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Image: Inexplicable_Con_Badge_by_Runihura.jpg   425x301 61375 bytes 2006.03.04

The badge I cooked up for Otakon 2005.\r\n\r\nPencil, micron, prisma pencils\r\n\r\nInexplicable is the intelectual property of Runihura

Image: Runi_Cross_by_Runihura.jpg   991x1270 168574 bytes 2006.03.04

It's a bit large but this computer has no image editor. This is a design I originally sketched out because I had wanted it to be printed onto T-shits.\r\n\r\nPencil and Micron.\r\n\r\nRunihura is my intelectual property.

Image: Whispering_a_Wish____by_Runihura.jpg   617x950 120649 bytes 2006.03.04

I love the border, and the details used in the fire.\r\nRunihura performs a ritual whispering his wish for the saftey of his unborn children to the spirit world.\r\nPencil and Micron\r\n\r\nRunihura is my intelectual property.

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