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Image: STNC.jpg   626x687 86084 bytes 2006.06.29

I braught my wings back.\r\n\r\nStill a coyote though, and they're optional. so don't get your chaps un a twist.

Image: marker_practice.jpg   447x571 45473 bytes 2006.06.01

quick gesture sketches finished out in marker.\r\n\r\nRoko is snarling at some un-named northern breed..\r\nor soemthing like that.\r\nAnyways, I rather like the simple design, i might fark around with it a little more though, we'll see.\r\nright now i need some sleep. g'night.

Image: child_of_the_wildnerness.jpg   1102x833 201421 bytes 2006.05.29

FINISHED.\r\n\r\nMarkers and Pencils on Sketch paper.\r\nSketch can be found in the 'sketches' directory.\r\nRokosamii C. me, Kayla Brooks.\r\nNO STEALZPLZ.

Image: Roko_and_Neol_pen.jpg   664x530 77713 bytes 2006.05.29

pen doodles from Lit class.\r\n\r\nNeol's face is fuckered up. xP

Image: where_i_belongWIP.jpg   1029x778 132458 bytes 2006.05.15

WIP.\r\n\r\noriginal sketch is found in my scraps.\r\nfibracolor marker and prisma pencil on crappy sketch paper.\r\nRokosamii and art C. me, Kayla Brooks

Image: you're_beautifulv2.jpg   830x582 154761 bytes 2006.05.11

personal art.\r\n\r\nand some coloring practice. I used mainly a dark grey marker for the bodies, as well as a blue on, a periwinkle crayola and a white prismacolor pencil.\r\n\r\nExcitement. xD\r\n\r\nRokosamii C. me, Kayla Brooks\r\nJak Sarotega C. himself

Image: Roko_badge.jpg   591x567 83270 bytes 2006.05.04

quick doodle on sketch paper.\r\n\r\nnothing too special.

Image: ripped_the_seems.jpg   561x834 73563 bytes 2006.04.30


Image: 420-colrd-.jpg   691x722 68055 bytes 2006.04.21

happy holidays!!\r\n\r\ndrew this yesterday..\r\nON 4/20, but didn't upload it here out of my forgetfulness..\r\nso i'm a day late here. the original post is on my DA gallery.

Image: rokobutt.jpg   571x481 49896 bytes 2006.04.10

I got a new pack of gel pens!!!\r\nI'm so excited!\r\n\r\nso yeah..random gel pen doodle.\r\nYou know you love my fluffy butt. ;)\r\nRokosamii C. me, Kayla Brooks

Image: naturalhabitat.jpg   605x655 172894 bytes 2006.03.25

just some much needed practice.\r\n\r\nscanner MUTILATED the colors.\r\n\r\nRokosamii C. me, Kayla Brooks

Image: Roko_vs7.jpg   770x606 73071 bytes 2006.03.25

upon looking through my VCL stuff I found that i hadn'y uploaded my current referance sheet.\r\n\r\nSeeing that that is quite important, I decided to upload.\r\n\r\nSo yes, here is the CURRENT version of Roko.\r\nall other quad forms are VOID.

Image: Anthro_ref_2006.jpg   516x601 61638 bytes 2006.03.25

File was deleted due to size, so I resized it.\r\n\r\nMy current anthro ref as of 2006.\r\n\r\nenjoy. <3

Image: ocsnarlyroko.jpg   706x604 49974 bytes 2006.03.12

FINISHED!\r\n\r\nmy first Open canvas drawing ever.\r\n\r\nI'm actually quite proud. xD\r\nRokosamii C. me, Kayla Brooks

Image: Jakkie_love.jpg   615x591 92373 bytes 2006.02.04

es my bebe.\r\n\r\ngotta love mai english bulldog pit mix. xD\r\n\r\n**snugs**

Image: ball_point_practice.jpg   774x774 128334 bytes 2006.01.20

jsut a little practice on body postions and fur pattern..\r\nsince yanno, I suck at all of it. xP\r\n\r\nI know there are flaws but hey.. like i said, it's practice. \r\n\r\ndone in papermate pen

Image: good_dog.jpg   600x397 52948 bytes 2006.01.17

nyeh.. did this one a while ago, but forgot to upload it.\r\n\r\nno actuall pencil was used, it was a practice with colroed lines..\r\nit turned out Ok i guess.\r\n\r\nTHIS DESIGN IS VOID.

Image: Without_you.jpg   798x596 160326 bytes 2005.12.28

NOT ANGST. \r\n\r\nI'T SADNESS. \r\nthere IS a difference.\r\n\r\nimage C. Kayla Brooks

Image: hold_me_close.PNG   528x602 58662 bytes 2005.12.14

my boyfriend is moving away to California..\r\nI live in Georgia..\r\n\r\nit just tears me apart..physically mentally and emotionally.\r\nI love him sooo much, and now we cant be together..\r\nI can actualyl say "I love you.." to him and mean it..\r\n\r\nsomething i have NEVER been able to do before..\r\nI jsut dont know what to do.\r\n\r\nsketch hand copied into pain, cleaned and colored in Photoimpression.\r\n\r\nRokosamii C. me, Kayla Brooks\r\nSexy pitbull American Bulldog cross C. Jak Sarotega

Image: Injured.jpg   1136x880 112717 bytes 2005.12.03

excuse me while i pull the knife out of my back\r\nhow could i ever trust a person like that\r\nalong side the slow is someone moving faster\r\nbehind the warm image is a cold cold bastard \r\n\r\ncorporate liberal bullshit ruling fucking class\r\ntake your fucking money and shove it up your ass\r\ntake your lies i've had enough of you\r\nand all the shit that you put me through\r\ni'm injured \r\n\r\ninjury \r\n\r\ni look for the truth its getting hard to find\r\nmoney grabbing dragon and the tie you hide behind\r\nim so fucking stupid with you i was a buyer\r\ni believed in you you deceiving liar\r\nset me fucking free\r\n\r\nLyrics C. Rancid 1993\r\n\r\npathetic attempt at emotional art, C. kayla Brooks

Image: stripedboxes.jpg   497x613 44016 bytes 2005.11.19

A U.S history doodle..\r\n\r\nwas working on my anatomy and hand positions..\r\nI like this..\r\nstill deciding whether i should color it though. Not too sure.\r\n\r\nSmoking anthro mutt C. me, Kayla Brooks

Image: myundoing.jpg   409x280 49817 bytes 2005.11.08

Things havent been gonig so great for me lately. And it hurts. Bad.\r\n\r\nLyrics to the song Dear you by Monday Morning\r\nImage C. kayla Brooks

Image: anthrorefsheet05.jpg   637x710 101576 bytes 2005.11.05

whelll..\r\n\r\nme as of 2005. I know the face is fruckered up, but everything else is a fairly good representation of me.\r\n\r\nI have a ghetto booty. xP

Image: emoness.jpg   409x275 20800 bytes 2005.11.05

Quick little bookmark sketch thing...\r\ndone quite awhile ago, so this is no representation of my current feelings. Im actually quite happy at the moment. xD

Image: colortheef.jpg   790x554 90839 bytes 2005.10.29

For Sabarika.\r\nlately there has been a lot of controversy of wether I 'stole' her design and her colors, but She and I -both- seem to think this odeal quite funny, though it does irk me some, considering the recent \r\n"umzgawd I Hte u cuz u Steeled Sabrika'z desne!!!2!!1!@seven!" emails I have been recieving. So yes, jsut to clear things up, the colors blue and black are not copyrighted to anyone. ;)\r\n\r\nSo yes. Sorry if I messed up you markings Sab, It was an after school drawing and i had no ref. xP <3333\r\n\r\nSabarika C. Jinn S., Rokosamii C. me, kayla Brooks

Image: selfportrtait.jpg   570x572 78640 bytes 2005.10.28

A little self portrait of myself..\r\n..expirementing with prisma colored pencils. I think it turned out okay. the pants are my favorite.. first time I have ever drawn fully shaded pants. EVER.\r\namazing.\r\nImage C. Kayla Brooks

Image: I_hate_you.jpg   518x518 36744 bytes 2005.10.26

yes, that's right. it's one of those days.\r\nDunn fuck with me kiddies. I'm lethal.\r\n\r\nbloody fuckered up computer art C. me, Kayla Brooks

Image: VCLrokoref.jpg   798x558 111063 bytes 2005.10.25

My referance sheet..\r\n\r\nSubject to change, as Im on a big furosna search right now.\r\n\r\nbut for the tiem being, Rokosamii C. me, Kayla Brooks

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