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Image: bunnysketch.jpg   327x497 92899 bytes 2005.03.06

A bunny girl pin-up, still undecided of what I'll end up doing with her media wise, I might make prints out of her or some such thing\r\nArt Copyright Ruth Beebe 2005 yay.

Image: Ginnighty.jpg   550x690 68183 bytes 2003.11.08

My main persona in a nighty looking shy as she shows off for a male friend. Gingitsune_Oni is copyright to me. Bristol with prismacolor markers. Color is sort of faded because my scanner is being strange.

Image: Tattoo.jpg   691x893 45536 bytes 2003.06.21

This was a doodle, I had some semi-decent pens and was on a tattoo kick, this is what came from that factoring. I like it, even if it was on printer paper.

Image: taurensnuggle.jpg   511x703 57145 bytes 2005.07.13

Two tauren snuggling in the buff on the warm plains of their homeland. Tauren Copyright Blizzard software \r\nArtwork copyright Gingitsune 2005 \r\n

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