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Image: innerroy.jpg   510x508 52391 bytes 2005.01.13

Last month for a few nights, depression seemed to show its ugly mug and lump me up for short periods of times. I sort of didn't fight back due to apathy and fatigue, and it got some fine shots in.\r\n\r\nThen, this inner part of me started kicking, cursing, swinging, and spitting at the negative thoughts and ideas. I pictured this; "Inner Roy", a take off of "Inner Sakura" from the Naruto series.\r\n\r\nSometimes some heavy negativity can creep up on you. That's when you give out a huge middle finger and let it linger.

Image: isischibi.jpg   528x368 30250 bytes 2005.09.20

It's a chibi version of my Isis holding the "megacookie" from deviantart. She took a chunk out of that shit. She likes!\r\n\r\n...OMGNO!! </chipmunkvoice>\r\n\r\nShe is to me. Steal her and I'll fucking sue.

Image: isisdance.jpg   425x585 63274 bytes 2004.01.12

Was listening to the euphoric guitar solo of Alice in Chains's demo version of "Junkhead", and had this picture in my head. It's Isis dancing the night away.\r\n\r\nOh yeah, Micron markers are the way to go. *nod*

Image: isisdancingfunk.jpg   900x700 126169 bytes 2005.09.20

Enjoy the terrible anatomy...but the colors are decent!\r\n\r\nIsis is dancing, and she's barefoot for some reason. Maybe she's making "fists with her toes". A la Die Hard. That's good advice, or so I've heard. I could be wrong. But I doubt it, since I'm rarely wrong...unless I am.

Image: isisnov2005.jpg   400x514 97625 bytes 2005.11.18

Isis with a healing rod being her back. \r\n\r\nShe's not nude, I just didn't color in her outfit.

Image: isisprof.jpg   196x171 31619 bytes 2002.11.08

"Mrr-rooowwww." Isis's profile pic for LC. She's my Sage character. I like this one a bit better than Floyd's.\r\n\r\nMan, I can't wait to unleash her ass-kicking abilities, even though her spells most likely will be "toned down".

Image: isissad.jpg   196x198 35062 bytes 2003.02.25

The colored version of Isis being sad. Don't know why she's sad, just felt like drawing her that way. And yeah, I know I need to learn more about shading.

Image: Isissword.jpg   400x483 58631 bytes 2002.06.23

It's Isis Mana Aegis, a cousin of Floyd Phoenix. She's only 18, yet she has mastered all the magic of a Sage and is considered a genius. Isis is the one who brought Roy back to life. She's to me.

Image: isiswannaplay.jpg   652x798 82768 bytes 2006.02.28

Isis Mana Aegis, with a slightly more evil look to her. She's casting Lit-2, or Zap!, or whatever you'd like to call it. She's holding some sort of magic scroll in her hand. zzzZZZAAAP!!\r\n\r\nShe is to me, Dave Hayford, III.\r\n\r\nHere is the DA link:

Image: jeremycute.jpg   510x614 39981 bytes 2004.05.30

A chibi, extra-cute version of the anti-social Jeremy. I've decided to have him dye the front of his hair, just to punctuate his obnoxiousness.\r\n\r\nThe psychotic crackhead is to me, Dave Hayford, III.

Image: jeremydebut.jpg   460x538 68047 bytes 2002.11.19

New character debut!\r\n\r\nName: Jeremy Black, a.k.a. "Pass"\r\n\r\nAge: 26\r\n\r\nSex: Male\r\n\r\nOccupation: Corner Cutman for Bud "the Canine" Gabson\r\n\r\nSpecies: Anthropomorphic Dog \r\n\r\nPass is really a big (I'll use nice language...) jerk.\r\nHe loves to start trouble and insult people wherever he goes. He can back his trash-talk up a little; he does know some martial arts. Notice his nice steel-tipped boots.\r\n\r\nBut if things get too heavy he just pistol-whips his adversary and threatens to blow off their... *cough* ...let's just say he's not very nice...\r\nHe also abuses every illegal substance known to man, and is proud of it.\r\n\r\nJeremy "Pass" Black is to me.

Image: johnnybadass.jpg   328x417 126000 bytes 2003.06.10

A redid pic of one of my old characters, Johnny Badass, whom I've recently turned into an anthro canine Pug (sort of). He's the type of guy to resolve almost anything with his fists. Not a very smart way to live, if you ask me...\r\nAnyway, Johnny Badass is to me.

Image: kusahm2004.jpg   510x514 43892 bytes 2004.04.12

This Kusahm, aka "The King of Fiends", or simply "The Black Dragon". He is an Immortal, and thrives on the suffering of the innocent. He commands an army of Fiends, who do his bidding.\r\n\r\nHe's the one who killed Roy Paladin years ago (his friends managed to revived him). Roy did managed chip one of his black fangs right before he was destroyed.\r\n\r\nThis demon/dragon can morph into a smaller, weaker anthro panther. There is no known way to kill him.\r\n\r\nKusahm is to Dave Hayford, III.

Image: kusahmbloodfist.jpg   504x504 68049 bytes 2004.06.26

*I have over 100 submissions here on the VCL!*\r\n\r\nAnyway,...this is Kusahm, the Heavyweight boxing champion. He took the title from Floyd Phoenix a month ago on points.\r\n\r\nKusahm is holding his title and gladly looking at his bloody fist. He busted up a sparring partner (who soon quit afterwards). He is the hardest-hitting anthro boxer to have ever step into the squared circle. This is his second reign as champion. The insiders say that he would decimate Roy if he ever made a comeback.\r\n\r\nPut this on a spiffy fiery bg I did in PS (with the help of a tutorial). I dig it. He could've been a bit taller though, but meh. One day I will be great. Until the copyright notices!\r\n\r\nKusahm is Dave Hayford, III (me).

Image: kusahmwtf.jpg   495x371 38065 bytes 2004.07.05

It's the unpredictable Vile again. He went right up to the invincible Kusahm and started a ruckus (the crazy mofo that he is...).\r\n\r\nHe knows he can't kill him, so what's the deal? What's his motive?\r\n\r\n...Could this be all a ploy to get inside the dragon/demon's head? Could this have anything to do with an upcoming title fight with Kusahm versus a certain three-eyed unmentioned??\r\n\r\nKusahm is all like "WTF?". He doesn't look too thrilled.\r\n\r\nVile is using a cursed weapon called the "Multi-Edged Sword".\r\n\r\nKusahm is to me, Dave Hayford, III.\r\n\r\nVile is to Evil-Ed316.\r\n\r\nThe Multi-Edge Sword is to Enix...or Square-Enix, as it's known now. Whatever... =p

Image: kusam2.jpg   350x426 73646 bytes 2002.08.23

Just a revamped picture of the demon who killed Roy Paladin. Kusam, the King of Fiends is to me.

Image: layne1.jpg   760x682 135174 bytes 2002.02.26

A head shot of Layne Aicman. He's feeling pretty smug about something or other. Layne is to me.

Image: laynecopter.jpg   848x878 210440 bytes 2002.02.26

Layne decided to take a li'l flying lesson one night. Boy...he's...really enjoying it... Notice his inner eyes are accidentally pink instead of yellow. Oh well.

Image: laynedrugs.jpg   510x588 126813 bytes 2003.07.06

Since referee Layne IS "Social Anxiety's BITCH" after all, he needs to take drugs just to maintain. I have mixed feelings about drugs...I'm sorry..."Meds". \r\n\r\nThis pic shows one side of my point of view. Beware of the warning--oh, it's true!

Image: laynepencil.jpg   388x434 129244 bytes 2002.02.26

Layne again. Behold the mighty pencil. This didn't come out too bad though. \r\n\r\nLook! I've actually used shading techniques!!!

Image: laynesabitch.jpg   404x503 88097 bytes 2002.10.11

Yes, it's true. He is.\r\n\r\nI've decided to change Layne's fur to yellow and his hair to pink. I really need to get better at drawing hands though.

Image: laynewhitemage.jpg   444x579 85160 bytes 2005.11.18

Isis's boyfriend, Layne. He is a White Mage, and is using here the Sage's Stone (which heals a traveling party from damage considerably).\r\n\r\nHis hair is now green instead of pink.\r\n\r\nHis magic is becoming stronger, and rumor has it that some dark forces have their eyes on him and his potential to become a dangerous threat.

Image: leotistake2.jpg   510x652 79907 bytes 2004.07.21

It's the return of Leotis. He doesn't look too happy here. Then again, you wouldn't be too happy if your family was viciously killed in front of you when you were a young boy...\r\n\r\nLeotis would use this rage to fuel him to become his generation's greatest gladiator. Badly drawn or not, he was one helluva warrior.\r\n\r\nLeotis is to me, Dave Hayford.

Image: litoldschool.jpg   130x150 23951 bytes 2004.02.15

Just a retouched pic of an older piece of Old School Roy, done for a story which was placed on DA. It represents Roy's death (he gets reborn, from a hedgehog to a wolf).

Image: meriaholdscig.jpg   800x700 108091 bytes 2005.09.20

Namrepus221 and I have been hashing out a character idea and her story over the past few weeks. I sketched this last night, and inked and colored it today.\r\n\r\nThis is Meria, a 16(?) year-old formally homeless thief-turned-boxer. She pick-pocketed the wrong guy, and he caught up to her and started to swing away. He was twice her size, but in a battle of fisticuffs she was holding her own, and then some. His friend got involved and she took a good beating. Roy Paladin, watching the action up to this point, decided to intervene, and schooled the thugs. He then took her into his home and encouraged her to take up boxing.\r\n\r\nShe's still adamant about her unhealthy habit though.

Image: meriatraining.jpg   536x470 73247 bytes 2005.12.15

Meria here training with Roy.\r\n\r\nShe used to be a thief who lived on the streets, where no rules apply. Now, thanks to Roy, she is a pro boxer, where there are rules, and paychecks to be cashed as well.

Image: ollievstrytus.jpg   677x494 86272 bytes 2004.06.21

My part of an art trade with Rocbottom of DA. It's his char, Ollie, on the left, fighting my Trytus, on the right. Ollie is one half of the Tag Team Champions in The Lion's Den, a fighting comic. Trytus is a gladiator from the Roman times. How could a guy from ancient times fight someone in the present? *impersonates The Rock* It doesn't MATTER how it happens! IF YOU SMELLLLL...jk. =p\r\n\r\nOllie is to Corey Davis.\r\n\r\nTrytus is to Dave Hayford. That's me.

Image: osroysword.jpg   510x701 87340 bytes 2004.07.15

This is the OLD Roy Paladin, years before he became an anthro wolf. He used to be a Mystic Paladin (they use powerful magical-like attacks, as well as swords).\r\n\r\nHis Hypernuke blast was his most powerful attack. Too bad it did next to nothing against the dreaded Kusahm...\r\n\r\nI'm not too crazy on how the wrinkles on his robe came out. I need more practice and knowledge on that.\r\n\r\nHe is holding the Artemis Sword. It drains life and heals the user.\r\n\r\nOld School Roy is to me, Dave Hayford.

Image: paladinkosgabson.jpg   600x685 67567 bytes 2005.10.26

Paladin-Gabson III.\r\n\r\n2002 - Bud Gabson won the first fight easily (the fight had to be stopped as a weak Roy was taking too much punishment).\r\n\r\n2004 - Roy won the second fight after a nasty cut appeared on Bud, having the doctor stop the fight.\r\n\r\n2005 - Present. Roy stuns Bud in the 10th and puts him down with a devastating combo. Bud does not beat the ten count. Roy Paladin retains his Undisputed Heavyweight Title.\r\n\r\nBoth are to Dave Hayford, III.

Image: passlick.jpg   510x363 44184 bytes 2004.07.22

The asshole known as "Jeremy", licking his gun (who he calls his "woman"). He is such an instigator, that he is. He WILL piss you off, if you are nearby. That's a nifty new earring he has there.\r\n\r\nThe lyrics are to D12.\r\n\r\nArtwork and asshole character are to me, Dave Hayford, III.

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