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Image: BFF.jpg   718x809 91619 bytes 2008.07.04

Best Friends Forever

Last upload for now, also from AC 2008. Another of the photo-reffed watercolors, this is about as sappy as picture as you're liable to see from me. The border collie s loosely based on a friend's dog.

Tags: bat dog border collie  
Image: CentralPark.jpg   1100x735 125364 bytes 2008.07.04

Kills 17 & 18

Another AC 2008 picture, Salem stalks a couple of soon-to-be victims. Prismacolor markers.

Image: bunnyalien.jpg   718x785 80834 bytes 2008.07.04

Bowing Bunny vs. Alien

Me being nasty to one of Megan Gile's bunny girls. I did a whole series of pictures of the bunny girl in various perdiciments, of which this is one. Mostly drawn and colored in Flash.

Image: DrCyclops.jpg   697x929 105783 bytes 2008.07.04

Dr. Cyclops

A surprizingly popular picture from AC 2008. Inspired by an old movie of the same title I saw as a kid. Digital over an inked drawing.

Tags: macro micro fox  
Image: Bellamy.jpg   676x1003 100203 bytes 2008.07.04


A furrified version of the lead singer from my current favorite band, Muse. I think he's singing "Stockholmn Syndrome." Based on a photo I found online, with some alterations. Watercolor.

Image: Ranger.jpg   825x858 73842 bytes 2008.07.04

Ranger Harrell

Another character from the novel, this time the good guy. Markers with digital background color.

Tags: griffin gryphon  
Image: Heels.jpg   572x867 77093 bytes 2008.07.04


From FC 2008, based on some picture I found in a fashion magazine. I could never wear high heels, myself. Watercolor.

Tags: snow leopard  
Image: ZodiacRabbit.jpg   606x788 91563 bytes 2008.07.04

Zodiac Rabbit

Part of a group artist project to do all the animals of the eastern zodiac for FC 2008. I was born the year of the rabbit, so I got the rabbit. Watercolor.

Tags: rabbit panda dolphin pheasent  
Image: Greenies.jpg   743x647 68750 bytes 2008.07.04


A couple characters from a novel I wrote last year. (these are the bad guys). Markers with digital background color.

Tags: avian parrot  
Image: FlyingLeopard.jpg   528x856 78679 bytes 2008.07.04

Mountain leopard

Another pic from Further Confusion 2008. Colored pencil on Canson paper.

Image: Bat&Moth.jpg   776x1069 114658 bytes 2008.07.04

Bat vs. Moth

From Further Confusion 2008. Megan Giles drew the hapless moth girl, I did everything else. Watercolor & ink.

Image: SalemCar.jpg   1002x747 57586 bytes 2008.07.04

Salem & Rolls Royce

A commission I did last year, referenced from a photo of the (movie) the Great Gatsby. Watercolor and some colored pencil & ink.

Image: cats01.jpg   1125x825 110761 bytes 2007.02.24

Big Cats of Asia

An older commission I recently scanned, done in the usual media of markers and colored pencil.

Tags: tiger, leopard, lynx, lion, snow leopard, panther  
Image: Cover.jpg   1200x750 127220 bytes 2007.01.26

Monster Cover

The cover I did for the revised version of the Salem biography, put out by FurNation. The family portrait image on the left was colored by Tania Walker, the rest was colored by me. The text on the left was just a draft; the incorrect names have since been fixed. Really.

Image: Bride.jpg   1032x884 181390 bytes 2007.01.26


A surprizing popular picture from FC. Used a pic I got out a bridal magazine as reference for the dress. I can't believe some of the ugly dresses they have in there. I don't think I'm going to paint something with so many folds in it any time soon. The kitty pictured is a margay.

Image: Bathesphere.jpg   636x436 46308 bytes 2007.01.26

Bathysphere Cats

I watched "Blue Planet: The Abyss" one too many times...\r\n\r\nWatercolor with some ink.

Image: 100pics.jpg   1125x1125 288121 bytes 2007.01.26

Every Picture Tells a Story

A sampling of work covering a span of about a decade. An equal scattering of commissions, some published stuff, some unpublished stuff, art done for conventions or done in trade with other artists. This was actually a lot of fun to put together. Other artists should try it.

Image: BOP.jpg   1222x672 134511 bytes 2007.01.26

Birds of paradise

I've always loved the pretty colors on these birds. Imagine mostly done in Prismacolor & tria Markers, with some ink and pencil.

Image: SalemWall.jpg   842x927 76592 bytes 2007.01.26

Monochrome Salem

One of my pictures from FC 2007, part of a series of photo-referenced watercolors I've been doing recently as a change from my usual stuff.

Image: BatFox.jpg   933x774 106192 bytes 2006.08.13

A commission of the very popular bat & fox characters from the old story in Genus magazine. Done in Prismacolor & Tria markers. I will be putting a print of this up for sale on Furbid within the next few days, probably the only public for-sale copy of this, so watch for it if you're interested.

Image: Mustelids.jpg   927x616 53294 bytes 2006.08.13

A gift picture for a generous patron. 6 mustelids, some real, some fanciful. Done in acrylic paint & ink on acetate.

Image: Harpy.jpg   690x933 96147 bytes 2006.08.13

A picture from the cover of a comic released at Anthrocon. Jack Salem's occational partner-in-crime, Harpy. Looking a lot more noble and intelligent than she actually is. Done mostly in Prismacolor pencils, with some ink and paint.

Image: Gatsby.jpg   1059x638 128746 bytes 2006.08.13

Another commission, Salem & a couple of friends as characters from "The Great Gatsby." (don't ask) Referenced from a movie still, done in pen & ink with Prismacolor markers.

Image: nighthawk01a.jpg   630x407 30310 bytes 2006.06.22

A very happy nighthawk with her eggs. Yes, the feet really are that dinky. Photoshop coloring over a scanned ink drawing.

Image: QuietStreet.jpg   679x845 96711 bytes 2006.06.22

My totally fangirl homage to Jeff Lynne (of ELO, The Move and the Traveling Wilburys). Done mostly with Prismacolor markers. Also peiced together from a bunch of different scans. I really wish large size scanners didn't cost thousands of dollars. Lyrics copyright 2006 by Jeff Lynne, ect ect.

Image: Falcons.jpg   984x1241 162486 bytes 2006.06.22

This was peiced together from about 7 different scans, so there's some problem with lines showing (sorry about that.) I like to work big, and I have a dinky scanner. A bunch of different falcons, all genus Falco. Done mainly with colored pencils, with some black ink and white paint.\r\n\r\n

Image: alphabet.jpg   941x1089 124918 bytes 2006.06.22

Begining my after-AnthroCon artwork dump. This one was a lot of fun, but also a bit of a pain to research. How many critters begin with "Q" or "X"?? Although most animal saavy-people can get a handful of these, I'll be shocked if anyone can get all of them. I was pleasently surprized when this took an Honorable Mention in the AC art show this past weekend. The posted version of the picture here has had some digital cleaning and relettering. Done (mostly) in Prismacolor markers.\r\n\r\n

Image: Tigers.jpg   771x954 103188 bytes 2006.06.22

One of four experimental watercolor pictures I did for the AnthroCon art show. I virtually never use direct photo reference unless it's for something I absolutely can't draw (like a car), but for a change I decided to paint directly from some photos. All the photos from these pianting were from a Maxim Fashion magazine I'd gotten a few years ago for another project. The tiger parts of the picture, of course, I had to draw from scratch! The results are interesting, but I'm not sure how much I'll use this technique because it's too limiting. I do know for sure I'll never pick a photo to piant from with a bunch of dried leaves in it again!\r\n\r\n

Image: SalemSimone.jpg   1001x697 78005 bytes 2006.06.22

Another of the experimental watercolor peices, showing Jack Salem and his employer Simone. She's yelling at him for staying out all night again, and being too tired to take her out. It's probably better if she doesn't know what he's out there doing at night.

Image: Blackbuck.jpg   401x1050 43182 bytes 2006.06.22

The third of the magazine watercolors, a blackbuck.

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