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Image: MMS6-Love_you.gif   147x171 7133 bytes 2005.01.13

I had a homework to make a kind of picture messages for cellphone. Love messages never dies.\r\n\r\nArtwork Ryuu Majin

Image: Morning_tea_Color.jpg   525x700 146334 bytes 2006.03.20

Aaaaah, my precious poster color. I miss you so much...\r\n\r\nAnyway, just a piece of Indonesian local setting. But I always dream to have a family like this...

Image: Point-BeardedCollie.gif   575x575 23050 bytes 2003.05.16

My Sister complained, "Bro, I think you should put more furr".\r\n\r\n"Yea right! Like hell I pointilize all the furrs!" I answered. But then, I tried once, and guess what! I love you a lot, Sistah!

Image: Point-LapponianHerder.gif   575x575 20206 bytes 2003.05.16

The next "full-furr" pointilized canine after Bearded Collie. I tried to make waved furrs

Image: Point-Papillon.gif   575x575 19447 bytes 2003.05.16

I made this one before pointilizing the Bearded Collie. I just like the way her furr swings :)

Image: Point-TerrierAiredale.gif   575x575 17948 bytes 2003.05.16

A Terrier pointilized. Just a little formality.

Image: Point-TerrierGlenImal.gif   575x575 18300 bytes 2003.05.16

When I saw a dog dictionary, I found this one incindentally. The furr covers his face, but still kinda "naughty", and then, I pointilize him.

Image: Point-Wolf.gif   575x575 22694 bytes 2003.05.16

Now this one is the better wolf I pointilized. I didn't get satisfied with the 1st wolf. The gesture sux! That's why I re-drawn him and pointilize him again. Yeah, I just like him!

Image: Point-Wolf0.gif   575x575 18905 bytes 2003.05.16

Pointilize of a Wolf. The first time I use pointilize, I'm not satisfied anyway.

Image: Rockmajin.gif   436x600 97801 bytes 2005.05.11

Colored version of my furrsona, cosplaying as Rockman. I try to make a little change of my coloring-style. I'll try to be anime-ish. All shading was done by 0 pxl lasso. Firstly I was doubtful, but hey, after looking at these, it makes me confident to do more coloring with such technique.\r\n\r\nRockmanjin & Artwork Ryuu Majin\r\nRockman Design Keiji Inafune/Capcom

Image: RyuuHozesLovita-Color.gif   630x430 133944 bytes 2003.06.02

Yes, the desk in my home is short (30-40 cm tall), made of wood, and it's covered by a glass. That's why I love to draw there. I often work my laptop on that.\r\n\r\nNo Hozes, you're not meant to be with Catty so please stop staring another "Wolver-Catty" sketch I'm making!\r\n(BTW, the "Wolver-Catty"'s color is really done with colored pencil)

Image: RyuuMajin-BigPencil-BW.gif   352x500 53648 bytes 2002.07.31

I tried to colour myself in a grayscale mode. If you notice, I distorted it a bit so it won't look too tall. \r\n\r\nTo be honest, I print it first for some reason, and fool me to erase the real colored data. So I re-scan this pic. \r\n\r\nRyuu Majin (c) Ryuu Majin

Image: RyuuMajin-Phobic.jpg   600x800 126882 bytes 2005.10.05

It's been a year after the sketching. I am sooooooooo lame =_=\r\n\r\nAnyway, you can see me like this for the thing I'm absolutely phobic of... Phobic of what? Just tune in ;)\r\n\r\nAlthough a lot of fixing has been done in the process of coloring (like foreshortening, lineart bla bla bla), I still feel that this lineart still have some errors. Yeah, not everyday I make a jumpy gesture like this one.

Image: RyuuMajin-Ready.gif   577x800 164432 bytes 2005.06.01

A little application of my anime-cell-shading techniques. Yes, less of reality, less of human-skin-like color and may be too much block. But I just feel like just making a loop. And i think I'm getting accustomed with the shiny-border... I know the background is lame... no excuse for that. I'm just running out of idea.\r\n\r\nArtowrk Ryuu Majin

Image: RyuuMajin-Rebuilt.gif   310x249 21372 bytes 2005.09.18

I'm in a condition to rebuilt my geocities website.

Image: RyuuMajin-Welcome.gif   400x400 86744 bytes 2005.09.15

Me, welcoming furries from every country.\r\n\r\nPlanned to be in main page of my website (being reconstructed)\r\n\r\n Ryuu Majin\r\n\r\n

Image: RyuuMajin_Full_Profile.gif   600x800 62730 bytes 2004.04.19

Full profile of me, with full color. I'm trying to get a rest for a moment from "full power" CG shading like previous artwork I do recently, because... well, I'm just tired. I want to do some simple shading. Using a gradient, and a shading polygonal lasso once or--maximum--twice. Kinda simple, except for the hair.\r\n\r\nRyuu Majin Ryuu Majin

Image: RyuuMajin_in_Action.jpg   800x600 126246 bytes 2004.04.19

The sketch of half-close-up-me in action, colored using poster color with paint technique (It's manual, baby! ^_^). I think I'm getting better at this, although still it's not as good as other experts. Well, I like it a lot, and may be I will make more with such techniques.\r\n\r\nRyuu Majin Ryuu Majin

Image: RyuuMajin_Movelist.gif   720x600 92460 bytes 2004.04.19

Another marvel vs Capcom 2 addiction. My own movelist, inspired by my own life; full of pencils, pens, blots, erasers, and COLLEGE ASSIGNMENT DEADLINE PRESSURES!!! UHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!\r\n\r\nNote: Green List is Special Move, Orange List is Super Move, and Red List is Super Move with Level 3 acquired. Blue List is Assist Note (Well, I want this gameplay is not really a copycat of Marvel vs Capcom 2, just a little bit of variation)\r\n\r\nRyuu Majin Ryuu Majin

Image: Sheet_Cathy.jpg   700x511 147479 bytes 2006.05.22

My 3rd new sheet character Cathy.\r\n\r\nOh my, she's sooo small, and I think I should change her image from a merely "Spoiled Princess" into a real mature girl.\r\n\r\n Ryuu Majin

Image: Sheet_Hoze.jpg   700x511 135406 bytes 2005.11.21

My 2nd new sheet character Hoze (I'm tired thinking his name)\r\n\r\nHe has no "alternative agressive" mode, because he is basically is a bit of agressive, and expressive too. And frontal face looks awkward. I know that.\r\n\r\n Ryuu Majin

Image: Sheet_Wolver.jpg   700x511 151777 bytes 2005.10.14

Ye~y, sketchiness. I want to make a kinda different style of coloring by using some sketchiness inside. Not really bad I think.\r\n\r\nHere comes my first character sheet; my first original character Wolver, completed with stats and color picks.

Image: Simaung_Opening.jpg   700x500 119958 bytes 2006.07.08

One of the Opening Scene in my Final Assignment Game Project.\r\n\r\n Ryuu Majin

Image: Thank_You.jpg   589x550 153131 bytes 2003.09.13

Thanks thanks thanks a lot for everyone who wants to do art trades with me. I feel nothing and I am nothing without you guys. Sorry for some folx whose arts aren't inserted here. \r\n\r\nThanx very much for: \r\nDA : Alpha Leo, JappoDawg, Ally, Potlan, Seel, and Froggie-chan a.k.a Powree \r\nVCL : Shii, Leo Magna, Time Chaser, Sticky Paws, Talbona, Adam Carlile Bladewolf, and Pooter \r\netc: Dyotami and Kisha \r\n--for letting me inserting their cool artworx here. \r\n\r\nCharacters Ryuu Majin \r\nMain Artwork Ryuu Majin \r\n

Image: Top10000.jpg   364x500 120305 bytes 2007.04.23

Random Days 10000 hits

A celebration picture for my furrsonal website "Random Days". Small number, I know. I appreciate your visiting anyway. Thank you everyone

Image: Top15000.jpg   364x500 158328 bytes 2007.10.23

Random Days 15000 Hits!!

A celebration picture for my website, for hitting 15000 pageviews. Small number, I know. But thank you anyway! ^^\r\n\r\nBy the way, name's Tigriss, the Indian female doctor.\r\n\r\n RyuuMajin

Image: Top20000.jpg   750x750 167829 bytes 2008.03.30

Happy 20000 hits!

An illustration to celebrate the 20000th hits of my website\r\n\r\n Ryuu Majin

Image: Top4000.gif   362x500 74623 bytes 2006.02.28

This is a drawing to celebrate the 4000 hits of my site. Thanks, guys!

Image: Top5000.gif   354x500 111996 bytes 2006.04.02

A Celebration Picture for my Furrsonal Website "Random Days" for the 5000 hits.\r\n\r\nThank a lot, I love you all :3

Image: Top5years.jpg   750x750 144332 bytes 2008.10.31

5 Years

For celebrating the 5 years of my furrsonal website:\r\n\r\n\r\nThanks for the support, everyone.

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