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Image: clio1c.jpg   450x561 22850 bytes 2001.06.11

Same as previous pic but coloured in Photoshop. Fun. Clio's (c) Jen.

Image: clio1.jpg   450x566 24840 bytes 2001.04.17

Twisted little bitch. Twisted. *shakez head* This is Clio. Such a deranged little screwed up piece of fluff. Look at the cards. Supposed to be Jokers. Could ya tell? I think that gloves were too wrinkly and the tail was too short but Jen said she loved it soo... ^-^; Worship me not for I am but a slave to a pile of white paper and black pens. Clio is (c) Jen. What a twisted mind that girl has...

Image: soshidoll.jpg   200x303 13328 bytes 2001.04.17

This pic is so twisted, so diabolical, so utterly mauled and spattered with evil... perfect! ^-^; This was a pic based on another pic htat I drew of Grey, holding a demonic Soshi-Doll. So here's the Soshi-Doll again, ready to mutilate someone. Graa! Soshi is (c) um... herself cuz I don't know her real name...

Image: MYmilo1.jpg   200x353 11125 bytes 2001.04.17

MY Milo dammit! Stay away Cala! MINE! *waves a broom, hootin like a dingbat* The bishi known as Milo may be (c) to Jen but he's mine! *puts a sticki label on his head* Mine!

Image: nikarti1.jpg   400x669 25141 bytes 2001.04.17

Hellooo VCL! I picked a weird pic for my first upload. It's a pic of my character Nikarti, the magical pixie-thing. She's hiked up on Listerine and Pepto Bismal, as usual and she says "Hello Everyone!" ^-^

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