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Image: taxidermy.jpg   526x442 24103 bytes 2002.11.01

Sorry for the shitty outcome of this upload. I'm still learning Flash 5 exporting.\r\n\r\nOkay, well i NEEDED spooky music, tonite being 11 or so on Halloween. I was thinking of Roman Dirge's Taxidermy as I made this without a plan, while listen to "Gates of Deilium" by Midnight Syndicate. Whoo. Happy Halloween!\r\nNotsofunfact:The eye was oringally going to be an Irken's eye, and me making a replica of this one pic I did once of a creepy dead Irken-angel-thing.

Image: jersey_jessica.jpg   411x443 17340 bytes 2002.08.19

This is a character that I had made up on the extreme spot, simply for an example when I signed up here. But I liked her face and hair, so I went from that and designed this. She's supposedly a Jersey Devil named Jessica. I know, she doesn't match any of the Devil's characteristics, so sue me. Wait, no don't!\r\n\r\nJessica copyright Kayla Menager, 2002

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