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Image: Chpt2Mock1c.jpg   668x925 153880 bytes 2005.09.15

Nyo nyo nyo! Behold! My contribution to EEEE-VIL! Mwahahaahaaa!\r\n\r\nFor this comic short to make any sense, please go to <a href=""></a> I, and my friend N8 have finally set the big wheels in motion, and have our own little website, with our comic "Istaqa" being our flagship! I write the story, and he illustrates it. But while he works on chapter 2, I threw this little spoof up with the idea of making an installment for every chapter called "It'll NEVER Happen!" So here it is in all its glory!\r\n\r\nStory, art, and characters © C. Barta

Image: Chpt2Mock2c.jpg   669x920 154680 bytes 2005.09.15

I know, I know... Why am I having the characters talk in Engrish, you ask? Well, the original sketch for this story was thrown together really fast, and all on one page. When I and N8 were working on chapter one, and trying to come up with a good title for the comic, I constantly kept joking about using really bad english animé titles-- because I like to see N8 squirm. So for this joke-- the layout for the beginning of chapter 2-- I kept up with the engrish gag. N8 looked at the page, and said, "Seriously, redraw this. Make it awesome! We could use this!" So I did... I just wish my own style mimicked N8's more closely, to make this a more convincing gag.\r\n\r\nall this © C. "Rindimo" Barta

Image: Chpt2Mock3c.jpg   671x932 166151 bytes 2005.09.15

YEAH! IT'S THE "NOT WORK SAFE" VERSION! WOO HOO!!!\r\n\r\nEverything on this page was drawn for one purpose: To try and get a photograph of the look on N8's face when he turned to this third page. Alas, I was too slow, and regret being unable to capture that awesome expression on his face. So um... yeah... they totally go down on eachother. That will NEVER happen in the real story, so no plot is unfurled at all!! Ha ha haaa!!!\r\n\r\nPersonally, I totally had the time of my life illustrating this page. I couldn't stop laughing at their facial expressions, and yet kept get all "hot and botherred" every now and again.\r\n\r\nAll this © C. "Rindimo" Barta

Image: Chpt2Mock3c_b.jpg   671x932 158999 bytes 2005.09.15

Yeah, the work safe version, woo hoo...\r\n\r\nN8 feared for the children that should stumble on that third page on, so I was forced to make a "work safe" version... but fought to keep in the make-out drool.\r\n\r\nFor those wanting to know, I sketched everything out, then inked all the important bits, then shaded in everything with pencil. All the color was done in Corel Painter 8. It's kind of my little style I've been playing with, for my own comic, when I finally get that going.... I enjoy how it gives that "Storybook" kind of feel to it...\r\n\r\nall this © C. "Rindimo" Barta

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