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Image: SalemandMouse.jpg   638x754 61297 bytes 2005.07.12

A mouse girl chats up Salem at a party. If she's smart she won't agree to go home with him. One of my AC peices; mostly markers & colored pencil.

Image: SalemCar.jpg   1002x747 57586 bytes 2008.07.04

Salem & Rolls Royce

A commission I did last year, referenced from a photo of the (movie) the Great Gatsby. Watercolor and some colored pencil & ink.

Image: SalemSimone.jpg   1001x697 78005 bytes 2006.06.22

Another of the experimental watercolor peices, showing Jack Salem and his employer Simone. She's yelling at him for staying out all night again, and being too tired to take her out. It's probably better if she doesn't know what he's out there doing at night.

Image: SalemWall.jpg   842x927 76592 bytes 2007.01.26

Monochrome Salem

One of my pictures from FC 2007, part of a series of photo-referenced watercolors I've been doing recently as a change from my usual stuff.

Image: SKnifeGriffin.jpg   601x745 61415 bytes 2005.07.12

Another AC peice. Not much to say about this one.. just a griffin with a big'ol knife. Markers. My scanner washed the colors out pretty badly.

Image: skorzy.jpg   504x410 85059 bytes 1997.03.29

Image: Skunks.jpg   950x785 51448 bytes 2006.01.25

Cheesecake skunks. The picture was peiced together from several different scans, so there's some odd lines in it. Fun with a limited pallette.

Image: SmallTiger.jpg   721x968 58473 bytes 2005.07.12

A tiger in formal dress. Done in animation 'cel' format-- acrylic & ink on acetate.

Image: Swannsmall.jpg   805x1229 179688 bytes 2005.06.18

An older picture. This is a scan of a color copy. The copy is much darker than the original, but unfortunately I never had a chance to scan the actual picture. Jack Salem runs into Nohar & Manny from S. Andrew Swann's book Forests of the Night. Swann has the original of this. Now if I could just talk him into doing more Moreau novels...

Image: Throatsmall.jpg   617x780 57372 bytes 2005.03.11

A proxy Rage CCG card I did quite a while ago, partly as an excercise while I was learning to use Photoshop. This illo will probably turn up again in one of the new expansions.

Image: Tigers.jpg   771x954 103188 bytes 2006.06.22

One of four experimental watercolor pictures I did for the AnthroCon art show. I virtually never use direct photo reference unless it's for something I absolutely can't draw (like a car), but for a change I decided to paint directly from some photos. All the photos from these pianting were from a Maxim Fashion magazine I'd gotten a few years ago for another project. The tiger parts of the picture, of course, I had to draw from scratch! The results are interesting, but I'm not sure how much I'll use this technique because it's too limiting. I do know for sure I'll never pick a photo to piant from with a bunch of dried leaves in it again!\r\n\r\n

Image: titan.jpg   1200x647 154448 bytes 1999.01.04

Image: twilite1.jpg   654x738 61753 bytes 1997.10.16

Image: twilite2.jpg   872x1076 109112 bytes 1997.10.16

Image: Werewolf.jpg   818x628 64983 bytes 2005.03.11

Some werewolves fighting. Done for a friend a few years ago.

Image: WinterStalking.jpg   813x568 76992 bytes 2005.01.19

Sometimes it's really not a good idea to go walking in the snowy woods at twilight....

Image: wolfpack.jpg   639x331 32481 bytes 1998.11.15

Image: ZodiacRabbit.jpg   606x788 91563 bytes 2008.07.04

Zodiac Rabbit

Part of a group artist project to do all the animals of the eastern zodiac for FC 2008. I was born the year of the rabbit, so I got the rabbit. Watercolor.

Tags: rabbit panda dolphin pheasent  

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