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Image: drool.jpg   500x500 23092 bytes 2008.06.30

Another tablet doodle.\r\nI found a folder on my computer with about thirty of these, all from various stages of my drawing..err, career.

Image: practice_sketches.jpg   500x450 35115 bytes 2008.06.30

Just some silly doodlesketches, foolin' around with my tablet.\r\nTrying to get the hang of it and whatnot.

Image: img005.jpg   461x608 80601 bytes 2008.03.06

'Those who make you, break you' WIP

WOW.\r\nSo.\r\n\r\nI've had this sketch sitting around since early 07.\r\nThe mohoawked pit mix in the back is my exboyfriend Jak, whom now is dead, as of 12/03/07.\r\nThis was sketched waaaaay before anything happened with him, and when I saw it I really really really felt driven to pick it up and work with it.\r\nSo i cleaned up the sektch considerably, fixed disgusting flaws, and added some color.\r\n\r\nit's part of a much larger piece (i'll explain once the full image is uploaded), which hopefully i'll have the heart to finish soon.\r\n..Damn.

Image: img003.jpg   701x510 86659 bytes 2008.01.26

Sketch three.\r\n\r\nGrendel eats a shiton of people. :}\r\nThis one was more representative than realistic as to what happened, but, you get the picture.\r\n

Image: img002.jpg   701x510 71631 bytes 2008.01.26

Sketch two, of the five part 'wrath of Grendel'.

Image: img001.jpg   877x637 134791 bytes 2008.01.26

My interpretation of Grendel from Beowulf.\r\n\r\nI had to do five illustrations for my Honors British Literature class on 'The Wrath of Grendel' from Beowulf, so, this is the first one.\r\n\r\nI ahven't uploaded here in forevereverever, and it's not really relevant, but..he's animalistic, so i guess it is.\r\nWhatev, meet Grendel.

Image: img027.jpg   437x805 71485 bytes 2007.11.25

Stress relief.\r\n\r\n\r\nI kindof like it?\r\nI'm not so sure yet.

Image: img015.jpg   784x532 143871 bytes 2007.11.14

My first time painting...\r\n\r\nI think it turned out fairly well, but i definately know i can improve.\r\nit was a fun process overall, i'll have to give it another try sometime.\r\n\r\nAcrylic on 8x5 canvas.

Image: img006.jpg   295x350 21328 bytes 2007.11.02

Sentimental gift for a friend.\r\n\r\nPrrrobably will refine and finish this at a later date.\r\nHopefully.

Image: img003.JPG   256x296 14225 bytes 2007.11.02

Yes, I sing and dance in my underwear often.\r\n\r\ndrawn on the same page as a few other sketches.\r\n\r\nOriginally, She was pointing to an invisible person whilst serenading her toothpaste, buttt..scan chopped off her hand.\r\nso, nvm.

Image: img010.jpg   404x191 13255 bytes 2007.11.02

Comparisson of Maura (May Concept character) and myself.\r\n\r\nBoth head sketches are VOID as far as design.

Image: img004.JPG   388x165 12882 bytes 2007.11.02

Character concept I though up early may 07.\r\nNow six months after her initial creation, i'm not sure if I like her anymore.

Tags: old art  
Image: img040.jpg   610x924 61929 bytes 2007.05.24


WIP sketch.\r\n\r\nI'm seriously SO TIRED of people jumping down my throat for shit that's not my fault, or spreading pretty little rumors around that slap me in the face.\r\n\r\nI feel like i'm being pinned in a corner.\r\nHence, this sketch.\r\n\r\nLong time no see, sorry about that. I'll be uploading more often now, hopefully.

Tags: wtf?, Rokosamii  
Image: distance_roko.jpg   311x667 40419 bytes 2007.01.23

A refined sketch of myself for the same piece that Tcatt is in.\r\n\r\nonce again, i don't have everything mapped out, so i cropped it for easier viewing.\r\n\r\n

Image: distance_tcatt.jpg   313x800 55364 bytes 2007.01.23

The rough sketch of Tcatt for a WIP thing i'm working on.\r\n\r\n\r\nKinda sorta a personal piece, but, it's practice too, and once i get the other things blocked in where i want them i can show you the entire sketch, lol.\r\n\r\nbut just him for right now. =]\r\ntcatt C. himself

Image: dreaming.jpg   615x679 70467 bytes 2007.01.15

The last sketch of my 'O6 year.\r\n\r\ntoo bad it sucks, lmfao.\r\ni'mma clean it up and finnish it later.

Image: damn_regret.jpg   401x671 42197 bytes 2006.12.27

Holy shit I love this sketch.\r\n\r\nIt's the very FIRST time i've ever done a head angle like that, and it actually looks the best out of the entire drawing, lmfao.\r\nWow. x3\r\nyou can bet i'll be finishing this. x]\r\n\r\n\r\nDrawn to the song 'damn regret' by the red jumpsuit apparatus.\r\n\r\nArt. C. Kayla Brooks

Image: img029.jpg   595x691 57510 bytes 2006.12.19

WIP sketch of Roko playing the piano.\r\nI don't know if i'll get around to finishing this one, but whatever.

Image: img028.jpg   699x866 112468 bytes 2006.12.19

sketch for a band friend.\r\nThe instrument at Roko's feet is a bass Clarinet. =]

Image: img026.jpg   1107x1003 237266 bytes 2006.12.16

A recent sketch that i'm quite fond of.\r\nIt's the 'debut' of my boyfriend's fossa fersona, and i'm rather pleased with the resemblances of both of us in the characters.\r\n\r\nFINALLY i'm getting that at least somewhat correct, lol. \r\nThis most definately WILL be finished. =]\r\nNo theiving porfavor, i'd really like the credit for this one. <3\r\n\r\nArt C. myself, Kayla Brooks

Image: demon_of_the_nightWIP.JPG   1364x795 294819 bytes 2006.10.07

WIP of some hyena creature beast that i thought up yesterday after school.\r\n\r\nlol, it seems like purples pens are my muse. x33\r\nArt. C. Rokosamii

Image: fish_eye_sketch.jpg   342x325 25001 bytes 2006.10.07

another purple pen doodle from econ.\r\nI like the angle and the style, so i thought i'd upload.

Image: WIPII.JPG   713x423 89652 bytes 2006.10.07

second WIP of the piece.\r\nFixed several of the character flaws, but i still have a long way to go. xP

Image: landscapeWIP.jpg   626x488 73526 bytes 2006.10.04

doodle done in government econ today.\r\nI only had one piece of paper, so i used front and back, which i wish i wouldn't have, because the drawings on the back show through. x.x\r\n\r\nhopefully that can be cleaned up when this is finished.\r\nAnd i'm finding i rather like landscape-esque helps me relax.\r\n\r\nArt C. kayla brooks

Image: way_cool_WIP.JPG   650x368 67055 bytes 2006.09.20

WIP of some awsome artists. (not including myself, i just liked the pose roko was in, so i kept her.)\r\n\r\nit's colroing practice mostly, with a mixture of my new prismas, and my very old and dying fibracolor markers. x.x\r\n\r\nI'm fixing the flaws as i type, so chill okay? lol.\r\nArt and Rokosamii C. to Kayla Brooks\r\nthe rest C. to their respectful owners.

Image: anthro_referancesktch2.jpg   336x448 24616 bytes 2006.09.13

lateral anthro sketch for my updated ref.\r\n\r\nstill fixing the kinks, i know there are flaws, that's why it's a sketch. lol.

Image: rokosamii_referancesktch.jpg   1086x849 195158 bytes 2006.09.13

Main sketch for the complete and updated referance of Roko i'm currently working on.\r\n\r\npencil on sketch paper, nothing special.

Image: chibibadge.jpg   363x363 35065 bytes 2006.09.07

quick little chibi roko.

Image: spidder.jpg   166x124 5698 bytes 2006.09.07

Roko comes across a spider.\r\nexcerpt from a zoology comic featuring, yours truly. lol.\r\ni thought it was cute.

Image: lion_practice.jpg   795x582 102709 bytes 2006.07.01

Taking the advice of Melo and drawing something everyday.\r\nToday was lion day.\r\n\r\nthe first one in the corner was no ref, the head was with a ref.

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