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Image: sparkykitty.jpg   799x644 110426 bytes 2007.03.23

Sparky Kitty

Gift for my saintly friend Sparky who goes to my school and is lovely beyond all reason! And she likes bones :D

Tags: sparky kitty cat  
Image: straitfox.jpg   513x773 122429 bytes 2007.03.23

Commission for Straitfox

Commish for Straitfox of furaffinity who wanted his character in a padded cell. Did some cel shading which is hard for me.

Tags: straitfox fox  
Image: thekitty.jpg   455x802 99562 bytes 2007.03.23

Art Trade with The Kitty

Art trade with The Kitty from deviantart. That's all there is to be said.

Tags: the kitty cat  
Image: Wreck-Doggie-Ref.jpg   802x495 90886 bytes 2007.03.23

Wreck Wolf Ref

Wreck was a human werewolf character I had with a friend, so I drew what his werewolf form might look like and also a quad-anthro for good measure. I haven't really drawn him since I made this ref XD May 2006.

Tags: wreck wolf  

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