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Image: iris2.jpg   633x815 191701 bytes 2002.05.09

Yea, yea. No "morphs". But she started out as one, but slowly got developed as something I use for another "modern" furry role-play. So it counts. Friend of Hope. Artwork sachan.

Image: ri'taru.jpg   588x442 40933 bytes 2002.05.09

Character of mine for the AOL Redwall RPG room. S'nothing special, just another creation off of MSPaint. Woot. Artwork sachan.

Image: sawa4.jpg   496x472 73578 bytes 2002.05.08

Yum green, dig in. The hair was inspired after watching the badly put together "Strange Dawn" and Mani was the most adorablest thing... hence, the hair. Artwork sachan.

Image: bunneh.jpg   243x170 9733 bytes 2002.05.08

Oh yea. MSPaint does wonders. <3 Artwork sachan; molded by Bunni!

Image: hope.jpg   537x950 161500 bytes 2002.05.08

An old picture but one of my first successful CGs. For MSPaint and a few effects on PSP, I think it's pretty decent. Artwork sachan; envisioned by Ashley.

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