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Image: profiledunatis.jpg   712x990 144367 bytes 2005.03.21

Dunatis claimed a portion of the heavyweight title years ago, and defended it literally hundreds of times...until he ran into a dynamite-fisted kid by the name of Roy Paladin.\r\n\r\n + Has some power of electricity. He can shoot lightning from his fingertips at will.\r\n\r\n + Does not need to sleep; he never gets tired.\r\n\r\n + Made 420 successful title defenses, a record that will never be broken.\r\n\r\n + Former IBF heavyweight boxing champion. He now makes a living as a boxing promoter, and a part time farmer. Guess what plant he grows.\r\n\r\n + Is narcissistic. This very vain Moogle will stare at his own reflection, sometimes for hours.\r\n\r\n + Since he has 654 wins (another record that shan't be broken), he has gotten a tattoo of the number "654" on his forehead.\r\n\r\nHe's to Dave Hayford (me).

Image: profileinnerroy.jpg   506x1050 102800 bytes 2005.03.17

The crazy mofo that starts swinging and cursing when things become too much for regular Roy. He is like an homage to Inner Sakura of the Naruto series.\r\n\r\nInfo:\r\n\r\n + Lurks inside of Roy Paladin's mind.\r\n\r\n + Has an endless river of raging, aggressive emotions. These are used for protection and to guard Roy Paladin.\r\n\r\n + Rumored to have appeared as an embryo inside of Roy at around mid 2001 or so, when Roy was killed and revived as an anthro wolf. He eventually grew more powerful.\r\n\r\n + His powers are really unknown. Kiai is an enigma really. One day he might appear in the physical world, either by possessing Roy Paladin, or taking on a form of his own.\r\n\r\nUchimaku Kyoubou Kiai/Inner Roy is to me, Dave Hayford, III.

Image: profilelayne.jpg   826x720 154935 bytes 2005.03.17

My rarely drawn cat character, Layne Aicman. Info on him:\r\n\r\n + Has recently taken up the trade of a White Mage, and is learning and practicing healing magic.\r\n\r\n + Has a career as a boxing referee. Despite his young age, he is the best in the business. He is firm, but fair.\r\n\r\n + Is the boyfriend of Isis Mana Aegis. She was the one who persuaded him to take up casting magic in the first place.\r\n\r\n + Has a mean case of social anxiety. Ever have stage fright? Well, imagine feeling that constantly when you're around people. Despite his hardships, he keeps his chin up (okay, so that wasn't the greatest choice of words for someone in the boxing business...).\r\n\r\nLayne Aicman is to me, Dave Hayford, III. Guess what rock star I named him after?

Image: profilerainshatter.jpg   600x600 81850 bytes 2005.03.17

The ruthless Rainshatter.\r\n\r\nHe'll laugh and talk trash to you as he's kicking your brains in. His confidence is overflowing, and for good reason:\r\n\r\n + He is the number one assassin in his home dimension. Kusahm, the King of Fiends, pays him most handsomely for his murderous deeds. \r\n\r\n + Has successfully killed every victim that he's been assigned to "off".\r\n\r\n + Has successfully won over every woman he has ever had his eyes on.\r\n\r\n + Has never technically lost a fight. \r\n\r\n + He sometimes uses his bare hand to rip out an opponent's heart...only to eat it. \r\n\r\n + Uses an item called the "Eye of Cerberus" to temporarily increase some of his power. \r\n\r\n + Only a select few know Rainshatter's real name, "Randy von Wormwood".

Image: profileisis.jpg   525x413 129144 bytes 2005.01.25

Meow, baby.\r\n\r\nFacts about Isis:\r\n\r\n+ Mastered the class of Sage in the Temple of Limra at the tender age of 18--way before anyone else ever could. She knows many powerful spells, including, but not limited to: HealAll, Blazemost, Snowstorm, Firevolt, Explodet, Revive, Chance, and Meteo.\r\n\r\n+ Is a genius with an I.Q. of 180.\r\n\r\n+ It was her magic that revived a temporarily-dead Roy Paladin a few years ago.\r\n\r\n+ Is cousins with Floyd Phoenix, and loves him like a brother and is very protective of him.\r\n\r\n+ Was given the Dragon Pendant by Drago. It is an ancient relic with mystical powers. She was also given the ability by Drago to summon an Elder Holy Dragon, whom she named "Zebil".\r\n\r\nIsis Mana Aegis is to me, Dave Hayford, III.

Image: profileroy.jpg   764x826 238303 bytes 2005.01.25

First of a series of profile pics I'm doing for my characters. Info on him:\r\n\r\n+ Was originally a hedgehog. Was killed and revived as a wolf.\r\n\r\n+ As a hedgehog, he was a flying, Hypernuke-firing, sword-wielding, magic-casting, wheelin'-and-dealin', limosine-ridin' Mystic Paladin (hence he changed his last name to "Paladin").\r\n\r\n+ Has a very high tolerance for alcohol.\r\n\r\n+ Has some very powerful allies.\r\n\r\n+ Is a somewhat of an aspie, but not really a savant in any way.\r\n\r\n+ Has a ridiculously high tolerance for physical, mental, and emotional pain.\r\n\r\n+ Is currently in his fifth title reign, and has avenged every defeat in the ring.

Image: innerroy.jpg   510x508 52391 bytes 2005.01.13

Last month for a few nights, depression seemed to show its ugly mug and lump me up for short periods of times. I sort of didn't fight back due to apathy and fatigue, and it got some fine shots in.\r\n\r\nThen, this inner part of me started kicking, cursing, swinging, and spitting at the negative thoughts and ideas. I pictured this; "Inner Roy", a take off of "Inner Sakura" from the Naruto series.\r\n\r\nSometimes some heavy negativity can creep up on you. That's when you give out a huge middle finger and let it linger.

Image: budtrainbw.jpg   490x682 41250 bytes 2004.11.13

Photograph of former undisputed heavyweight champion Bud Gabson preparing for his title fight against current undisputed heavyweight champion, Roy Paladin.\r\n\r\nThe fight is tomorrow night on PPV. Bud dominated and stopped a weak and unprepared Roy in nine rounds two years ago. Roy has improved greatly in those two years.\r\n\r\nWhat will happen folks? Call your local cable company and find out!

Image: dancecatsketch.jpg   300x300 72827 bytes 2004.10.28

Let the music be your master. Will you heed the master's call?\r\n\r\nSimple anthro image on a funky bg. Art is to me, Dave Hayford, III.

Image: raprainshatter.jpg   652x712 107377 bytes 2004.10.17

My blades, sharper than even my wit.\r\nBest believe this to be right.\r\nSlicing, ripping, gnawing, tearing\r\nright through your throat, tight.\r\nChoke on your own hot blood.\r\nI win...goodnight.\r\n\r\n\r\nNo chump clown can match \r\nmy rich, raw, elite skill.\r\nIf I'm sent to off you,\r\nthe truth is: fall you will.\r\nMy ego, my pride,\r\nI take giant leaps in stride.\r\nI light cigars with hundred dollar bills.\r\nCan't beat me in a match of wills.\r\n\r\n\r\nHaha, sucker you just can't win.\r\nFor me, your head is another win.\r\nI'm faster than the Western wind!\r\nThe loss of blood--your vision dims.\r\nMy defense will make you sim--\r\nmer. Counter your every move like a sin!\r\nI'll notify your next of kin,\r\nafter I toss your dead body into a bin.

Image: raptemple.jpg   600x639 280421 bytes 2004.10.17

My silence speaks volumes.\r\nJudge me not, I'm still a girl.\r\nI march to my own beat.\r\nMy drum, my rules, my world.\r\n\r\n\r\nFools can't bring me down.\r\nI'll become great and rule this town.\r\nI will be the best ever.\r\nI'll have to be twice as clever.\r\n\r\n\r\nGryphons, zombies, dragons, bears,\r\nPhoenixes, golems, wolves, hares.\r\nI'll learn to call them all--I don't care.\r\nYou can't bring me down with your cold stare.\r\nA new friendship I have now shared,\r\nA fellow magic-user, Ms. Aegis cares.\r\nI'm so unique--an emerald rare.\r\nFight me at my peak, if you dare...

Image: rapisis.jpg   506x695 181968 bytes 2004.10.10

Always deemed a gifted child,\r\nMy imagination and kindness run wild.\r\nBeen called smarter than the rest,\r\nI'll always strive to be the best.\r\n\r\n\r\nMy heart can never be measured,\r\nMy protection sturdy as marble stone.\r\nToasting monsters left and right,\r\nMy treasured cousin will never fight alone.\r\n\r\n\r\nI can summon fire, ice, explosions, meteors,\r\ntake down a room full of the nastiest ogres.\r\nMy claws slash down on the faces of bullies,\r\nI can dodge any attack like the fastest of bees.\r\nBut, befriend me, and I'm as sweet as pie.\r\nI'd heal you right before you'd die.\r\nMy friends' and family's safety comes first.\r\nNothing can quench my undying thirst.

Image: budfortycolored.jpg   466x492 62207 bytes 2004.10.08

Old pic. I colored it last night. \r\n\r\nIt's Bud pouring a 40 oz. out of respect for a great website that no longer exists--TLA (The Lost Artists).\r\n\r\nThis isn't exactly terrible. I guess I dig it. Meh, I feel like crap. What else is new?\r\n\r\nBud is to me, Dave Hayford, III.

Image: shandybday.jpg   488x554 63075 bytes 2004.10.08

Surprise birthday pic for Shandy of DeviantArt. She dug it. She loves autumn, so I put in some leaves changing color here. It's her raccoon character, Quenby.\r\n\r\nQuenby is to Shandy Cantrell.

Image: rainshattershuriken.jpg   506x697 132195 bytes 2004.09.01

Rainshatter holding a Windmill Shuriken. I decided to draw him, since Jessica digs the assassin rabbit. *nod*\r\n\r\nRainshatter is to me, Dave Hayford, III.

Image: andonceagain.jpg   400x563 59839 bytes 2004.09.01

August 13th, 2004. Roy Paladin regains his Undisputed Heavyweight Title from Kusahm via a 12th Round TKO. Paladin picked up his title he vacated to retire way back in March 2001. Now he is the champ again (for the fifth time).\r\n\r\nRoy got knocked down by a right hook from hell from Kusahm in the opening round, and was saved by the bell. Roy was knocked down twice in the final round, but managed to knock Kusahm down thrice to get a TKO stoppage.

Image: roylightitup.jpg   501x364 114534 bytes 2004.07.26

Roy Paladin gathering around a tablet that is lit on fire. He's sort of pulling a Jimi Hendrix (of course, I'm not comparing Roy to the demi-god).\r\n\r\nYep, it looks like he had too much to drink again, hehe. Perhaps not the best way to train for a title fight.

Image: templecrying.jpg   510x600 74495 bytes 2004.07.22

A younger, adolescent Temple here, being mercilessly tormented by her peers.\r\n\r\nTemple is quite brilliant, but she is damn near socially clueless. This is the price that she pays for dare having the audacity of being "different".\r\n\r\nShe would eventually mature to have the potential of being perhaps the most powerful summoner ever.\r\n\r\nShe is to me, Dave Hayford. Who else?

Image: passlick.jpg   510x363 44184 bytes 2004.07.22

The asshole known as "Jeremy", licking his gun (who he calls his "woman"). He is such an instigator, that he is. He WILL piss you off, if you are nearby. That's a nifty new earring he has there.\r\n\r\nThe lyrics are to D12.\r\n\r\nArtwork and asshole character are to me, Dave Hayford, III.

Image: leotistake2.jpg   510x652 79907 bytes 2004.07.21

It's the return of Leotis. He doesn't look too happy here. Then again, you wouldn't be too happy if your family was viciously killed in front of you when you were a young boy...\r\n\r\nLeotis would use this rage to fuel him to become his generation's greatest gladiator. Badly drawn or not, he was one helluva warrior.\r\n\r\nLeotis is to me, Dave Hayford.

Image: raineatheart.jpg   433x364 37254 bytes 2004.07.15

It's that rabbit again. Rainshatter about to feast on a heart. It's his fetish, hehe.\r\n\r\nHe is to me, Dave Hayford.

Image: templesummoning.jpg   470x610 95905 bytes 2004.07.15

Temple again. She is summoning up something ugly. This took me 3-4 hours, like the last Temple drawing. Hell, the sketching alone took an hour and a half. I wish I was faster at this.\r\n\r\nI like the bg in this one. A friend gave me some advice in that area.\r\n\r\nTemple, the summoner raccoon, is me, Dave D. Hayford, III.

Image: osroysword.jpg   510x701 87340 bytes 2004.07.15

This is the OLD Roy Paladin, years before he became an anthro wolf. He used to be a Mystic Paladin (they use powerful magical-like attacks, as well as swords).\r\n\r\nHis Hypernuke blast was his most powerful attack. Too bad it did next to nothing against the dreaded Kusahm...\r\n\r\nI'm not too crazy on how the wrinkles on his robe came out. I need more practice and knowledge on that.\r\n\r\nHe is holding the Artemis Sword. It drains life and heals the user.\r\n\r\nOld School Roy is to me, Dave Hayford.

Image: babyroybeans.jpg   600x776 76853 bytes 2004.07.08

Baby Roy here enjoying the company of some yummy beans. BEAN listening to (sorry, couldn't resist) a rare Nirvana song lately, called "Beans" or "Beans and Wine". I'm not sure which is which.\r\n\r\nI didn't ink this pic, just used pencil, and colored in PS6. My folks loved this one, and so did quite a few of my peeps on DA.\r\n\r\nBaby Roy is to me, Dave Hayford, III.\r\n\r\nLyrics are to Nirvana.

Image: kusahmwtf.jpg   495x371 38065 bytes 2004.07.05

It's the unpredictable Vile again. He went right up to the invincible Kusahm and started a ruckus (the crazy mofo that he is...).\r\n\r\nHe knows he can't kill him, so what's the deal? What's his motive?\r\n\r\n...Could this be all a ploy to get inside the dragon/demon's head? Could this have anything to do with an upcoming title fight with Kusahm versus a certain three-eyed unmentioned??\r\n\r\nKusahm is all like "WTF?". He doesn't look too thrilled.\r\n\r\nVile is using a cursed weapon called the "Multi-Edged Sword".\r\n\r\nKusahm is to me, Dave Hayford, III.\r\n\r\nVile is to Evil-Ed316.\r\n\r\nThe Multi-Edge Sword is to Enix...or Square-Enix, as it's known now. Whatever... =p

Image: rainwhatnow.jpg   500x500 86504 bytes 2004.07.03

It's that silly rabbit again. This time he's been sent to kill a group of ninjas. It was an easy task for him.\r\n\r\nI have him wearing a slightly different outfit this time. The notches on his leg represent the worthy "marks" he's killed. He has never failed once as an assassin.\r\n\r\nHm, I think his legs look too fat here. Meh.\r\n\r\nAnyway, the rabbit assassin known as "Rainshatter" is to me, Dave Hayford, III. Steal him and you might be his next mark. *nod*

Image: kusahmbloodfist.jpg   504x504 68049 bytes 2004.06.26

*I have over 100 submissions here on the VCL!*\r\n\r\nAnyway,...this is Kusahm, the Heavyweight boxing champion. He took the title from Floyd Phoenix a month ago on points.\r\n\r\nKusahm is holding his title and gladly looking at his bloody fist. He busted up a sparring partner (who soon quit afterwards). He is the hardest-hitting anthro boxer to have ever step into the squared circle. This is his second reign as champion. The insiders say that he would decimate Roy if he ever made a comeback.\r\n\r\nPut this on a spiffy fiery bg I did in PS (with the help of a tutorial). I dig it. He could've been a bit taller though, but meh. One day I will be great. Until the copyright notices!\r\n\r\nKusahm is Dave Hayford, III (me).

Image: ollievstrytus.jpg   677x494 86272 bytes 2004.06.21

My part of an art trade with Rocbottom of DA. It's his char, Ollie, on the left, fighting my Trytus, on the right. Ollie is one half of the Tag Team Champions in The Lion's Den, a fighting comic. Trytus is a gladiator from the Roman times. How could a guy from ancient times fight someone in the present? *impersonates The Rock* It doesn't MATTER how it happens! IF YOU SMELLLLL...jk. =p\r\n\r\nOllie is to Corey Davis.\r\n\r\nTrytus is to Dave Hayford. That's me.

Image: crazedisis.jpg   510x510 59478 bytes 2004.06.16

A pic of a sort of pissed off/crazed Isis. She really isn't like this, but hey. My characters = I do what I want with them. *nods*\r\n\r\nBeen listening to Rage Against the Machine's rendition of NWA's "Fuck the Police" too much, and it shows with the lyrics here, hehe. I like how the background came out.

Image: jeremycute.jpg   510x614 39981 bytes 2004.05.30

A chibi, extra-cute version of the anti-social Jeremy. I've decided to have him dye the front of his hair, just to punctuate his obnoxiousness.\r\n\r\nThe psychotic crackhead is to me, Dave Hayford, III.

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