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Image: prom.jpg   121x215 18099 bytes 2000.12.26

Well, I just thought I'd upload a more recent pic of myself while I had the chance... It's me at my grade 9 prom. I'm (c) me, if anyone wants to steal me, they have to have their head checked out. (j/k)\n

Image: glide-christmas.jpg   542x754 170376 bytes 2000.12.26

Merry Christmas everyone!! Glide is (c) Me, so keep your hands to yourself!! I'd love some feedback on my art, have an opinion? Any Suggestions? E-mail me at :\n

Image: umi1.jpg   336x428 80465 bytes 2000.10.09

It's a card for Umi Josei, my Marryl'morph. Umm, she's (c) Robin Gavlas.\n

Image: temika1.jpg   416x482 51047 bytes 2000.09.16

Here's a picture I did for a friend of mine- Temika the butterfly... Temika is (c) Temika, and the art is (c) me!\n

Image: glide1.jpg   315x435 39509 bytes 2000.09.16

Oh god no! It's Glide in a prom dress, hey, that's not any prom dress.. That's mine! Yes folks, it's Glide in the prom dress that I wore to my prom! Tee-hee! Glide (c) me! Hands off!\n

Image: squeeks1.jpg   298x554 107940 bytes 2000.03.12

Here's Squeeks the Hedgehog. His eyecolor may be off, but can you ask for free perfection (j/k)! Squeeks (c) his player....\n

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