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Image: adventurer.jpg   1890x3078 458156 bytes 2001.08.09

This is old. Very old... Hmm out of excuses... This was the first picture i shaded like that. Borring long work it is. Umm, i don't know what it is, but whatever it is its mine. don steal

Image: bad_wolf.jpg   2248x2304 238466 bytes 2001.08.05

Ever had a bout of insomia that was sooooo bad... Well that explains where i got the time to shade this in. He's going to be a main character in a comic i'm writing. What is the comic? Beats me... I just like the character. This no name character (AND HIS HOVERBIKE!) are copywrited to me. So be kind, dont steal.

Image: Color_OtakuX.jpg   909x1271 102111 bytes 2001.04.16

This is my first attepmt at coloring anything in photostudio. It's not bad but its pretty old. I havent uploaded in a long time. (shrugs) Demon Hair is (C) to me.

Image: Farin's_Rage.JPG   1083x1495 363099 bytes 2001.01.28

Cool! My first pic on VCL. The rabbit in the pic is Farin Sandblade. He's the main character in my comic. Farin is copywrited to me! So don't steal!

Image: otakuboyx.jpg   1824x2576 251051 bytes 2001.02.24

This is my evil alter ego! Though, I don't think I'd get my nipple pierced. (Damn thats gotta hurt!) Evil deamon hare is copyrighted to me, so don't steal!

Image: Self_Portrait.JPG   736x1498 258273 bytes 2001.01.28

This is kind of a self portrait of myself. I actually consider myself a hare, but oh well. It still looks cool. I'm to myself I suppose

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