004 L.E. Snyder

Image: goodoldscsketch.jpg   417x681 63094 bytes 2004.11.07

Blame it on bordem! A sketch of Essie, a friend's character.\r\n\r\nArt 2004 L.E. Snyder\r\nCharacter Her creator

Image: gothic_lolita_shufangtao_large.jpg   326x657 41948 bytes 2004.06.28

For some insane reason, I LOVE this picture. Except for the wink. That's a cheap copout - I couldn't get the other eye to look right, plus there's anatomical issues up the wazoo.\r\n\r\nMore detailed than my usual work, this is Shu Fang Tao, my Gothic Kangaroo. I need to draw Shu more often, she's fun.\r\n\r\nI love the freedom of WTFness that the 'Gothic' style tends to allow. \r\n\r\nShu Fang Tao (c)2003 L.E. Snyder\r\nArt (c)2004 L.E. Snyder\r\nAll rights reserved.

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