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Image: 381907.jpg   669x576 96900 bytes 2005.08.05

This is a picture to a roleplay I was doing with a dear friend of mine.\r\n\r\nMatt and image(c)Christine Johnson\r\nMercury(c)Tu

Image: 8unicorns.jpg   2892x505 248714 bytes 2005.08.05

I don't know what compelled me to do this, but all I know is that I was working a freakin' long time on it.Anyway, these ar ejust all random characters that I didnt feel like putting clothes on. One day I might put names on them..who knows. Um..yeah, the guys don't have penises because Ididn't feel like putting them on. they don't NEED them. It's pretty self explanitory what each of them is on or..not on.\r\n\r\nCharacters and Image(c)Christine Johnson

Image: alexbaby.jpg   800x605 118681 bytes 2006.08.21

A gifty for my Alex baby! Fetch is of course copywrited to her while my unicorn is copywrited to me.

Image: Alkaline.jpg   841x1040 324323 bytes 2007.09.05


Character created to represent one of my favorite bands: Alkaline Trio.

Image: antimatter.jpg   600x630 171850 bytes 2005.11.17

Antimatter(c)Silverfoxx420\r\nImage(c)Xtine\r\n\r\nYeah, this is me pretending to be good with photoshop. I do like how the blood came out though...\r\n\r\nThis was part of a trade with silverfoxx.

Image: brokenhearts.jpg   1000x747 245303 bytes 2007.08.30

My part of an art trade with Jinx. Yes, my marker ran out...

Image: brokenwings.jpg   400x759 105436 bytes 2005.11.17

I want a tattoo similiar to that on my back. \r\n\r\nAnd then I learn how much I suck at colored pencils. The colors are completely wrong, which is probably why I'm urked about this picture. \r\n\r\nOh! And I made myself a little watermark image now. Sweet.\r\n\r\nXtine(c)Christine Johnson

Image: buddyandboblineart.jpg   750x760 193398 bytes 2005.11.17

Buddy(c)Crow\r\n\r\n"Bob."(c)Xtine\r\n\r\nAwe, they're so cute together. some line art that really needs to be colored...or not. Sometimes it's best to just leave it as is.

Image: burnmyheart.jpg   600x831 157063 bytes 2006.08.21

This is my latest fursona. A blue unicorn...yay.

Image: caiside.jpg   434x434 42402 bytes 2005.08.05

An art trade I had done with Caishide. I had the lineart done about a year ago...and just colored it in this last spring.\r\n\r\nImage(c)Christine Johnson\r\nCharacter(c)Caishide

Image: CONTEST2color.jpg   686x790 116478 bytes 2005.09.27

This is my entry for a contest on devart.\r\n\r\nUniwolf(c)Christine Johnson\r\nBeeejaay(c)Beeejaay

Image: ContestNecro.jpg   444x633 65243 bytes 2005.09.27

Another conest entry.\r\n\r\nCharacters(c)-cheshire-cat-\r\nImage(c)Christine Johnson

Image: CrazyBaby.jpg   600x848 215898 bytes 2007.08.30

Crazy Baby

This is my boyfriend's fursona that he requested. \r\n\r\n

Image: Crow.jpg   939x663 204075 bytes 2007.09.05


Gift art for the gorgeous Crow. <3

Image: deadorsleepingjpg.jpg   606x847 140580 bytes 2005.04.16

Inspired by Modest Mouse. Sheezyart isn't working..soo I'm uploading some stuff here.\r\n\r\n

Image: dopefiendwatermarked.jpg   600x726 240804 bytes 2005.11.17

Gift art for Silverfoxx!\r\n\r\nThis is my favorite piece as of now. I just like the shirts, and how the background came out...etc. etc.\r\n\r\nSilverfox(c)Silverfoxx420\r\nxtine(c)Christine Johnson

Image: ebolacrow.jpg   600x582 112415 bytes 2005.08.05

Inspired by Ween.\r\n\r\nI love how Crow looks in this picture because she's just so darn cute.\r\n\r\nTweaked and image(c)Christine Johnson\r\nCrow(c)EbolaCrow

Image: faroretradebigteeth.jpg   697x615 229362 bytes 2005.11.19

My part of an art trade with Farore!\r\n\r\nShe's yawning...and I'm perplexed by large teeth.\r\n\r\nI like drawing teeth. :shrug:\r\n\r\nFarore(c)Farore\r\nXtine(c)Christine Johnson\r\n\r\n(One of these days I WILL know everybody's real name for (c) reasons..)

Image: FARRORE.jpg   482x589 83032 bytes 2005.09.27

Gift Art.

Image: FATALFLAW.jpg   389x564 57376 bytes 2005.09.27

More giftie art.\r\n\r\nCopyrights on image.

Image: GothWolfGoddess_Trade.jpg   769x843 230081 bytes 2007.08.30


My part of an art trade with GothWolfGoddess.

Image: happymarbles.jpg   568x684 100817 bytes 2005.08.05

Those marbles took me FOREVER to do..never again.\r\n\r\nInspired by Ween.\r\n\r\nTweaked and Image(c)Christine Johnson\r\nPeanut(c)Setroe

Image: HUSKYME.jpg   298x589 34942 bytes 2005.08.11

A husky for of my fursona because I have a love for huskies (considering I'm a dogmusher and all). And yes, this was definitely inspired by all those great husky artists out there (you know who you are).\r\n\r\nChristine Johnson(c)08.10.2005

Image: Huskywhat.jpg   600x600 112470 bytes 2005.09.30

Husky don't like harness...\r\n\r\nI suck at colring digitally. This was my attempt to practice. I just can't believe I was able to do the lineart on the computer. So I'm proud of that one. \r\n\r\nAnyway, her boobs are gonna be so squished.

Image: Kuria.jpg   588x693 166142 bytes 2007.08.30


This is my part of an art trade with Kuria.

Image: lucy.jpg   500x600 72224 bytes 2005.04.16

Lucy is my all time favorite character due to her 70's inspiration and her undying love towards the Beatles. She is actually a large part of me..and I love her. Her design is a little different now, but her markings and hair cut and personality are all still the same. And she has a brother named Matt, whose rather sexy.\r\n\r\nInspired by The Beatles "Lucy in the Sky".\r\n\r\nCharacter and Image(c)Christine Johnson\r\nLyrics(c)The Beatles

Image: lyxmyidolcolorshading.jpg   750x608 198793 bytes 2005.11.17

Giftart for idol and the one furr that inspired me to start drawing 'em.\r\n\r\nThis is supposed to be set up as you would if you were taking pictures of know, the whole camera whore thing. Yup.\r\n\r\nLyx(c)Lyx\r\nXtine(c)Christine Johnson

Image: Mantaray.jpg   591x586 89579 bytes 2005.04.16

My character "Bob." with a manta ray. I think of some weird shit when I'm under the influence of certain drugs..."Bob." is just a weird character in general however.\r\n\r\nInspired by The Pixies "Manta Ray".\r\n\r\nCharacter and Image(c)Christine Johnson\r\nLyrics(c)The Pixies

Image: Marm.jpg   704x911 141421 bytes 2007.09.05


Gift art for the awesome Rabid-fluff.

Image: Mechrep.jpg   464x609 93272 bytes 2005.04.16

My part of a trade with Mechanical Reptile over at sheezy! Actually, I think this was just a gift that I did her. Damn my memory sucks. Anyway, I *think* she has an account on VCL too..but I really can't remember...and if she does it's under a different name. \r\n\r\nAnyway, Tweaked is definitely no raver (she just likes ranbows). She's just a spaz who puts glowsticks in her mouth to humor people. I like how the glow of the glowsticks came out. It's HAWT.\r\n\r\nMechanicalReptile(c)MechanicalReptile\r\nTweaked and Image(c)Christine Johnson

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