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Image: AdmralCorsair.JPG   358x509 23512 bytes 2001.03.18

Back when i was apart of DEFIANCE a Starfox64 RPG My character had a time when he droped the trench coat and armor for a good ole commander's uniform and helmit. this is a headshot i used as an avatar for that period. Sacha Matthew S.

Image: BlackPantherSara.JPG   343x1053 32623 bytes 2001.03.18

Sara Tharan She's an Ex-girlfriend of mine and a sweetheart. wouldent trade her for my current GF tho. Used an old photograph for reffrence on this one. Sara herself.

Image: Jaeynx.jpg   492x781 39174 bytes 2003.11.14

Also a Friend from Furcadia, she was becomeing pregnant at the time so i did this. never finished the clothes.

Image: Luna.jpg   471x762 34817 bytes 2003.05.19

Very early atempt to design an anthro moth, I tried to work the premise of the chest acting as eyespots and the bigger the better to frighten preators. At last a species that can justify wanting big melons.

Image: ManBehindTheFur.JPG   347x364 17125 bytes 2001.03.18

Ack! no take it away! take it away! This is just a pic i did on a whim to show the reality behind the fantasy. Me is me.

Image: MaraX.JPG   572x342 19124 bytes 2001.03.18

One of my first nude pics, this is Mara Phoenix also an Ex of mine. i did this for her as a preasent. I tried to keep it tastefull as humanly possable. as usual for this type of pic i used a photo of a friend of mine (yes she was clothed in the photo) as a base. Mara herself. \r\n\r\nPS. shes single.

Image: Nacho.jpg   321x739 30070 bytes 2003.11.14

This is a pic I did for a friend on Furcadia, he name is Nacho and shes suposed to be a 15yr old bunny girl. she look too old to you?

Image: Onward.JPG   373x1042 40552 bytes 2001.03.18

Again DEFIENCE sach in proper uniform. hes holdeing his god daughter, as he stands under the crest of the new rebel republic. the dove and the sword on a feild of stary space. Sibyl Scale Lander | Sach me!!

Image: PepeKarma.jpg   279x258 12412 bytes 2001.03.18

This is A pic of Karma leafbearer and her mate Pepe val Pew. Karma and i knew each other for a long time, and probly still would if i hadent acted like a creep. oh well. pepe and karma themselves.

Image: Picture.jpg   316x332 15549 bytes 2003.05.19

More laid back than my online Starfox Rp days Sach has taken the more economical fasion ala Wal-mart aproach. Never invisioned on of my characters in a sweater vest but some how it works. Sacha Corsair Matthew Smith. No touchie.

Image: Prison.JPG   645x771 48273 bytes 2001.03.18

In DEFIENCE Sach was captured by the bad guys and locked up. and who comes to see him but his old GF Mara. now her name changed and married to the head bad guy! she sheads a little tear for her lover's misfortune. i liked this pic because i was the last one i did before i quit the RPG. Mara, of course, herself. and you know the rest ^_/^|

Image: Quest.JPG   408x495 35063 bytes 2001.03.18

This is a cover for a old Fan fic that never was. a friend of mine was writeing it and she just faded into the nothing ness like so many furry's do. title and femal character Peasewolfe . sach me

Image: randy1.jpg   312x781 36909 bytes 2003.05.19

Your standard male Rabbit. make up any catchy or kooky ideas yourself... i'm tired.

Image: SachHell.jpg   335x333 18315 bytes 2003.05.19

Ever have something so horrid you mentaly begin to burn and writhe in the brimstone stoked fires of hell? been there, done that, took a picture.

Image: Sachthong.JPG   178x616 26328 bytes 2001.03.18

This is My Character Sacha Corsair. this pic was mainly a character design and an experment with fur coloring. also before this pic Sach had no hair.

Image: WJackal.jpg   519x508 37083 bytes 2003.05.19

Study of the second and third forms of a Werejackal.

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