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Image: 404.jpg   302x302 46319 bytes 2002.12.26

oO;; It's a bloody Christmas. Eeep. Note: Neo was not hurt in the making of this picture... Damn. J/k.\r\n\r\n(C) Me.

Image: ahira1.jpg   475x721 35335 bytes 2002.10.09

I think that this furry's name is Ahira. oO It's my half of an art trade with my friend Dragyn... I don't think it's the one on VCL though. Not sure of her username. Eep. Oh well, she'll comment. To Dragyn: If the name is wrong, please tell me so that I don't look like a complete dumbarse. Thanks. ^_^'''

Image: ahira2.gif   394x633 51271 bytes 2002.12.28

Merry Belated Christmas, Dragyn! This is a gift for her. It's Evildragyn's kickass character, Ahira, with some pointy object. I did it from memory so I prolly got a ton of things wrong. X_x; Oh well.\r\n\r\n\r\nArt by me. Character by Evildragyn. All hail the great Ed.

Image: allgrownup.jpg   393x700 41141 bytes 2003.03.12

This is Saffire when not in chibi form. oO And she's... HAPPY! AHHH! I am SO not happy right now. By the way, this picture was drawn about a month ago.\r\n\r\nSaffire (C) herself.

Image: amorinclr.jpg   314x614 22295 bytes 2003.04.08

My character for The Land Official Furcadian guild. I already did the website, and it's about 1/3 finished.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nI made the layout myself! Including the picture! I so happy! Anyway. Amorin is a creature, a jheherrin, made by the foulness of the Illearth Stone. She's half human, half horse, nearly souless, and completely evil. Mwaahahah.\r\n\r\nAmorin Saffire Raynius, 2003.\r\n\r\nAnd if you knew me WAY back, you might recognize the name. I couldn't think of a name, so I figured that recycling the name of my first furry character (even before Lii-Tzu!) would be best. Amorin was a werewolf that was caught in between wolf and human until she could finally gain her powers.

Image: cony1.JPG   500x500 34296 bytes 2002.12.26

It's a doodle in Painter, using watercolors, of Conell Darkmoon, a good friend of Eiota's on furc. I really, really, really like the hair.\r\n\r\nConell Darkmoon (C) his player, art (C) Saffire Raynius, 2002.

Image: cookie_crew.jpg   407x605 47089 bytes 2003.03.29

Xyler and Saffy, the inevitable team of cookie-chucking and ultimately driving one to insanity. Inseperable, invincible, and innocent. What can one do to resist the cuteness?\r\n\r\nXyler (C) Ed, 203.\r\nSaffire (C) Me.

Image: daikatsu-cracker.jpg   418x673 71852 bytes 2003.08.22

Daikatsu again. He's easily compared to a parrot. But ain't he CUTE?! Heheh. Inked with the spiffy Sakura pen I found on the school floor. It's running out though. Sadness.\r\n\r\nDaikatsu (C) me.

Image: daikatsu-paint.JPG   300x500 25001 bytes 2003.08.22

My character for a Naruto roleplay. His name is Daikatsu Oumugaeshi, and he uses voice jutsu. From the village hidden in the valley... somethingsomething-kure?\r\n\r\n(C) me.

Image: dance.jpg   500x607 69556 bytes 2003.02.27

Nip and Syou doing a Taisano dance of sorts. I used dark brown outline insteadof black for a warmer effect... bnut I forgot to add shadows on the gorund. My text editor was freaking out so I tried to write the (C) stuff.. well, I can't write worth T-rex poo with my Wacom.\r\n\r\nSyou and art (C) Saffire Raynius\r\nNip AshanderHill (C) his creator

Image: desira1.jpg   425x711 45050 bytes 2003.04.22

I feel like I already uploaded this somewhere... oh well. This is Lady Desira, and she's a vampire demon person. *shrug* It's for some RP thing. The waist is too small though.... too many of my chars have scythes now.. >>; The only part I really like are her... boot things.\r\n\r\nDesi (C) Saffire Raynius, 2003. No da.

Image: disma3.jpg   800x600 72798 bytes 2003.03.21

No matter how far I reach\r\nI cannot touch the stars\r\n\r\nNo matter how far I go\r\nI cannot hold myself up\r\n\r\nSo many nights in the snow\r\nmemories and snowflakes gently falling around me\r\n\r\ncovering all\r\nerasing me\r\n\r\nDismazure (C) Saffire Raynius, blah blah blah, 2003. She's a really old character. Note: This is Saffire Thunderwolf under a different name. Thank goodness.

Image: dymonde-initialsk.jpg   423x870 67099 bytes 2004.12.06

She's so tense...\r\n\r\nOriginally drawn as part of a portrait patch, grown into a character for my new Continuity. Her name is Dymonde, and she's about as close to 'native' as you can get. She has a certain connection with magic, as you can see... and way too much trouble on her mind.\r\n\r\nSee those patterns on her skirt? That's as detailed as I get.\r\n\r\n--\r\n\r\nDO NOT POST MY ART ON OTHER SITES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Thank you.\r\n\r\nDymonde (C) Saffire Raynius, 2004.

Image: dyroti1.png   577x719 132190 bytes 2002.10.10

This is before I learned layers. It's my first ever colored on computer furry. I shaded it with colors and the opacity thing, and it took me 8 hours. X_X! I am SOOOO much better now. But I still like it.... it has a nice painted look to her hair. Ehee. By me, (C) Saffire Raynius. Me. The white space was for a border, but I decided later that I would just leave it blank. o_o

Image: dystand1.jpg   476x653 53972 bytes 2002.12.23

It's... Dyroti. Colored with barely 4 shades of blue. Whee.\r\n\r\n(C) Me.

Image: eioevil.jpg   582x666 52860 bytes 2003.01.26

Once again I am left to die\r\nLiving inside of this lie\r\nThe dark controls my very soul\r\nI can feel the storm's pull\r\nWashing my body out to sea\r\nLeaving only a fragment of me\r\nMy life hangs on by a thread\r\nBut my soul... it is already dead\r\n\r\nEiota and poem (C) Saffire Raynius 2002.

Image: eioevilclr.JPG   582x666 61932 bytes 2003.01.31

It's a very strange colored picture of that one Eiota picture I did.\r\n\r\n(C) Saffire Raynius

Image: eiotacry.jpg   579x556 65045 bytes 2002.12.26

Is that bright or what? That's one of my sketches under the might of Saffire with a Painter program. It's high contrast, I know. ^_^\r\n\r\nEiota (C) Me.

Image: esoterra.jpg   409x657 69972 bytes 2002.12.23

My tigress character, Esoterra.\r\n\r\nArt and character (C) Me.

Image: fangdollclr.jpg   500x500 35578 bytes 2002.12.23

It's Syou's voodoo doll of Fang Firewolf!\r\n\r\nArt (C) Saffire Raynius, 2002. Character (C) his creator.

Image: fiveyroldfang.jpg   402x654 48292 bytes 2003.07.07

Fang as a five year old kid, as seen in /Hex/.\r\n\r\n(C) me, character (C) Fang.

Image: foxred-fingerpaint.jpg   500x500 29315 bytes 2003.08.22

I found this nifty fingerpainting feature in Photoshop. Here is the result- a blurry picture of Kaividamo's little fuzzy creations, Foxreds. The males are called Foxreds and the females are Vikpens. They can teleport to any place that has magic in it, and they can communicate with a person telepathically. Not terribly bright though. They're also each born with a special ability. The two I've thought of so far: Saikeni, female, can light things on fire, and the other one (what was his name again?) can create minor illusions with sound and everything. Combined, they can tear down a house. ^_^\r\n\r\nIdeas and crap (C) Saffire Raynius. Dur.

Image: furkedyr.jpg   575x747 92753 bytes 2003.01.20

Crappy art meets Zanon RP!\r\n\r\n(C) Saffire Raynius 2003.

Image: gack2.jpg   510x492 59703 bytes 2003.01.28

It's SYou and Nip posing for a picture. The lighting effect messed the whole thing up. >< Oh well... let me explain a few things.\r\n1) Syou has a short skirt. That angel is NOT good from floor level... Rofl...\r\n2)The lighting effect made it look like she was dropping something.\r\n3) Nip isn't that evil in actuality, just wanted to make Syou look like she was violated. XB!\r\n\r\nNip Ashanderhill (C) his creator, Syou and art by Saffire Raynius. Mwahaha.

Image: haka1.jpg   616x759 121446 bytes 2003.07.18

For about three days Syou dressed up in a disguise, dyed her hair, and carried around a long two-bladed sword. She called herself "Hakatai," a Taisano word that means "wants death." She couldn't fool her friends intogiving her Fang's location and she ended up not being able to rescue him before Meander did. Oh well. I still really like the character idea (especially that sword ^^!!!) so she might make an appearance in the future. Quite amusing, considering that she walked around with a collar hiding half her face and talked all gruff.\r\n\r\nSyou/Hakatai design (C) me.

Image: iji-armor.jpg   449x700 69284 bytes 2003.07.07

"My heart is as black as my blade."\r\nIjisajem wearing spiffilicious new armor.\r\n\r\n(C) Me.

Image: kai1.jpg   400x430 32025 bytes 2003.04.21

This is my psychotic child fairy character, Kai (pronounced Kaw-ee). She's a fairy, but a dark one who.. well... yeah. Uses powerful dark spells. She's gonna be in Hex. She resembles a souless child's doll... and her skin is cold to the touch. SOme kind of demi-human.. thing. o-O;; Yay!\r\n\r\nNote on colors-- not sure if these are going to be her colors officially. I was just playing around.

Image: kai2.jpg   405x620 72087 bytes 2003.04.29

Yay psychotic kid characters!\r\n\r\nKai (C) me.\r\n\r\nSee crappy website on her here:\r\

Image: kitsu1.jpg   393x577 56425 bytes 2003.08.08

Kitsukuno, Tira's charcter from my new story, VR. (\r\n\r\n(C) Me, though her design was heavily based off Tekken Tag's Kunimitsu. Shame.

Image: lida2.jpg   346x565 51910 bytes 2003.04.17

My character Lidaraia K'notai. How'd her head get so damn big?! >< It's crap..... oh well.\r\n\r\nLida (C) me.

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