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Image: Abstract.jpg   574x812 105460 bytes 2004.05.22

It is an island.....I think....or what ever you want it to be, It does look cool, no?

Image: Adamrelaxing.jpg   646x533 77281 bytes 2004.05.26

BWAHAHAH! Finaly! I am finished with this! I went about in a different stile this time, but I still think I should give my drawings more darkening....oh well Adam(c) better like this...

Image: AliceCrowperd.jpg   200x327 15556 bytes 2003.08.03

Some years ago I read the paperback "The Last Temptation" this image popped in my head. I do aplogize to all Alice Cooper(c) fans, and to Alice Cooper(c) himself. I could have done a better job....

Image: Alicenmeinthepark.jpg   400x640 44050 bytes 2003.11.16

This is a piece of fan that I did for Alice Otters player.\r\nHope they like it.

Image: Beautyandthebeastbunny.jpg   576x1053 83555 bytes 2003.11.13

It has been a loooong time sence I have been able to post ANYTHING! And my compsback light died so I can't use photoshop. So here it is! ME! Unedited! I hope you like it!

Image: BethanyStider.jpg   542x1218 61170 bytes 2004.10.15

Kit and me joined a larp, She is playing the awesome, yet very trubbled Silent Strider, wither I am playing the almost just as trubbled stider kinfolk....Well here is her char, Bethany! (Copyright Kitt.Kat) I do hope she likes it...

Image: BetweenRealities.jpg   744x1024 87630 bytes 2003.12.30

Another pic of me. This time I decided to show something a little different with my fur. Looks really cool. Now you might ask why are there parts missing? Well I am traveling in between realities.

Image: BitchingGun.jpg   594x718 121695 bytes 2004.06.02

Spent many days on this....but it was well worth it....Something that a worked on some months back, just didn't have the right stuff to colour with...

Image: Blacklightconnectsdots1.jpg   814x768 143038 bytes 2004.11.19

They are not! Alright the coloured drawing of that....I am really liking the colouring in this. and you don't connect the dots on my fur.....those are stars!

Image: Bloo_Roo.jpg   725x1167 139609 bytes 2005.06.27

Yeah, I know, he is hovering in the air, BUT I am getting paid for this one! And so...I put a lot of heart and soul into it. A well worth drawing. And Bloo_Roo loves it. Oh yeah, that is who the roo here is copyrighted to!

Image: Chocolateflyinghorse.jpg   700x734 50763 bytes 2005.09.17

And here it is coloured. I didn't know what to put as a backround but Hey! It still looks like chocolate right? Tis cute enough to rot yar teeth :P

Image: Christie.psd.jpg   500x1094 84822 bytes 2006.02.06

Had a battle uploading this...The CUTE IS TOO MUCH! Alright, been a while for anything. So here. More Cute. Gaia help me, too much of my stuff ends up with a *cute* factor to it. The lil' bunny girl's name is Christie. (c) Christie.

Image: Clairthebunnygirl.jpg   295x529 17533 bytes 2003.06.03

This is my girlfriends best friend, Clair. But we just call her bunnygirl,Due to the fact that she is as yiffy as she is :P

Image: cooltelegrand.jpg   911x1202 192175 bytes 2003.12.27

This is a remake of a pic that I was afraid of colouring seeing that I don't have Photoshop. But my fears were groundless and it turned out pretty good....I hope that he likes it though...

Image: Couple2.jpg   860x673 72442 bytes 2004.04.25

Ah la more....Finished! It is really hard to colour things that all black.....

Image: EasterDinner1.jpg   1024x744 111824 bytes 2004.04.11

Some of us will have a happy Easter....and as for the Bunny.....Well lets just say that he will not come back to my house next year.....or any year after that.......

Image: Faithry_Saber.jpg   500x330 59247 bytes 2004.09.14

Ok, it has been a long time, and yes this is something old that I coloured but still, it looks rather good, for being with out colouring in photoshop for a while....Oh yeah, Copyrights go to the swan that we all love Faithry.

Image: Firemaster.jpg   1021x1294 159780 bytes 2004.02.01

Compleated Firemaster. This sect of the Griffith tribe, was keeper of the primoral fire, whose sign was that of the Chymira. They are the 5th born of the univerce.

Image: FiremasterVerace.jpg   632x869 127337 bytes 2005.01.14

Firemaster Verace(C) Compleated.I am liking how the flames worked out, almost burned my comp doing this.....Note to others and self. Don't have like 14 different layers.

Image: Fireydragon.jpg   353x330 18318 bytes 2003.07.30

This pic doesn't have any meaning to it, it is just a dragon that I thought looked cool, and now I made it look cooler! Yay photoshop!

Image: forkidsister.jpg   300x409 29640 bytes 2003.07.18

Ok, yes I know. Hate,vengence,depravity,cruelty, and of course yiff, they all seem to get a lot of attention. But this is for my girlfriends kid sister, been promusing her this, and so here it is. Thank you Huskie for doing all those "My little Pony drawings" My first all photoshop edited drawing Yay!=^-^=

Image: FoxFuck.jpg   419x439 24604 bytes 2003.07.19

Ok nothing will ever top that drawing I did for my girls sister. But seeing as all the people can't draw thier eyes away from things that are terribly offenive. So here here is a fox giving the finger. Enjoy!

Image: FoxHefner..jpg   565x698 70833 bytes 2005.02.19

Dedicated to Foxiekins. Injoy your bunnies there bud.

Image: Foxiepinita1.jpg   472x382 31655 bytes 2004.05.09

Every one! Come Join the fun! Beat the Foxie Pinata! Only a buck per swing! Come know you want to...

Image: getitfuckaway.jpg   508x409 51306 bytes 2003.06.30

Exparemtening is fun. But the message in this is clear. things happen in life that you may not want, or dont like. This for me, this is one of them :(

Image: Girlikesit.jpg   782x730 86811 bytes 2004.03.01

This is nothing to shake a stick at, but still it is the first time that I have incorperated electrical effects in to a drawing. Colouring GIR.(c) was easy. Colouring me.....well that was hard.

Image: hadfun.jpg   852x428 24980 bytes 2004.01.28

Yes I still hate those stupid ipod things. but this is for something different. Now excuse me while I make up some sappy quote.\r\n"The great thing about dreams is that they sometimes come true, The harsh thing about dreams is sometimes they stay that way"\r\nShe will always a place in my heart.

Image: HappybirthdayMewzii1.psd.jpg   700x988 131730 bytes 2005.10.21

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEWZII! I had to keep the SKETCH of this hidden for the longest time, and now...Finally the wonderful relice of a birthday present for my good friend Mewzii! I worked reallly hard on this one...

Image: HappybirthdayNeko.psd.jpg   612x597 88060 bytes 2005.09.04

There has been much waiting, and much Laziness on my part....But at last I have it Done! Here is a birthday picture that I promused Neko-Usagi!(yeah he is an other artist here...) I MADE HIM BIRTHDAY WAFFLES!!!! Neko(c) to Nekousagi, Sabertooth (c) Sabertooth.

Image: Hella_Cammy.jpg   550x1018 81719 bytes 2005.11.26

The moment that we have all been waiting for...And yes I finally got off my tail and drew/coloured something finally! HELLA! (c) her player. Here she is done all cammy from Capcom. EnJOY!

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