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Image: anie_vcl.jpg   905x920 68815 bytes 2005.12.31

Done for Medwyn's contest and wing study/practice \r\n\r\nKill two birds with one stone, yanno? :O\r\n\r\nAnywyas\r\n\r\nArt copyright S. Liao\r\nAnie copyright Medwyn

Image: arctic-fox_vcl.jpg   600x892 75863 bytes 2006.03.20

Canidaelio piece for AP art. Is arctic foxes (yes I know they're supposed to be tiny chihuahua size, but for the sake of not dying or going blind on this piece I use artistic license).\r\n\r\ndone with white charcoal. \r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: bat-eared-fox_vcl.jpg   800x542 57757 bytes 2006.04.26

Mommy getting swamped by hungry bebes. And yea those eye markings are semi natural.\r\n\r\ndone with acrylic\r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: bejlinresheet.jpg   800x595 61907 bytes 2006.12.13

Bejlin Refsheet

Contest entry. He's a big cat.\r\n\r\ndone with oc3\r\n\r\nart(c)S.Liao\r\nBejlin(c) himself

Image: black-back-jackal_vcl.jpg   800x598 63052 bytes 2006.03.20

Again for AP art portfolio. A pair of black backed jackals sharing food. Done on an art block so is sorta crappy.\r\n\r\ndone with color pencil, watercolor\r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: bunnybutt_vcl.jpg   1168x810 107495 bytes 2005.08.03

gifty for miss meezer :3\r\ndone with oc2\r\nart copyright s.liao\r\nace the corgi and the winged siamese both belong to miss meezer at

Image: camsref.jpg   701x750 110324 bytes 2008.01.15

Camory Shrike

Camory Shrike, another bird monster who's Sado Rook's would-be companion. Unfortunately for her, she's diurnal (whereas he's nocturnal), and too sweet natured for him despite her fearsome appearance.\r\n\r\nShe hangs out in Australia.\r\n\r\nDone with PS7, OC3.\r\n\r\nArt(c) S.Liao

Tags: camory, shrike, bird, monster   [Comment]
Image: demondogdesign.jpg   1000x804 86690 bytes 2006.10.24

Sorry it's so messy-- I did this in a late night rush of inspiration. Done for sparkynekomi's contest on DA. Is a demon dog design. Don't quite like the colors...but if she doesn't want to use this, I certianly will :3 \r\n\r\nart copyright s.liao\r\ndemon dogs copyright sparkynekomi (?)

Image: demonhorse_vcl.jpg   747x803 29043 bytes 2005.07.15

It's a demon horse design for Palestra! comic I be drawing.\r\ndone with OC2 and mechanical pencil.\r\nart and concept copyright s.liao

Image: dhole_vcl.jpg   600x888 87000 bytes 2006.04.24

Sleeping dholes. Sleep flying in their dreams, if you wish.\r\n\r\ndone with copics marker and prismacolor pencil\r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: dingo_vcl.jpg   800x544 48191 bytes 2006.04.24

This one turned out real ghetto. Aborigini (can't spell) like cave painting type thing. The dingos are surrounding a baby kangaroo. :O They's gonna eat it!\r\n\r\ndone with acrylic\r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: fennec-closeup_vcl.jpg   400x602 37707 bytes 2006.04.24

Closeup of the fennec foxes in the corner.\r\n\r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: fennec_vcl.jpg   400x905 60621 bytes 2006.04.24

Family reunion time! \r\n\r\nCloseup here:\r\n\r\ndone in copics marker and white pen\r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: flip_hop_vcl.jpg   660x1092 110248 bytes 2005.09.28

<3 i like the colors\r\n\r\ndone to make me feel better\r\n\r\ndone in oc2\r\nflip and art copyright s.liao

Image: flip_up_vcl.jpg   800x858 69632 bytes 2005.08.06

Done on a whim and I am happy with it.\r\nDone in oc2\r\nart and character copyright s.liao

Image: fox-headshot_vcl.jpg   600x765 34933 bytes 2006.03.20

A failed piece for my AP Art I gonna sell it or paint over it if it dun sell -.- pleh \r\n\r\ndone in acrylics.\r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: furfer_vcl.jpg   480x529 37687 bytes 2005.07.13

meh killer kitsune fer in his were-foxy type form :3 man he gots a lotta hair @o@ it's hard to make this kinda art look clean without destroying the contrast. \r\n\r\nDone with mechanical pencil. \r\n\r\nart and character copyright s.liao

Image: gray-fox_vcl.jpg   800x1050 108609 bytes 2006.04.24

A family of gray foxes learning to climb trees together in the snow. \r\n\r\ndone with watercolor and acrylic white\r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: kayahead_vcl.jpg   393x531 30985 bytes 2005.09.29

A lil too dark :3 meh friend's fursona. i liked the sketch better. \r\n\r\ndone in oc2\r\nkaya copyright herself \r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: leansmall.jpg   810x320 59074 bytes 2005.07.03

Is the same character from moon calls. I dunno what it is, other than female but i do so like her design<3\r\ndone with neopiko markers, micron pens, whiteout, and prismacolor pencils.\r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: maharajah.jpg   683x800 67110 bytes 2007.02.20

The Maharajah

I don't think he's a real maharajah, no; he's just called as such. This came to me after I listend to the intro of 'Hindi Sad Diamonds' off the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. It's got this heavy plodding beat that reminds me of stomping elephants. His story is located over at my lj here: \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIt feels good to paint again, though this was just a quickie. \r\n\r\ndone with OC3, pencil, pen.\r\n\r\nArt and Character(c) S.Liao \r\nTextures from Mayang Library.\r\nInspired heavily by: aforementioned song, pictures of Indian war elephants, and pictures of Indian jewelry.

Tags: asian, elephant, indian, male, tusks   [Comment]
Image: maned-wolf_vcl.jpg   800x570 60844 bytes 2006.03.22

This isn't anything special but eh, is a good starter for the portfolio.\r\n\r\ncollage; maned wolf done in pencil and ballpoint pen.\r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: manticoresk.jpg   521x800 51251 bytes 2007.02.09

Manticore Test

It's a manticore* (in the vaguest of senses) that popped into my head after I saw a picture of one done by Neondragon (see below). Now that I look back, the colors don't seem quite right-- in my head, it's more of a golden "burning beauty" kinda thing. \r\n\r\nWill develop this more. The design has already been refined since this picture (new sketches are at my lj). \r\n\r\nDone with OC3\r\n\r\nArt(c) S.Liao\r\nTextures from the Mayang Texture Library\r\nInspiration from Neondragon's picture here:\r\n\r\n*See here for more info:

Tags: manticore, man eating beast   [Comment]
Image: mooncallssmall0171.jpg   596x706 98581 bytes 2005.07.03

Done really for goldenwolf's lunar zine, but I do like how it turned out. \r\ndone with neopiko markers, micron pens, sharpie, and whiteout.\r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: painted-dog-closeup_vcl.jpg   500x382 30626 bytes 2006.04.26

Closeup of the painted dog pic.

Image: painted-dog_vcl.jpg   962x500 73893 bytes 2006.04.26

Underwater dogs or dogs reflected in the water? This looks so much better in real life, and folds like a lil screen too. \r\n\r\ndone with copics markers, white pen\r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: red-fox_vcl.jpg   900x701 77777 bytes 2006.04.24

Two males squalling over a female.\r\n\r\ndone with water color, prisma color pencil, neopiko marker\r\nart copyright s.liao

Image: rensisbf_lr.jpg   800x655 108916 bytes 2008.12.02

Eyes for You

\r\n\r\nA commission for Rensis and his boyfriend Mu. I rather like how it came out :3\r\n\r\nDone with OC3\r\n\r\nArt(c) S.Liao\r\nCharacters(c) Rensis, Mu\r\nTexture from dazzle-textures of DA\r\n

Tags: rensis, mu, german shepherd, dog, knitting   [Comment]
Image: sado_rook.jpg   632x1000 47163 bytes 2006.11.23

Sado Rook:\r\n-Says he's named after the mad Korean prince.\r\n-Is a bird monster of some sort.\r\n-Named himself [had no parents to speak of, just appeared]\r\n-Thinks himself to be quite fearsome and powerful.\r\n-Generally wears Korean garb, to fit his name. \r\n\r\nHe looks all funky cause at first I was gonna do perspective, but forgot once I got to his arm/hand. \r\n\r\nDone with pencil, OC3\r\n\r\nart and character (c)s.liao

Image: sadomoon.jpg   675x900 79172 bytes 2007.02.20

The Moon's Breakdown

There's a LOT of things wrong with this one but I still like it. May retry it someday-- gotta be braver and skew the anatomy more to push the perspective.\r\n\r\ndone with OC3, pencil, pen.\r\n\r\nart+character (c)S. Liao\r\nTextures from Mayang Library

Tags: sado, rook, bird, monster, sword, moon, dance   [Comment]

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